February 9, 2022

The Future is Cool

Visual Brainstorm Astrology

Original digital painting on simulated Tiziano pastel paper in black


lright, so I don’t expect you to “like” this painting necessarily. I’m working on my Pluto in Aquarius post, and this is what came out of my subconscious last night.

Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023/2024 and stays there until 2043.

I had a dream last night that Twitter introduced zodiac profile themes. Each sign was a distinct color, and you could easily tell everyone’s sign by the color surrounding their pic. It *wasn’t* optional, you had to use it.

Yesterday @timepassagesapp (on Instagram) asked where people want to see astrology get integrated, and I found the thread disturbing.

Pluto in Aquarius could reveal the dark side of astrology. I hope life does not become saturated with Zodiac stereotypes.

If you *do* like this painting and want to show appreciation, feel free to Buy Me a Coffee 🥰

Best wishes,

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