Ridiculous Retrogradation

Ridiculous Retrogradation
Yesterday I traveled home and met delay after delay!
  • My mother drives me to the airport at 10:00 am.
  • We make it on time and I get through security and to my gate with 35 minutes to spare.
  • The attendants inform us that the plane will be a half hour late.
  • On the plane, the previous passenger in my seat left a cup filled with water in the back of the seat facing me- it falls over and spills into my bag and all over my laptop.
  • I arrive at the next airport at 4:30, my next flight leaves at 4:50 and I’m sitting in the very last seat on the plane- 33F.
  • As the plane lands, mysterious water from the ceiling sprays all over me. WTF?
  • The stewardess asks everyone to sit and let those with tight connections leave first (sigh of relief).
  • I have exactly 12 minutes to get to my next flight once I leave the plane.
  • I make it. This flight has been delayed by another 1/2 hour.
  • I arrive at the next airport from which I have to take the shuttle home
  • The shuttle has been delayed 15 minutes
  • Fortunately, my suitcase made it and is one of the first out onto the baggage carousel.
  • I make it to town, get a taxi and finally get home at 9:15 pm – exhausted, but safe.

Mars retrograde is a bummer for an Aries girl.

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