Saturn in Sagittarius and Venus in Scorpio: Oppression and Poison

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Saturn in Sagittarius

The 10 of Wands corresponds to Saturn in Sagittarius. This card is called Oppression by Aleister Crowley and Growth by James Wanless.

Oppression and Growth are two sides of the same aspect. Sagittarius, being ruled by Jupiter, is the most expansive growth-oriented sign, yet, when combined with Saturn, there can be a lack of growth and a reluctance to stretch boundaries.

Saturn in Sagittarius can signify:

  • Lack of optimism
  • Lack of joy
  • Loss of the spirit of adventure
  • Holding back passion
  • A reluctance to expand one’s boundaries
  • Heavy burdens

Sagittarius has the capacity to endure hardship with good humor. Being “philosophical” gives them the ability to take an expansive viewpoint,  to look beyond the trials of today and not take hardship to heart. Often these traits get mistaken for a lack of sophistication, or even a lack of caring, but it’s really Sagittarius’s way of coping with painful experiences.

Saturn in Sagittarius can show someone who has lost their natural buoyancy and who is letting the burdens of life weigh them down. They have lost the ability to see beyond their current troubles and glimpse the bright horizon ahead. They are letting everyday life get them down. They have forgotten about hope and possibility. Optimism comes by allowing themselves to envision a different path for themselves.

The 10 of Wands and Saturn in Sagittarius are learning about:

  • Regaining Joy and Optimism
  • Learning to Have Faith
  • Trusting in the Adventure

Venus in Scorpio

The 7 of Cups is assigned to Venus in Scorpio. Aleister Crowley calls it Debauch and James Wanless calls it Fear. It could be thought of as “the emotional swamp” or as “passionate feelings that create and perpetuate states of fear.”

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio- she is not happy. Venus is caught in an emotional cesspool. But, Venus is creative- she rules art. Venus in Scorpio can choose to perpetuate her emotional states of fear in Scorpio by creating them, or she can get a grip and focus on creating passion and deep intimacy. Venus is a creator, she is an artist. You get to choose what you want to create. With Venus in Scorpio there is the possibility that you will choose to create an emotional swamp.

Venus in Scorpio can compel someone to:

  • Create intrigue
  • Create drama
  • Stew with jealousy
  • Indulge in power struggles
  • Play with someone’s heart
  • Be cruel
  • Give in to sexual excess

With Venus in Scorpio you can act against your own best interests and drive away the very people and things you crave through emotional excess and poisonous relationships. Poison could be another title for this card. Toxic emotion can eat away at the person with this placement.

Scorpio is the sign associated with healing through deep transformation. People with Venus in Scorpio will find themselves in a happier place when they stop creating negative emotional states and give in to deep healing and release instead.

The 7 of cups and Venus in Scorpio are learning about:

  • Cleansing the Heart
  • Emotional Detox
  • Pure Passion
  • Sexual Elixirs
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