Second House Values

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From Horoscope Symbols by Robert Hand,
…”values” as a kernel idea of the second house is ill-defined… Is the second a house of anything one might value… Such broad notions make the second house overlap grotesquely with other houses.

Social prestige, honor, and status are also things we value that are not second-house matters. These are not things (his emphasis) over which our egos extend, they are part of our ego.

Moral values I also reject as being a second-house matter. These, too, are aspects of one’s ego, not external entities over which one projects one’s ego.

Attachment to the physical realm leads to grounding.

Through its association with Taurus, the 2nd house has at least a little to do with getting your feet on the ground. By associating your ego with things, you attach yourself to physical reality and ground yourself on Earth. So many spiritually-inclined people strive to detach themselves from things to become less Earthbound.

Overly-grounded people can be miserly and materialistic.

Hand suggests that we should ideally search for a position between attachment and detachment.

From Astrology for Yourself: How to Understand And Interpret Your Own Birth Chart by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch,
Relationship to Substance: finances, possessions, personal resources, attachments, survival needs, material security, self-acquired wealth, savings and accumulation, financial vision, earning and spending habits, enjoyment of the material world, attitudes towards possessions, wealth.
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