AstroFix Mini Venus & Mars Synastry Reading

Free-flowing astrology readings that embrace a loose brainstorm-style of writing.

AstroFix Mini Venus & Mars Synastry Reading



I'll contact you to work out any details.

The Mini Venus & Mars Astrology Reading is based off the post called, VENUS AND MARS IN SYNASTRY: TWO PAIRS OF LOVERS.

This is a custom written reading using your personal birth chart and your partner's personal birth chart. This is not a computer-generated report. The final written reading will be 1.5-2 typed pages in length.

This reading works best if you know your partner's birth time. However, I can still create a reading for you without an accurate birth time. If you don't know one person's birth time I will skip the house overlays in synastry and focus instead on sign compatibility and aspects.


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