Chart Rectification Service


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Birth Chart Rectification

This Birth Chart Rectification Service helps to narrow down your birth time from a 1-3 hour time range. Rectifications can take up to a month to complete after I have all the information I need from you, and could take longer depending on follow-up questions and my schedule.

You will need to participate in this reading. I will ask you for a list of 10-20 significant events from your life with dates, times, and places (to the best of your knowledge). I will ask you to describe how you felt about those events, or how they impacted you. As I go through the rectification process, I will probably have follow-up questions as well. We’ll have one short meeting at the start of the process.

From this data, I will select 6-10 events and use a variety of techniques to ascertain the degree of your Ascendant and Midheaven by moving your chart back through time to each of the dates you provide me.

You will receive a slideshow with all of the charts and the rationale for how I came up with your birth time. We’ll have another short minute meeting a few days after you receive the rectification to talk about the results (price included in the rectification).

If you choose to have an astrology reading with me based on your new chart you will receive the discounted rate for previous clients.


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