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hart Rectification helps narrow down your birth time within a specific time range. Rectifications can take up to a month to complete after I have all the information I need from you, and can take longer depending on follow-up questions and my schedule.

You will need to participate in this reading. I will ask you for a list of at least 15-20 significant events from your life with dates, times, and places (to the best of your knowledge). I will ask you to describe how you felt about those events, or how they impacted you. As I go through the rectification process, I will probably have follow-up questions as well. We’ll have one or two short meetings at the start of the process.

From this data, I will select 6-10 events and use a variety of techniques to ascertain the degree of your Ascendant and Midheaven by moving your chart back through time to each of the dates you provide me using secondary progression, solar arc direction, and transits.

You will receive a slideshow with all of the charts and the rationale for how I came up with your birth time. We’ll have another short minute meeting a few days after you receive the rectification to talk about the results (price included in the rectification).

If you choose to have an astrology reading with me based on your new chart you will receive the discounted rate for previous clients.

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Most reports are delivered by email within 24 hours of receiving your birth data and payment (see exceptions below).
  • If there are questions about your data or missing information, delivery may take longer.
  • Orders including more than 4 individual reports may take up to 48 hours.
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eBooks Instant download
Single Reports 24-hour turnaround
Bundles 24-hour turnaround
Orders with more than 4 individual or bundled reports 48-hour turnaround
19000 Asteroids 48-hour turnaround
Relocation - 25 Cities 48-hour turnaround
Relocation - 50 Cities 72-hour turnaround
Big Reports Bundle 72-hour turnaround
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3 reviews for Chart Rectification Service


I was so impressed with the quality and precision of Michelle’s work. As she shared her process with me in writing, moving between my personal data and her astrological calculations, I could observe her logic at work. And in our discussions, before and after she was done, I understood the depth of her knowledge of astrology and her deep intuition about me. I am convinced the time she arrived at with me is accurate, and this has proved itself in consultations with two highly qualified astrologers. My rectified chart has created a new meaning and outlook for my life, which continues to unfold. I could not be happier with Michelle and her work.


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This service is worth its weight in gold! I had it done last year and so far any transits have been spot on and I was able to make allowances in daily living and longer range plans more accurately.
I am glad I did it and very impressed. Michelle was supportive, intuitive, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process and asked probing questions so as not to ignore any factoring of exact timing.
If you’re on the fence about having it done it will only reinforce how astrology really works.

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