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Explore Your Natal Eclipse Cycles

Where has your life reached a turning point? And… haven’t you been here before?

Eclipses often signal a change that you didn’t see coming. Each eclipse is part of a larger cycle that is played out over the course of a lifetime.

This unique, 40+-page report is tailored to your personal birth chart. This report covers 3 years of eclipses, last year, this year, and next year.

2022 Eclipse Cycle
  • April 30: Partial Solar Eclipse @ 10 Taurus 28′
  • May 16: Total Lunar Eclipse @ 25 Scorpio 18′
  • October 25: Partial Solar Eclipse @ 2 Scorpio 00′
  • November 8: Total Lunar Eclipse @ 16 Taurus 01′
*Bonus Report*

Purchase a Moonshadow Report and receive the e-booklet, 5 Steps to Fear-Free Eclipses, as your bonus gift!

I am pleased to partner with April Elliott Kent of Big Sky Astrology to offer this report to ASTROFIX readers.



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