Saturn Return Astrology Report

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Did you know?
  • Your First Saturn Return occurs when you are 29
  • Your Second Saturn Return occurs when you are 59
  • Your Third Saturn Return occurs when you are 87
This report covers all 3 Saturn Returns

The Saturn Return Astrology Report walks you through your past, present and future life experiences with Saturn.

As they orbit the Sun, the planets reveal the unfolding patterns of our lives. Saturn, with its magnificent rings and multiple moons, acts as a principal timer of events.

This report focuses on the structure of your life: from the potential you have at the moment of birth, through the formative years, the productive period, and into your later years, when you become a mentor for the younger generation. Your Saturn Return will last 2 – 2.5 years.

Saturn’s potential includes the following:
  • Physical development and health considerations
  • Mental and emotional development
  • Areas of pessimism or limited enjoyment
  • Consciousness of self
  • Career and enduring legacy
  • Your life path in general, from starting point to life lessons to rewards
  • Potential for wisdom and maturity

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I liked it very much. I have read so much about Saturn and yet this still gave me more to consider. The writing is thorough, well considered and so easy to receive. The report came rapidly and is a great price! I love your price points. It makes it easy to buy more! Thanks so much for making all this accessible.