The Astrologer’s Essence


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This flower essence blend includes the follow single flower essences: Cosmos, Mexican Sunflower, Purple Aster, Shooting Star, Star Tulip, Yellow Star Tulip, Purple Silverleaf Nightshade, and Star Thistle.

Cosmos helps you get your thoughts together so you can be articulate and say what you’re trying to say.

Mexican Sunflower builds confidence.

Purple Aster encourages you to overcome performance anxiety.

Purple Silverleaf Nightshade helps you speak words that are healing and helpful and makes you aware of how what you say affects the other person.

Shooting Star enables you to tap into the language of the stars and understand astrology at a deeper level.

Star Tulip lends the ability to speak in soothing tones and communicate better.

Star Thistle helps you be more generous in praise, kind words, and seeing the good and beauty in sometimes difficult configurations.

Yellow Star Tulip gives you a listening ear to hear the meaning of what people say rather than the words that leave their mouths.

This blend is preserved in Santa Fe Apple Brandy, which is made from apples from an orchard in Tesuque, New Mexico.

* The formula and price of this essence are subject to change over time.

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1 ounce (30ml) glass dropper dosage bottle
This will last 3 weeks to one month.

How to take an essence

How to take an essence:
1. 4 drops under your tongue or in a glass of water 4 times daily or as often as needed. It is better to take your essence more often throughout the day rather than taking a lot at once.

2. Put in a spray bottle and spray in the air around you.

3. Put drops on your pillow at night.

4. Apply to skin.

More information

Flower essences are not essential oils, they are more like a concentrated flower tea with a small amount of preservative. Flower essences are made by allowing a flower to imprint its vibration into water over many hours at peak bloom on a sunny day. Flower essences create a vibrational resonance within you to bring your emotional and spiritual center to alignment.


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