The Nodes by Sign and House Astrology eBook


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144 Interpretations of the North Node and South Node through every sign and house.

This digital astrology eBook emphasizes releasing old habit patterns as shown by the south node position while encouraging growth through heading toward your north node position.

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North Node Aries / South Node Libra
North Node Taurus / South Node Scorpio
North Node Gemini / South Node Sagittarius
North Node Cancer / South Node Capricorn
North Node Leo / South Node Aquarius
North Node Virgo / South Node Pisces
North Node Libra / South Node Aries
North Node Scorpio / South Node Taurus
North Node Sagittarius / South Node Gemini
North Node Capricorn / South Node Cancer
North Node Aquarius / South Node Leo
North Node Pisces / South Node Virgo

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33213 words / 100 printed pages (8.5″ x 11″)


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Reviews 2

2 reviews for The Nodes by Sign and House Astrology eBook


I have a SN conjunct Moon in Leo in the 10th house. My NN is in Aquarius in the 4th house. I think I bought Michelle’s e-book at a critical time in my life – a time when I was debating the merits of graduate school (a debate that’s been going on ever since I entered college). Michelle verbalized all the things I knew intuitively, but hesitated to put into words. Reading the description for my SN-NN combination gave me a little push of confidence in the right direction. I can’t tell you how reaffirming it is to hear someone say something you’ve known all along.


Love your writing style 🙂

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