Zodiac Flower Essences


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What is a flower essence?

Flower essences are essentially a preserved flower tea. Flower essences are made by allowing a flower to imprint its vibration into water over many hours at peak bloom on a sunny day. AstroFix Flower Essences contain no fragrances or hydrosols. Flower essences are not essential oils.

Why Flower Essences for Astrology?

Sometimes reading about your chart isn’t enough. Get a custom flower essence to activate your personal astrology.

Zodiac Flower Essences

Each Zodiac Flower essence enhances the best qualities of the Sign it represents. There is no planetary influence, only pure Zodiac.

ARIES: Daring, impatient, solo, independent, entrepreneurial, direct, leader, new, spontaneous; the leader, leading with or without followers; I’m going, with or without you!; heading into uncharted territory; being brave, being the first, brave, energetic, inspiring

TAURUS: Gathering, patient, peaceful, relaxed, sensual, hedonist, productively creative, beauty-loving, steady, normal (status quo), easy, reliable, steadfast

GEMINI: Quick, bright, curious, adaptable, changeable, multi-faceted, ideas, many skills, spry, comprehending, understandable, intelligible, connecting, alert, trendy

CANCER: Caring, maternal, security-seeking, moody, comfortable, patriotic, homey, considerate, accommodating, catering; sensitive, tender-hearted, defensive, conserving

LEO: Theatrical, outgoing, warm, creative, expressive, generous, fame-seeking, brand names, stylish, courageous, elite, performing, celebrative

VIRGO: Critical, detailed, discerning, efficient, helpful, modest, ordered, mundane, boring, administrative, smooth operator, fact-checker, analyzing, systematic

LIBRA: Balanced, fair, charming, social, weighing, aesthetic, tasteful, elegant, refined, pairing, matching, couples, things that go together, reflective shield – I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say to me stick to you!

SCORPIO: Intense, magnetic, sexual, deep, probing, acerbic, emotional, biased, bitter, resentful, transforming, regenerative, secretive, powerful, intriguing, controlling to transform

SAGITTARIUS: Optimistic, expansive, exotic, reaching, moral, worldly, preachy, enthusiastic, epic, far-reaching, broad vision; humorous; huge scope, traveling, wandering, discovery

CAPRICORN: Organized, traditional, paternal, lineage, status-seeking, ambitious, authority, corporate, pre-existing, built to last, mature, adult, measuring-up, old, mature, social climbing, wise beyond your years; wisdom gained from experience

AQUARIUS: Friendly, humanitarian, of the people, aloof, progressive, offbeat, inventive, original, technological, scientific, step-by-step repeatable processes (scientific method – hypothesis, experiment, repeat Saturn/Uranus)

PISCES: Kind, compassionate, imaginative, poetic, oceanic, visionary, gifted, musical, spiritual; inspired, lost, meandering, sensitive, solitary, spiritual, complete


1 ounce (30ml) glass dropper dosage bottle

This will last 3 weeks to one month.

How to take an essence

How to take an essence:
1. 4 drops under your tongue or in a glass of water 4 times daily or as often as needed. It is better to take your essence more often throughout the day rather than taking a lot at once.

2. Put in a spray bottle and spray in the air around you.

3. Put drops on your pillow at night.

4. Apply to skin.


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