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Everybody Dreams

Everybody dreams, but not everyone is naturally a strong dreamer. Some people are more likely to remember their dreams and to take an active role in dream recall and exploration. Those people not only remember their dreams in minute detail, but also have the ability to achieve lucidity and control the direction of their dreams. Anyone can develop dreaming ability, but like most other talents and abilities, some people have it naturally, and other people develop it through sheer effort and concentration. Sometimes it takes a trigger (like a transit by Neptune) to open you up to your latent dreaming power.

Letting Go into the Flow

Strong dreamers have a certain comfort level with ambiguity and they accept that the borders of conscious awareness can blur. Because they open themselves up to experiences beyond strict “reality”, they can experience levels of awareness that go beyond everyday waking life.

Astrological Indicators of Strong Dreamers

Neptune Contacts

  • Contacts between Neptune and the Sun or Moon
  • Neptune in the 4th, 8th or 12th house,
  • Neptune in aspect to the ruler of the 12th house
  • Neptune on an angle or in aspect to one of the angles (ascendant, IC, MC or descendant)
  • Neptune as the ruler of the 12th house

These all seem to be indicators of strong dreamers.

Neptune, like Uranus and Pluto, indicates experiences that are beyond rational, personal control. Neptune in your chart shows how your personal boundaries blur to merge with something greater.


With Neptune in aspect to the Sun, the drive to individuate and become a separate person becomes diffused. Although the ego is still present, the boundaries of the self are permeable. “You” are diffused, and because you are diffused, you are open (and susceptible) to whatever is in the atmosphere. Picking up on so many subtle influences during the day makes it necessary to have a psychic detox every night- through your dreams.


With the Moon in aspect to Neptune there is something to be said about being comfortable in the realm of intangible experience. Moon/Neptune people are most sensitive to emotional states, with their own emotional comfort zone having indistinct boundaries. They are most likely to pick up on moods and emotions above all else. Collecting this emotional debris indiscriminately causes them, like the Sun/Neptune person, to need some type of outlet to make sense of the material, or assimilate it.

Unfortunately, with the Sun and Moon in aspect to Neptune, if the person gets overwhelmed by everything they absorb, they may resort to numbing or dulling their sensitivity by whatever means they have available to them.

The Water Houses

The 12th house seems to have the most obvious association with dreams. The 12th house contains all the stuff that you are not aware of- your self-sabotaging habits, your fantasies- and your mystical experiences. The 12th house is also about retreat, respite, and the things you do alone. Dreaming is an activity that you must do by yourself. Although you can form a dream group, or try to meet up with people in the dream world, you alone have full access to your own dreaming life.

The 8th house is a repository for emotional repression, and the suppression of personality forces that other people might consider taboo. In some ways the 8th house is like an emotional garbage dump. Being associated with Scorpio and Pluto, the 8th house isn’t particularly mystical like Neptune or the 12th house. It has a lot to do with detective work and snooping that leads to understanding. The 8th house’s need to crack every mystery gives planets within it a natural fascination with the hidden realm of dreams. An emphasis on the 8th house through having personal planets or Neptune there, or by having the ruler of the 12th house in the 8th house, most likely means that you use dreams to gain a deeper understanding of your own underlying motivations, unconscious complexes and issues, or that you work with other people’s “dream stuff.”

The 4th house is your base of operation- the basement of your personality. If you have Neptune in your basement, then your personality rests on a hazy foundation. A fundamental structural component of your personality is that your personality has no distinct structural components to rest on at all. This lack of a distinct structure leaves you open to, positively and negatively, transcendent, vague, dream-like experiences. Maybe, for you, life really is a dream

9th House

The 9th house seems a less likely placement to indicate a strong dreamer if only because the 9th house is concerned with Truth, with a capital T. However, people with 9th house placements seem to have an innate understanding of archetypes. They have the ability to see people as living archetypal embodiments. Ninth house people tend to see people as Mother, Father, Crone, Wise Woman or Wise Man and easily identify people as such. In this respect, a person who is an active dreamer and who has strong 9th house placements may have an advantage in understanding and recognizing archetypes in action in the dream world, and therefore could have a better understanding of the fundamental meaning of their dreams.


The astrological signs show how you express a planetary energy. Pisces planets have a natural affinity to the dream world, being ruled by Neptune. Pisces planets can express themselves in a spaced out, dreamy, artistic and sensitive way, but they don’t necessarily remember or work with their dreams. Pisces planets still seem to need an outer kick from Neptune, or be placed in a water house to actually make use of this natural affinity to the dream world. What do you think?

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