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The Astrological 6th House: You Better Work It

The Things You Do Every Day


y setting a routine for yourself you structure time in a personal way. You decide what you are going to dedicate yourself to, what you are going to be in service to. Every skill or technique requires time, practice and repetition to master.

The things that you do every day, the skills that you practice every day, affect what you become over time and what you become master of over time.

The simple things like brushing your teeth and wearing sunscreen play a part in determining if you get dentures or skin cancer in the long run. More complicated things, like putting aside three hours to paint every day, play a part in determining whether you realize your life’s dreams.

Work is a Four Letter Word

The 6th house shows how you function within the bounds of reality. You want to write the greatest novel ever written but you can’t commit to writing every day. You want to lose 40 lbs., but you find ways to avoid exercise.

The 6th house shows how you fritter away your time with excuses and escapism. The inability to set, and stick to, a schedule will ruin your chances of achieving your hopes and dreams in life.

The 6th house is quincunx the 11th house – the house of long term wishes and dreams. You won’t realize your dreams if you can’t buckle down and get to work. No matter how talented you are or what you want to achieve, if you can’t wake up every day and take one concrete, realistic step you won’t achieve anything.

Practice Makes Fluid

When you’ve done something a thousand times, you no longer have to think so hard about doing it. That task become effortless.

As you practice any discipline, skill or technique you eventually reach a state of fluidity. The small, pinpoint focus it once took to tie your shoes expands. You are suddenly able to tie your shoes without thinking about it and notice everything that goes on around you at the same time.

Practicing the daily tasks, techniques and skills of life frees you to be in the flow of the moment. When the chores of life become effortless you simultaneously meet your obligations and recognize that there is more.

Ordering Your Reality

The 6th house shows the ways that we crystallize reality in a personal way. The 6th house encompasses a carefully delineated and constructed reality that serves a purpose.

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