The Moon in Friendship: Astrological Patterns Among Friends

The Moon in Friendship_ Astrological Patterns Among Friends

There are a few aspects that show up continually in the charts of people close to me. I’m working on a chart interpretation for a friend right now, and I noticed that she is yet another friend from high school who has a Moon-Saturn conjunction.

Many of my high school friends had the Moon and Saturn in conjunction or opposition:

  • Moon in Cancer – Saturn in Leo
  • Moon in Leo – Saturn in Cancer
  • Moon in Capricorn – Saturn in Cancer

So far, I had 6 friends with the above combinations, and this includes only the friends whose birth times I know.

Positive Moon-Saturn aspect qualities are loyalty and emotional seriousness.

The Moon-Neptune conjunction also shows up frequently in the charts of family and friends.

  • Moon in Libra – Neptune in Libra
  • Moon in Scorpio – Neptune in Libra
  • Moon in Scorpio – Neptune in Scorpio
  • Moon in Sagittarius – Neptune in Sagittarius

Moon-Neptune types are sensitive, imaginative, kind, compassionate, and have a love of film, art and music.

The repetition of the Moon-Saturn aspect in the charts of high school friends, points out that I valued loyalty, reserve, steadfastness, and a hint of melancholy when I was teenager.

The shift to having more friends with Moon-Neptune now may show a lightening up of my own nature and a valuing of sensitivity, compassion, and imagination over the more somber qualities of Moon-Saturn.

These repetitive combinations both involve the Moon, showing that the emotional expression of a person is an important factor in my calling them “friend.”

What about you? What astrological patterns do you notice with your friendships?

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