The Roof is on Fire! Mars in Leo 2009-2010

  • Mars enters Leo, direct: October 16 (00 Leo 00’) – Dec 19, 2009 (19 Leo 41’)
  • Retrograde: December 19, 2009 (19 Leo 42’) – March 9, 2010 (00 Leo 18’)
  • Direct: Mar 10 (00 Leo 18’) – June 6, 2010 (29 Leo 21’)

The retrograde period exactly corresponds to the degrees between my Venus at 00 Aries and Sun at 19 Aries, over the 7-8 cusp. The trines that Mars will give to all of my Aries planets in the 8th house make me think that the next 8 months will be a crash course in ironing out relationship issues- especially with Mars dipping into my 12th house, digging up any unacknowledged problems.

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