The Weekly AstroFix: March 11, 2016


appy magical Friday, or maybe it’s Saturday where you are in the world ? . We made it through this eclipse week. Congratulations everyone!

For me, there was a pivotal change in my work environment. Stress and tension that had been building up for the past year (peaking in September) finally released. I can’t believe how much lighter I feel within just a few days of this eclipse.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 8/9 occurred in my seventh house. The seventh house typically is not associated with work, but in this case the situation involved someone I worked with side by side as a team, every day for forty hours a week, for three years … which is very much like a seventh house relationship. There is a reason people develop a work spouse at work …a lot of us end up seeing our coworkers more than we do our real partners.

Like many seventh house relationships, this one turned us into frenemies, and then open enemies, and then this week we got separated … Hooray!

If you want to know about the eclipse in your chart, check out the Followed by a Moonshadow eclipse report.

Here’s everything I listened to this week:


The Mythology Podcast

  • Raven: So good. Raven is a trickster and a creator. In the myths recounted in the podcast, it’s usually Raven’s excrement that creates. The myths remind me of the transformative powers of Pluto – to take the shit of life and transform into something creatively powerful.
  • Santa Muerte: The female Grim Reaper. Where she comes from, why people love her, and why she’s gaining popularity.
  • Year of the Monkey: Monkeys. Cunning, destructive … the mascots of our new Chinese year.

(I support this podcast through Patreon)

Exploring Astrology

Eclipse Butterflies: Wonderful podcast on our eclipse this week. Heartfelt and enjoyable.

Planet Pulse Podcast

This week’s podcasts. Quick insights into the daily planets.

Access Astrology

Access Astrology March 9, 2016: About the eclipse and its impact.

Speaking of Jung

  • Episode # 10: Fred Gustafson: So, so interesting. Laura London (the host) interviews Jungian Analyst Fred Gustafson about his perspective on the Black Madonna. They talk about the dark feminine, Kali, and how it all ties back to the Earth herself. If you’re interested in Black Moon Lilith, this is worth a listen.
  • Episode #11: Laura London: Laura (the host) gets interviewed as a guest on her own podcast. If you like Carl Jung you may be fascinated as I was to hear about Laura’s trip to Zurich to visit Jung’s home … it was an ordeal to get there and her experience was not what she expected.

Ask Allie: New (Super) Moon/Solar Eclipse
: I like Allie. This episode is more like a glimpse into someone’s life than solid astrology advice, but I still enjoyed listening.

The Pluto School

Everything currently on the podcast page. Some of the talks I had listened to several months ago. Unfortunately the podcast on planetary nodes gets cut off at about 35 minutes. In Podcast – Evolutionary Astrology Conference 2013 , for a few minutes Mark talks about how the different Pluto generations have impacted each other through music … this topic could be an entire podcast in itself.


The School of Evolutionary Herbalism

Therapeutics for the Respiratory System: So, this particular episode does not talk about astrology; but, if you visit the link above and glance to the right side of the main page, you will see a list of videos including a bunch that directly address the connection between astrology and herbalism. Such fascinating stuff. I started the video about Spagyrics but I won’t write about it till I finish it next week.


Steven Forrest Astrology

  • Planets Square the Nodes MP3: Steven talks about orbs, delineation, nodal rulers, and more.
  • Planets Conjunct the South Node MP3: Ditto!

What about you?
How was your eclipse week?
What did you listen to or read?

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