The Weekly AstroFix: March 4, 2016


o, after a reader emailed to ask whether I was a program or a person I decided to create something that is distinctly human. (The reader was astrologer Marci Winters, at

Below is a list of most of the astro info that I consumed this week:


The Third House: The Heresy of Perception, by Steven Forrest


Astrology Forecast and Elections for March 2016
The Professional Astrologer Book Interview
The Significations of the Seven Traditional Planets
The Outer Planets and Relationships


Zodiac Faces, with Russ von Ohlhausen.


Yup, I read my horoscope. I’ve been reading Free Will Astrology since I was 16. I always read my Sun sign (Aries) and my ascendant (Virgo).

What’s your list this week?

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