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"Obviously transits indicate times that are appropriate for certain kinds of actions and inappropriate for others, and certain kinds of events often do occur with particular transits. But transits should never be viewed as signifying events that will inevitably come to pass, with you as a helpless observer." ― Robert Hand, Planets in Transit

Age 27-29: The Progressed Moon and the Saturn Return in Astrology

Become the Transit or Suffer the Transit

Brainstorm: Chiron in Aries Transit Forecast

Brainstorm: Jupiter in Pisces Astrology

Free-flowing word association for the Jupiter in Pisces transit. Also read it for natal placements, solar return, Saturn return, progressions, directions, etc.

Brainstorm: Saturn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Brainstorm: Saturn in Capricorn Transit Forecast

Brainstorm: Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius Through the Houses Astrology

Brainstorm: Transiting Jupiter in Capricorn

Brainstorm: Transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius Astrology

Brainstorm: Transiting North Node in Cancer Astrology

Brainstorm: Transiting Saturn in Aquarius Astrology

Brainstorm: Transiting Saturn in Capricorn through the Astrological Houses

Brainstorm: Transiting Uranus in Aspect to Natal Planets in Astrology

Brainstorm: Transiting Uranus in Taurus through the Astrological Houses

Brainstorm: Uranus in Taurus Transit Forecast

How to Find Your Astrological Progressions

Mercury Retrograde in Aries, March 30th through April 23rd 2011

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: Stop Tinkering with Sh*t

Past Lives, Active Dreaming and Transiting Mars in the 12th House

Ridiculous Retrogradation

Sagittarius New Moon and a Dream of Angkor Wat

The Roof is on Fire! Mars in Leo 2009-2010

Transiting Jupiter in Pisces Through the Houses in Astrology

Interpretations of the planet Jupiter in the astrological sign Pisces through all twelve houses of the zodiac. Use them for natal, transits, progressions. solar return, etc.

Transiting Saturn and Your House in Capricorn

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