Transiting Mars in Leo Trine Sun in Aries


December 10, 2009


oday a tremendous block melted within me, a very hard place inside dissolved. I feel like I transcended some unnameable problem I’ve been grappling with. I have a clear sense of being more ‘me’ today. The self-doubt plaguing me, lifted.

I’ve felt pressure from Mars transiting my 12th for a while now, but today the pressure released. The exact 12th house/8th house trine between Mars at 19 Leo and my natal Sun at 19 Aries is breaking up old patterns (12th house) and difficulties (8th house). This must be how people with harmonious natal 12th house/8th house aspects experience things. They must have the ability to tangle with their shadow and transcend it, or grapple with complex problems and dissolve them.

On the downside, as you might expect from a Mars-Sun trine, I completely over did it at the gym yesterday. I am so sore that being still isn’t enough to keep my muscles from aching.

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