True Blood: The Astrology of Bill & Sookie

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he stars of the show True Blood, Leo Anna Paquin and Libra Stephen Moyer, who play vampire Bill Compton and fairy Sookie Stackhouse, wed in real life in late August.

Supernatural Attraction

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have a similar configuration in their charts. Stephen has Venus conjunct Pluto sextile Neptune, while Anna has Mars conjunct Pluto sextile Neptune. Sookie seduces by aggressively fighting on behalf of her relationships. Bill’s seduces through attraction and intense feelings of love- and by glamoring people. While Bill does physically fight on behalf of his relationship with Sookie, he is more willing to bargain and negotiate- to play a subtle game here and there to get what he wants.

Bill’s Mars in Capricorn supports that, for him, the end does justify the means. If you watched last night’s finale, then you might have been shocked to learn that Bill had hired thugs to beat Sookie in the beginning of the series. This underhanded maneuver gave Bill the opportunity to feed Sookie his blood- thereby saving her life, enabling him to keep tabs on her, and make her fall in love with him more easily.

Stephen Moyer/Vampire Bill Compton natal chart

Anna Paquin/Sookie Stackhouse natal chart

Bill and Sookie’s Neptune connections with Mars/Pluto and Venus/Pluto point to a “supernatural” love.  They both yearn for a kind of intense love that goes beyond ordinary reality. Anna’s extremely tight natal Mars/Pluto conjunction, exactly sextile Neptune, explains her feistiness and that she wouldn’t be afraid to tangle to the death with supernatural beings. Bill’s configuration hints that he would feel more accepted by the supernatural world while simultaneously thinking they are a devious bunch- but also partaking in that deviousness when it suited his purposes.

Willing to Fight for Love

Stephen and Anna each have a block of planets in Libra – they are heavy into relationship. The romance between Bill and Sookie has a weight and depth to it that makes the Twilight romance seem like child’s play.

Bill and Sookie have a double Moon/Pluto conjunction – her Moon in Virgo conjuncts his Pluto in Virgo and his Moon in Libra conjuncts her Pluto in Libra. The obsession that the characters Bill and Sookie have with each other is an obsession that the actors Anna and Stephen have carried over into real life.

There is emotional complexity to their relationship both on screen and off screen. Bill’s Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Libra give him tremendous charm and gallantry, while the squares to natal Mars in Capricorn make him a bit old-fashioned – and determined. Sookie’s Mars, Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Libra makes her a fierce competitor in relationship and she would likely, literally, stop at nothing to fight for the one she loves, in a television series or in real life.


Feeling Safe Enough to Be Vulnerable

Stephen Moyer’s Mars in Capricorn is exactly opposite Anna Paquin’s North Node in Cancer, and also opposite her Venus in Cancer. In the series, Stephen’s character Bill demonstrates a strong protective instinct toward Sookie. Bill’s desire to protect Sookie makes her feel safe enough to be vulnerable in love. Sookie’s tender vulnerability is also what makes her withdraw and put on a show of hard impenetrability whenever she feels that Bill has betrayed her trust. Sookie holds onto her romantic hurts and may find it more and more difficult to open up to love with each one.

As the series has progressed she has become more critical and fault-finding toward Bill, when in the beginning he could do nothing wrong. Sookie’s natural Virgo Moon is showing through. Fortunately Bill has Venus in Virgo which means that he both loves her goody-two-shoes emotional responses, and that she probably does make him want to “be a better man.”

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