True Blood: The Astrology of Pam & Eric


irgo Alexander Skarsgard plays vampire Eric Northman on the HBO series True Blood. In the show Eric has one true friend, his progeny (the human he turned into a vampire), ass kicking, smart-mouthed, fashion savvy Sagittarius, Pam.

Pam is independent, strong-minded and tough. Pam lets her emotional guard down very rarely- once when she learned how Eric’s family was slaughtered while he was human, and once when Eric nearly died trying to kill the vampire who did it.

Pam’s Moon can be in Capricorn or Sagittarius. If in Capricorn, her Moon is in mutual reception with Saturn in Cancer. Although both planets are in detriment, they support each other by being in the other’s sign.

The mutual reception of Saturn in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn would make Pam incredibly committed to anyone she considers family. She has emotional toughness and does not display vulnerability or softness easily. Despite having an exact opposition between Mars in Aries and Uranus in Libra, Pam is not likely to rebel against someone whom she respects as an authority. Forming a bond of kinship with Eric has allowed her to feel for someone, yet retain her edge. Eric seems to feel entirely at ease with Pam’s emotional expression and never presses her for more.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB) states that Kristin Bauer grew up “riding horses and shooting guns” which is what you would expect from someone who has a Sagittarian Sun, and Mars, Uranus and Venus in a T-square. In real life I imagine that Kristin routinely gets her thrills from dangerous activities, not unlike her True Bloodcounterpart.

You can feel that there is a lot of love between Eric and Pam, and that they are individually sexually explosive people, however, the chemistry between them does not suggest they are attracted to each other. Eric and Pam’s relationship speaks of fondness, shared goals and mutual respect- but not sex.

Alexander’s Moon is in either Virgo or Leo which means that he and Kristin have trine Moons (in Leo and Sagittarius, Virgo and Capricorn- or out of sign). They also have trine Venuses. Alexander’s Venus in Virgo trines Kristin’s Venus in Capricorn. Having the Moon and Venus trine allows Alexander and Kristin to get mutual satisfaction and enjoyment from working together- as actors and when running the bar Fangtasia together in the series.

Despite having Moon trine Moon and Venus trine Venus Eric and Pam are not in love and probably never will be. Kristin’s Venus/Mars/Uranus T-square needs space, freedom and unconventional avenues in which to express itself, while Alexander’s Venus/Pluto midpoint (see below) needs almost suffocating intensity and depth. Two sexually potent people with two different manners of expression. Although Pam is portrayed as a lesbian in the series, I don’t think that’s the determining factor in Eric and Pam not having a sexual relationship- anything can happen in True Blood.

Eric Northman’s Hot Midpoint

Alexander Skarsgard has a potent configuration involving Venus, Mars and Pluto: Mars conjuncts the midpoint between Pluto and Venus.

Alexander is an excellent example of why pegging someone with the Sun, Mercury, Venus (and possibly the Moon) in Virgo as “prude” is overly simplistic. You have to take the entire chart into consideration and not the just the signs of the planets.

Of Venus/Pluto midpoints Reinhold Ebertin writes,

A strong feeling of love, an extraordinary power of attraction, an intensified sex expression, an unusual measure of procreative power, a special artistic giftedness.

With his Venus/Pluto midpoint equaling Mars, Alexander probably gets turned on by the blood and violence of the True Blood Series. It’s a good outlet for his sexual inclinations. The wide conjunction between Mars and Pluto suggests that he does have to satisfy his blood lust. Alexander has a tremendous amount of sexual self-confidence which allows him to sink his teeth into the role ? and not have to try too hard to be sexy.

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