Mars/Neptune Aspects


mars-neptune-aspectsPutting energy into dance. Putting energy into the spiritual. Putting energy into meditation. Passive energy. Getting your groove on. Slow jams. Glamoring. Dazzling. Magicians. Sorcerers. Jedis. “These are not the droids you’re looking for.” Disappearing acts. Slipping in and out of roles. Con artists. Smooth operators. Soul men. Sex magic. Seduction. Ineffectual. Futile efforts. Sleazy actions. A weak father. Feeling that the men in your life are unreliable, weak or simply not around. No strong men in your life. Confusion about masculinity. The Sensitive Man. Spiritual men. Men who transcend the normal ideas of what it means to be masculine. Disillusioned with men. Feeling let down by men. Disappointed by people’s actions. Feeling that nothing you do matters. War of ideals. Compassionate action. Acting with sensitivity. Weak willed. Pushovers. Wafflers. Asserting your ideal visions. Acting on ideals. Championing the underdog. Spiritually competitive. Musically competitive. Poetry competitions. Asserting your imagination. The courage to let go.

The courage to act on behalf of a higher power. Using energy for a higher cause. Actions that serve a higher purpose. Sexuality that serves a higher power. Spiritual sexuality. Idealizing the sexual experience. Idealizing passion. Passionate about ideals. Wanting to physically merge. Physical surrender. Surrendering to your physical impulses, for better or worse. A drive that knows no limits. Having no boundaries surrounding what you will or will not do. Weak physical boundaries. Inability to say no. Acting like a martyr. Self-sacrificing. Spiritual energy. Refined, delicate energy. Actions that are dictated by other realms and otherworldly experiences. Spaced out. Asserting yourself in a chaotic manner. Unfocused energy. Diffused, permeable energy. Selfless efforts. Having no idea what to do next. Difficulty accessing personal will power. Difficulty acting on your own behalf. Putting yourself last.

Acute physical sensitivity. Dulling your senses as a way to cope with anger. Using drugs, alcohol, sex…or anything really to drift out of reality rather than deal with anger. Daydreaming as a response to anger. Spacing out to cope with anger. Finding a spiritual path that helps you release anger. Releasing energy through imaginative, dream-like experiences. Releasing energy through meditation. Active meditation. Active dreamers. Acting like a flake. Film actors. Magnetic sexuality. Conveying a sexual presence on film. The ability to mesmerize. Finding an outlet for anger through acting, dancing or music. Dancing your ass off. Competitive dancing. Violent dreams. Delusional behavior. Ecstatic dance. Moving energy in imperceptible ways. Dealing with forces that other people have trouble seeing or recognizing. Psychic energy. Reiki. Tai chi. Subtle force. Acting on dreams. Unrealistic approach. Indistinct sense of direction. Impatience that dissolves. Energy that dissolves. Force that dissolves. Courage that dissolves. Transcendental energy. Avoidance. Escape. Drifters. Grifters. Passionate poets. Melting sexuality. Pervasive lust. Fighting ghosts. Fighting addiction. Sexual fantasy.

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People with Mars/Neptune aspects

  • David Blaine: Mars sextile Neptune
  • Bill O'Reilly: Mars quintile Neptune
  • Stephen Moyer of TrueBlood: Mars semisquare Neptune
  • Pam Grier: Mars biquintile Neptune
  • Alec Guinness (Obi Wan Kenobi): Mars conjunct Neptune (Mars is his chart ruler as well as the dispositor of his Sun and Venus in Aries)

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  • Nate

    Wow. This has got to be the most accurate interpretation of this aspect on the web. I have  8’45 Mars (10th) Aries, Square 9 Neptune (6th) Capricorn. Neptune also rules my Midheaven.

    My thoughts on this aspect is that in its raw form it manifests as issues with sexuality, confusion about being assertive /anger/desire. The tendency towards fanaticism ( i was a hardcore christian for a few years).

    But the interesting thing I find about this aspect is that it FORCES you to seek spiritually. Because you are so in tune with your garbage eventually you can’t handle it anymore.

    Working with the energy in a conscious way has lead me deep into the arts. I act, write songs, write scripts. dance. Spiritual seeking is a key part of my life (though Neptune’s exact sextile to North Node in the 9th helps too). Once you transcend ego identification this is a really beautiful aspect. Highly sexual, spiritual, and artistic. I study a lot of David Deida’s material. He gives talks on how to radiate sexual energy in every moment and use it as a practice to open to the divine. Power of Now and The Book of Secrets (deepak) were really important for me spiritually.

    Whenever I get conjunction transits to these planets I usually have a very pleasant time.

    I find that it brings the relationship between the ego and the spirit to the forefront. If conflict exists in your relationship to either of the ‘selves’ it will manifest as problems. Otherwise the energies of Divinity, Sexuality, and Art can manifest in beautiful ways.

    • Michelle

      The tendency towards fanaticism ( i was a hardcore christian for a few years).I imagine that Jupiter or Saturn might be involved too.

      But the interesting thing I find about this aspect is that it FORCES you to seek spiritually. Because you are so in tune with your garbage eventually you can’t handle it anymore.I love that :)


      • Nate

        Yeah, I think Saturn was going through my 12th house around the time I was heavily into it.

        I have retrograde Jupiter in the 11th. I’ve heard retro jupiter points to people who’ve experienced spiritual prosecution in their past lives. Which makes sense because during a past life session I saw myself at a guillotine.

        I also read that sagittarians are drawn towards dogma in their younger years so they can learn the necessity of freedom of thought. So I needed to go through at as part of my growth process.

        • Michelle

          I also read that sagittarians are drawn towards dogma in their younger years so they can learn the necessity of freedom of thought
          An appealing idea :)

  • Jd Davis

     Thanks this really helps me recognize the neptune in my life :)

    • Michelle

      Thank you for reading Jd. 

  • Mert

    i have Mars (3 Gem) Bi-Quintile Neptune(11 Cap)…
    what does it show, you think?

    • Michelle

      Ah, I see you have been here.

      What are some of your ideas about this aspect? How do you think it works in your life?

      • Mert

        “Disappointed by people’s actions. Feeling that nothing you do matters. War of ideals. Compassionate action. Acting with sensitivity.”,”Actions that serve a higher purpose”
        “Asserting yourself in a chaotic manner” ,” Spiritually competitive…”
        Since my moon and ascendant in pisces and have a conjunction with each other, all of them is true.. especially when i am alone, i always think about these concepts in my mind + my “neptune-moon-jupiter” yod(Finger of God) increases the power of these aspect’s effects dramatically…. You have right to say.. with these aspects how can you still be living in these real world not the ideal, fantasy world ? 😛
        well i have an enormous spiritual awareness, mars in gemini helps me to maintain it in a non-abstractal way…

        • Mert

          By the way, i like your style a lot, the way your website looks and the way you write is not an usual way so it is fun =))) Ofcourse listening people’s advices is a good thing but dont consider the the post below =)))

          • Michelle

            :) Thank you Mert.

  • Guest

    why the fuck can’t you write complete sentences?

    • Michelle

      For the Planets in Aspect series I have chosen not to in order to avoid burnout. In total there will be at least 100 combinations and I’m not even half way through. If you don’t like the style of these posts try any other post in any other category, or read a different blog.

  • Claire

    brilliant. I have the exact conjunction. I have it the 8th in Libra along with Venus.

    • Michelle

      How do you experience it? Thank you for reading Claire.

  • annjulieann

    I have Mars opposite Neptune. I have been called enigmatic and indescribable by several people. They cannot pin me down. And yes, I am such a dreamer that sometimes I never get anything done but dream. I write a lot and i am into music and literature. I have a lush imagination.

    • Anonymous

      I have Mercury and Mars conjunction but oppose Neptune….. no wonder I enter an awesome dance stance when I dance… like im another person. :)

      • Michelle

        I’ll bet 😉

        Thank you for reading Christina.

        • Anonymous

          no problem. Luv astrology. :)

  • Msfullroller

    This is another aspect that is only reflected in my progressed chart, but I can relate to a lot of the post. Mars has progressed to Taurus and is opposing Neptune in Scorpio.

    “…Asserting yourself in a chaotic manner. Unfocused energy. Diffused, permeable energy…Having no idea what to do next. Difficulty accessing personal will power. Difficulty acting on your own behalf. Putting yourself last…”

    This sooo accurately describes me the last 4-5 years or so!

    • Michelle

      Just seeing this comment…

      It’s great to read how these different aspects are working for you in progression :)

  • Aycan Aşkım

    I have mars trine neptune… I like dancing very much, especially Flamenco, Oriental, and some archetypical dances… I like primitive sounds, rhytms and dances especially drums…

  • Aycan Aşkım

    I have mars trine neptune… I like dancing very much, especially Flamenco, Oriental, and some archetypical dances… I like primitive rhytms and drums souds…

    • Michelle

      Wonderful use of Mars/Neptune :)

    • Anany83

      i also have this aspect,mars trine neptune(i also have venus trine neptune).recently i have developed an interest in dancing….drums…oriental….dreamy rhythms.

      do u think i should take some classes?


      • Michelle

        From what I’ve read, and what people with this aspect have told me, dance is an amazing release for Mars/Neptune people. You could take classes, or you could try a free form dance class. You would probably love it.

  • dollsizedpistol

    I really love this, thanks for writing it. A list like this is such a great way to get a feel for all the ways these planets together can manifest!

    You can add Charlie Sheen to your celebrity list – he has the conjunction, like me.

    Mine is at the end of my first house, in Cap – Neptune at 10 and Mars at 12.

    • Michelle

      Charlie Sheen – I’ve been considering writing about his chart for some time. I haven’t studied his chart in depth but I am intrigued by what might motivate his actions.Thank you for reading dollsizedpistol 😀

  • Alex

    “so… if i have venus in aquariuns – pluto in scorpio but don’t have a square by degrees, do i still have this aspect in my chart? ”
    sorry, i mean mars in aquarius – neptune in scorpio

    • Michelle

      No, you don’t have any actual square by degrees, but you may still relate to many of the descriptions because the planets are square by sign.

      • Alex

        oh, that’s right, i really feel sometimes that i’m a weak father, and the part “Ineffectual. Futile efforts. Sleazy actions.” always plays a role in my life, probably because of the tension…

        • Michelle

          I’m sorry that you feel that way Alex.

  • Alex

    so… if i have venus in aquariuns – pluto in scorpio but don’t have a square by degrees, do i still have this aspect in my chart?

  • Brue

    hey michelle, i really love what you write about thoose aspects, it’s interesting how you put thoose words together in that brainstorm way. just wondering when you’ll make sun/other planets aspects, because i have lots of then, more than with any other planet.
    thaanks for reading

    • Michelle

      Hi Bruce,

      I’m thinking about doing Mercury aspects next and then the Sun’s aspects. I’m glad you like these brainstorms- thank you for reading my blog 😀

      • visions

        yeahhh mercury !! i have mercury trine jupiter 😀 mercury trine uranus and mercury conjunct mars !!!

  • tatiana.larina

    I find it somehow troubling that I should have the same Mars -Neptune quintile as Bill O’Reilly (of course since I am much younger , we are talking about different signs, and maybe also about different houses). But on the other hand it’s somehow intriguing to think that he may be sharing some of the Mars/Neptune features from your description I identify with.

    • Michelle

      Bill O’Reilly popped into my head while writing this and Ithought that he just had to have this aspect- and he does. He has a way of being subtle and possibly deceptive, but doing it in a rather charming way- there’s also a bit of Leo arrogance thrown in.

  • JChiron

    Mars in Scorpio (10th) Sextile Neptune in Capricorn (1st) by 1 degree.

    Dancer, dreamer, psychic, disillusioned by men, apparently sexuality magnetic, partake in some “addictions”, love active meditation. My roommates are well aware of my stealth like abilities. I should become a dancing psychic ninja assassin 😀

    Oh maybe expressing anger through tears? Fire transforming into hot angry watery tears. Anger is the hardest emotion of me, it feels like my body physically cannot handle it. Its this hot burning from this inside that feels like it might consume me. So I dance it off, sweat it out, cry it out, or actively meditate it out of my system.

    • Michelle

      Anger is the hardest emotion of me, it feels like my body physically cannot handle it. Its this hot burning from this inside that feels like it might consume me.
      I think that’s actually your Mars/Pluto conjunction because that’s just how I feel- like I’m burning from the inside out.

      • Anonymous

        Actually I think Mars square Neptune does have a hard time expressing anger… I have this same problem. I very, very rarely outward express anger at all, and I almost never cry. The only time I cry is at movies, in the dark. And I don’t have the nasty Pluto energies– just a Pluto trine Venus. Mars square Neptune is very sensitive to other people, boundaries are diffuse, and it’s just easier to retreat into an inner world than present one’s true emotions to others.

        • Michelle

          I agree with all of that- getting angry to the point of tears, but, I do think the feeling of burning up inside-out is a Mars/Pluto thing.

        • dollsizedpistol

          Yes to the last sentence!! I have the conjunction 2 degrees apart in my first house – I’m very sensitive to everything around me and my first line of defense against this is to retreat. Stored anger, rage, disappointment, etc.. instead of acting them out, I just become hard to reach (at least, that was my pattern in the past).

          Also because of something going on with the way I express myself, I’m not sure many people.. or really, anyone I know besides my mentor – would describe me as ‘sensitive’. Probably largely because a lot of people equate ‘sensitive’ with a sniveling wreck who gets their feelings hurt by everything. Maybe sensitive people can be sniveling wrecks sometimes, but it’s not necessarily because they’re neurotic! Mostly they are not all over the place because someone has hurt THEM, they are all over the place because they are feeling everything in their environment.

          I think extreme sensitivity has been misunderstood this way because all those extremely non-empathic people out there don’t understand being affected emotionally by anything other than a direct assault on them.

          • Michelle

            I think sensitivity is misunderstood. In addition to everything you said, a lot of very sensitive people don’t show it – they don’t cry, they don’t talk about it, and it may not have anything to do with emotional states. There seems to be levels of sensitivity: Emotional sensitivity, psychic sensitivity, sensory sensitivity, physical sensitivity. Perhaps a person can possess all, none, or a few of these states of sensitivity. Some people handle their sensitivity by getting angry, some by crying and some by turning into stone.

            • Anonymous

              Exactly! I’m a case of an “extreme sensitive” but I don’t express what I’m picking up, I just store it all. I’ve been told many times that I’m “inscrutable,” more a Scorpionic trait than a Taurean one.

              • Michelle

                I forget…is Pluto in aspect to your ascendant? Pluto on the IC square Cancer ascendant?

                • Anonymous

                  I do have Pluto conjunct the IC, but not in aspect to my Asc. However I have the antiscion of Saturn conjunct my Asc, as well as Sirius conjunct my Asc, and Neptune in exact biquintile to the Asc, and Mercury sextile the Asc.

                  • Michelle

                    Perhaps that Neptune bq Asc is what makes you inscrutable.

                    • Anonymous

                      Probably adds to that whole “sneaky ninja OH THERE YOU ARE! damn I need to put a bell on you” thing too.

                    • Michelle


            • Dove

              I agree. And I think all of those levels are intertwined, and we experience and express them in varying degrees. Different levels and degrees at different times… Some of us more plugged into it, more accepting of it than others, but I think we’re all “sensitive.” It’s just, this world has taught us, it isn’t acceptable…that it isn’t the truth or a good thing. So we contain it, rather than being deemed a “freak.” Under the anger, the crying, the “stone” is fear. When it gets to depression/crying, we’ve already been angry for a long time. We’re a world seething with anger — and consequently, we’re now seeing a lot of “explosions” in our outer world, reflecting that. It can only be contained for so long. Emotions are powerful. We all feel it, just most of us deny it. Obesity and dis-ease are all “explosions” of anger from within showing how much we swallow and ignore it.

              There’s no greater urgency than for us to awaken to this, to realize how potent our emotions are–that we’re creating this chaotic world by dishonoring/ignoring them, not expressing them in a healthy way. Even many of the well-known spiritual gurus aren’t getting this — and are consequently experiencing the ill effects of trying to “positive-think” so as to “eliminate” or, as some religions call it, “transform” their so-called negative emotions.

              There’s nothing wrong with anger or sadness–we were meant to experience them, we need them–they are a part of us, of this reality. When we hate/deny them, we hate ourselves, which will always lead to self-destruction — and we are the world… Anger and sadness, they become ugly and dangerous only when we dishonor them, allow them to fester within. We need to teach our children that expressing their anger in a healthy, non-destructive way is a positive and healthy thing. We should endeavor to see our anger as a precious child within, that hungers for respect, acceptance, love and understanding–and encouragement to feel and express whatever it needs to express, without having to feel shame to do so.

              Anger, like fire, will either destroy us–or be our “savior.” Notice that “anger” is just one letter from being “angel” 😉 My affirmation: I am so grateful for my blessed anger, it has literally saved my life so many times.


              • Michelle

                Thank you for your thoughts Dove.

              • dollsizedpistol

                I really agree with most of what you’ve said, Dove. One thing that I don’t agree with is that EVERYONE is sensitive. Not in this lifetime, on the very human level on which we interact. I think this is a very common misconception of sensitive people that can lead to a lot of pain! I’ve been in intimate relationships with people who were truly insensitive – narcissistic, close to it, or just plain old self-contained – before I stopped idealizing people. It’s nice to love everyone on soul level, etc. and so forth, but I’ve also had to come to understand that in this lifetime, some people have chosen to be jerks! And they’re not going to change because I gave them lots of love. Sad but true. I’m coming to balance my open-hearted nature with discernment now, but it’s been a painful process.

  • Christine Truong

    Sounds like such a sweet aspect! :)

    • Michelle

      It can be 😀

  • visions

    i have mars square neptune ! i think i am blinded about goals in my life and how i act sometimes, fighting ghost like don quichotte and using my energy for wrong cause if i don’t serve a collective cause, leak of sexual energy is obvious i guess, but if the energy is put into spiritual forces so you can be so glamour and charismatic without talking that everyone look at you ! i guess the square is less challenging as we age because we know a lot more about how neptune want to lose us.

    • visions

      fortunately my mars square netpune is a separative one ! I am prone to believe someone like me when he doesn’t or tend to think someone hate me while he likes me lol mars in 7th square the 4rth, i have to learn to be patient and be more discriminative in my relationship !

      • Michelle

        There might be something else playing into that mix too- maybe Mercury/Neptune?

        • visions

          yes mercury/neptune probably play a lot and i see that you know my chart :D, the question is how to not give into things that are bad for me ? 😀

          SAVE ME michelle 😀

          i think mars square neptune could lead you to retreat sometimes from relationship because of atmospheric sensitivity : when we are bad, often that means something is wrong around us, wrong vibes ,wrong people etc…

          • Michelle

            when we are bad, often that means something is wrong around us, wrong vibes ,wrong people etc…
            That’s a possibility. If you’re picking up on the vibes around you then those vibes may affect your behavior.

            how to not give into things that are bad for me ?
            I think you’re being rhetorically, but I’ll give you an answer anyway. Begin to take the view that your actions must all serve a higher purpose- what that higher purpose is is up to you. I think Mars/Neptune can have issues with aim. Setting a course for yourself based on a selfless goal can help you stay on track.

          • Midnite Miles

            For me personally, I feel like my Mars in Pisces 7th house sextile Neptune in Capricorn 5th makes me apprehensive to getting in relationships because  I can pick up most of my partners subtle emotions, especially doubt, deceit, and aggravation so it makes me a little hyper sensitive (especially with my Moon in Scorpio)

             Also, more than just being sensitive, I feel like I fall in love too fast with the wrong people because I’m so immediately jacked in to their emotions and inevitably I believe their subtle emotions and undercurrents more than whats right in front of my face, so I get fooled in relationships somewhat easily, but never surprisingly. Mars/Neptune = Boundary issues.

            Being able to get that close to people psychically without having to truly get to know each other leads to a lot of potential heartbreak and problems, so I just try to steer clear of relationships all togetherm but I still giggle and sigh a little every time somebody tells me “I feel like I’ve known you forever!!”

            • Michelle

              Do have anything in the 8th house?

    • Michelle

      There is a part of Mars/Neptune aspects that wants you to give in and stop fighting. Sometimes you give into things that are bad for you, other times you give in to spiritual surrender.

  • Totefee

    I have Mars-Neptune square :-/

    • Michelle

      It’s not totally bad, what do you think of it? My boyfriend also has this aspect- Mars in Leo square Neptune in Scorpio.

      • Anonymous

        I personally like my Mars-Neptune square, although yes, it does have its negative side. But it’s so useful for the kind of life I lead! I have Mars at almost 2 Pisces in H9, and Neptune at 6 Sagittarius in H6. Perhaps because I think of myself as a “solo artist” in the world even as a relatively young man, someone who has no family, (my parents are deceased and I have no other family really) I’ve felt for a long time that I have to drift and grift my way through life however it’s necessary. Mars square Neptune makes this MUCH easier. The aspect is another “psychic antennae” aspect although the Mars in Pisces part really helps. The aspect allows me to become a chameleon, it’s like I can fit into any situation. I’m also always being accused of “sneaking” up to people, but I’m just very, very quiet when I walk. I’ll walk into a room and no one will know I’m there, and people will go on talking shit about me, and I’ll just listen! Then say “HI!” My roommate’s jumped a foot in the air so many times because she didn’t realize I was in the room! (And she has a habit of chomping her gums about my faults when she thinks I’m not in the room, which is funny.) Something about Mars square Neptune is like an invisibility cloak or something. Useful. The bad side is that it’s all too easy to deceive others. The ability to be an actor can be taken too far.

        • Anonymous

          Transiting Mars is conjunct my Neptune today, too! heh

          • Michelle

            Perfect timing- woohoo!

        • Michelle

          I’m also always being accused of “sneaking” up to people
          That’s funny! I always tell my boyfriend to “stop stealthing around.”

          Invisibility cloak is a great phrase for Mars/Neptune. I agree about the possible deceptive nature of this aspect too.

          • Low Gale Haze

            I also have this aspect and have the same atribute of invibility cloak, but both of the planets are retrograde in my chart, with mars in 9°aries and neptune in 7°capricorn. The best part is that even sneaking up easily to anyone, I am also very visible in a crowd. I think this aspect maybe have something to do with some kind of masochism, what you think? Maybe I’m drifting too high right now, or maybe I’m exagerating in the self-sacrificial part of the aspect.

            • Michelle

              I think this aspect maybe have something to do with some kind of masochism, what you think? /i>
              I think that’s a possibility, though I wonder if Saturn or Pluto would also be involved. Sexual gratification from humiliation certainly seems like a Mars/Neptune thing.

              Thanks for reading Low Gale Haze 😀

            • Anonymous

              I do have a very kinky sexual side that includes submission, bondage, rope, etc! But I don’t see it as self-sacrificial. Even as the “submissive” one, I’ve always seen myself as actually in the “power position” in the relationship.

              • Michelle

                I’ve always seen myself as actually in the “power position” in the relationship.
                Why do you think that is?

                • Anonymous

                  Well speaking strictly sexually, when you act submissive you’re giving your partner “permission” to act dominant. Since the act is in reality a mutually agreed on drama and any apparent disparities in power relations are just illusions! And of course when you act in a “perverted” manner, you’re giving your partner permission to see his fantasies in the privacy of his bedroom! etc

                  • Veda.Mooon

                    The master slave dialectic. Typically dominant characters and decision makers find release in being submissive and not having to make decisions in bed. I have Mars conjunct Neptune in 12th house Sag. I’m heavily into submission and bondage. I’m a very dominant person in my day-to-day life.
                    I also have Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, & Pluto conjunct in my 10th house Libra.

          • Anonymous

            I was just remembering the nickname my best friend used to always give me! It may be a bit offensive for some, but it was always in fun– “Stealth Fag.” Because no one could tell I was gay at all, never showing up on anyone’s “gaydar” and then BAM, I’d always end up finding some guy to take home anyway. Talk about stealth!

  • Empowering Astrology

    I have Mars (11 Sag) conjunct Neptune (17 Sag) in the 12th. Very true indeed.

    • Michelle

      Thanks for reading Katie 😀 You’re like a travelilng magician- do you have a caravan?

      • Empowering Astrology

        Ha. I do have a large caboose. And if by caravan you mean the New York City subway, then yes. Throw in Mercury at 17 Sag and it’s practically a party, but it’s all square Saturn (12 Virgo). Harrumph. If anyone wants to complain about having Mars square Neptune, talk to me about my Mars square Saturn.

        • Michelle

          Ah…that square to Saturn in Virgo cuts down on the gypsy factor. Mars square Saturn seems like a rough aspect in many ways.

          • Empowering Astrology

            Saturn makes you work hard, but first you have to overcome a lot of fears and self doubt.

          • visions

            mars square saturn is the worst aspect to have in astrology : /

            • billow

              Rx Mars in Pisces understands this from the receiving end. It’s a test. Mars square Saturn has alot of endurance. Gotta admire that but not when I’m the target.

        • Mountain Goat

          I have Mars in opposition to Saturn and square Neptune. I think it’s a miracle that I am still alive in my late 40’s.

    • Jah- Afiya

      Hey Mars twin! I am also Mars 11sag conjunct n.node 10sag and neptune 10sag! We should connect!

  • Empowering Astrology

    I have Mars (11 Sag) conjunct Neptune (17 Sag) in the 12th. Very true indeed.