Brainstorm Astrology


very astrologer will have their own interpretation methods and astrological toolkit, but the three basic pieces are the signs, planets, and houses. AstroFix embraces a mix of brainstorm-style writing and cookbook-style interpretation playing with astrological keywords to describe natal placements, forecasts, and synastry in Modern Astrology.


The zodiac signs provide personality, color, wardrobe, and expression to each of the planets in your chart. How did the hero feel? What was she wearing?


The planets are the actors, or players, in your chart. They are the characters in your personal story. They are the heroes and villains in your astrological journey.


The astrological houses shows where the action takes place. Where do your characters fight their battles? Are their battles in the corporate world or do they wrestle inner demons?


Astrological rulers connect the houses in your chart in a meaningful way, even the houses that have no planets.

Moon’s Nodes

What is your backwards path and where do you find growth moving forward in life? What will give you a surprising sense of fulfillment, but take conscious effort?


Are you drawn to astrology, tarot, the healing arts, flower essences, or herbs? You may find Chiron, and other physical and theoretical bodies prominent in your birth chart.

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