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A Relocation report describes astrological influences of any location based on your natal chart. You can use this report when planning vacations, visits, business traveling, or actually relocating. Relocation Reports use aspects and 13 midpoint structures to the relocated Ascendant and Midheaven to derive the astrological interpretations.

There are some things you know without needing an astrological analysis: For example, if you hate cold weather, you probably will not enjoy moving to a city near the Arctic Circle! However, probably much to your surprise, you will find that if the astrological influences are positive, there will be some nice experiences to help you through the long winters. In addition to weather, carefully consider the culture, the kind of people, and other issues that may be important to you (crime rate, quality of schools, natural environment, etc). Most places offer a rich variety of possibilities. Combining the astrological analysis with good research on an area will help you identify the best places to vacation, conduct business, find friendships and romance, or to move permanently. It is worth creating this report for yourself or for your family, clients, and friends before planning to move or go on vacation.

This report describes the astrological influences that are in effect at a given location. It is very important to have a very accurate birth time when you purchase this report to get a very accurate result. We recommend selecting cities that are at least about 100 miles (150 kilometers) apart because that astrological analysis of locations that are very close to each other will be very similar. Locations that are at least several hundred miles apart will usually have some significantly different astrological influences

ASTROFIX Relocation Astrology Report

Not sure which cities to choose? AstroFix suggests starting with a My Best Places Astrology Report first. Find all your best places, then choose 5-10 cities to explore more in depth with this Relocation Report.


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Get this report! The price is right and it goes beyond simpler relocation astrology methods. I loved seeing past home locations and thinking about the effect on my life as well as considering my next move.


Amazing! I purchased the Relocation Report and it was fascinating. Highly recommend.


A wonderfully comprehensive report for someone who is considering relocating. Of course, this is just to give one an idea about the most favourable places for one to relocate. If you wish to have a more thorough guidance or look deeper into any of these places and how you can flourish there, you need to contact Michelle, who is always so open and caring. 🙂

Sem (verified owner)

Astrofix is one of my favorite astrology websites, and the products offered do not disappoint. I ordered the AstroLocality report. As with everything else on tne astrofix website, the report was very well-written and easy to understand. There were no slang terms or chaotic babbling. Also, the cost was incredibly reasonable. I’ve seen others charging hundreds of dollars for the same type of report. It’s obvious that this astrologer has a gift and a beautiful way of sharing it with the world. A rare find!

Minja (verified owner)

I think that it’s absolutely amazing to have such a generous, precise and utterly helpful relocation report, in 24 hours and for only 20 euros. I am in awe and gratitude!

Lynette (verified owner)

Thanks. It open my eyes up to a lot of things in my life.

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