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e can talk about your natal chart, transits, progressions, Solar Return, Saturn return, relocation, Moon’s Nodes, or any specific questions about career, home, or personal growth you may have, or whatever you like.

I’m not a counselor or therapist, but I can tell you what I see based on your astrology. My readings are a conversation between us rather than me talking at you. You can ask questions at any point and add to the conversation.

I time my readings instead of breaking them into types of readings. I prefer to answer your actual questions, and sometimes that requires a variety of approaches and techniques.

I am a Modern Astrologer and I use Modern Astrology methods. Currently I use Placidus houses, and I do not use sect.

I typically look at your house rulers, significant degrees in your chart (critical degrees, Galactic Center, Anaretic degrees, the Aries Point) configurations, including the stellium, grand trine, T-square, grand cross, Yod, boomerang, Thor’s hammer, and kite; Moon’s nodes and the rulers of the Moon’s nodes by sign and house, Chiron, the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), midpoints (when they figure prominently), dignity, debility, retrogrades, transits, secondary progressions, directions, eclipses, aspects (square, conjunction, trine, sextile opposition, and quincunx), the angles (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, IC), signs, and house placements.

If you request it, I can also take a peek at Juno, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, and Lilith in your chart. Please bear in mind, the more data I have to look at, the fewer questions we’ll have time to cover.

Readings are via Zoom, Skype, or phone.
Zoom readings will receive an audio recording.

  • Add the reading to your cart and proceed to checkout. You will fill in the birth data form at checkout and I’ll contact you to work out the details.
  • The offerings below are for one person, if you would like to add anyone else to your reading the fee is $25 / each additional person.

If you need help paying

I can send an invoice to pay in increments over time leading up to your reading. Please note, the entire reading must be paid before it takes place. Contact me if you are interested.

Age 18 and older

No medical readings

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6 reviews for Astrology Readings

Erika (verified owner)

I think that your readings are eerily accurate Michelle, almost as if you’ve hacked my e-mail account, tapped my phones and set up listening devices around my house (sorry, that is the paranoid Saturn square Neptune talking)

Katy (verified owner)

Wonderful! Michelle is gifted and she spent great efforts and time. Report was exhauative and the call was mostly her speaking and explaining things. I enjoyed it a lot. I have a follow up question to ask, I am sure Michelle will be helpful with that 🙂

Keeping an open mindset and being receptive is always a good idea. I went over her reading/report slowly again, later on, and it made things more clear. Thank you very much Michelle!

Elizabeth (verified owner)

I loved it! We covered a lot of ground in just 30 minutes. Michelle had already guessed several details of my life based solely on my chart (impressive!) before the call as evidenced by her copious notes, including that I was both a professor (this was true until 2010) and make money through communicating the subtle or occult arts (I now channel Akashic Records).

This is FAR from being my first astrological reading, but I learned things this time that I had never heard before–highly resonant things that I will continue to contemplate over the coming weeks, months, and years no doubt. Highly recommended! If you’re on the fence, I encourage you to jump right in.

Sofia (verified owner)

It took me some time to leave this feedback, because I’m still processing the reading. I work with astrology myself, but having this reading done to me was an immense eye opener. I highly recommend doing one even if you have only a vague interest in astrology, you will learn things about yourself wether you want to or not. There was heart and soul and care in my reading, as well as truths that needed to be named. Also very nice to have the reading recorded and sent to me along with notes.

Jennifer (verified owner)

Michelle did a very thorough job of reviewing historical aspects and transits leading to today’s questions. She was patient, kind, and artful in her readings of known challenging aspects. Her grasp of astrology is excellent and was able to review multiple charts within the reading, seemingly effortlessly. It was a thorough pleasure to receive her reading!

Patricia (verified owner)

Michelle confirmed what I was already feeling to be the case. She showed me my negative qualities as well as my positive ones in such a way that I was able to perceive solutions by utilizing my strengths! Very Insightful!

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If you need help paying

I can send an invoice to pay in increments over time leading up to your reading. Please note, the entire reading must be paid before it takes place.

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