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Brainstorm: Planets and Things in the 12th House Astrology

Think of this post as an evolving online astrological journal of thoughts on planets and things in the twelfth house. Read it for natal placements, progressions, transits, etc.

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Planets & Things in the 12th house


e’re gonna search every boathouse, outhouse, doghouse…you better go hide. Separating from the pack. Identifying with the untamed and wild. Living in the vast unknown. Living out in the country, or in a faraway, desolate, isolated, hard to reach place. Developing personal identity and character without influence from other people. Finding out who you are without society’s input.

Lack of a clearly defined sense of self inspires an interest in acting. Being someone who takes on the coloration of the environment. Actor. Spiritual recluse. Karma Chameleon. Lacking distinct personality. Fitting in with what is vast and undefinable.

Losing your identity to a large, overwhelming, unstoppable force or organization. Getting bulldozed. Gaining sense of self through spiritual devotion. Social opportunities fall through. Isolation is part of your path. Recluse. Afraid of yourself. Afraid to be with yourself, by yourself.

Dad was unavailable. Dad disappeared. Dad was never known. Turning inward and getting to know yourself. Not wanting to be overly influenced or swayed by others. Impressionable. Tentative first steps towards something new in life. Building strength, gaining light. Willingness to forgo personal gain. Can you trust yourself? Haunted son. Haunted father. Flashlight in a haunted house. Wisp. Did you see that? Shining in the dark. An echo of yourself. Apparition.

Daddy was an outlaw. Daddy is a fugitive. Dad’s in hiding. What about you? Did you do a bad, bad thing? Who are you hiding from?


motional isolation. All by myself. Tired of feeling alone. Feeling alone. Having no one to relate to. Mom is emotionally inaccessible. Mom disappeared. Mom wasn’t there for you. Fears of mom. Fears of mothering and motherhood. Fears of domestic life. Takes on the emotional coloration of the environment. Feelings all around. Your feelings permeate the environment. Lack of emotional boundaries and borders. Emotional security comes from within. Finding little emotional support from real people in your life. Learning to trust your own feelings. Can you trust your own feelings? Do your feelings mislead you? The prison of motherhood.  Ephemeral feelings. Walking through lost halls. Feeling ignored. Your emotions echo.

Finding yourself in unknown territory during an emotionally vulnerable state. ‘Let go, and let God.’

If you ever get close to a human
And human behavior
Be ready, be ready to get confused
There’s definitely, definitely, definitely no logic
To human behavior
But yet so, yet so irresistible
And there’s no map
They’re terribly moody
And human behavior
Then all of a sudden turn happy
But, oh, to get involved in the exchange
Of human emotions
Is ever so, ever so satisfying
Oh oh, and there’s no map
Human behavior, human
Human, human behavior, human
Human, human behavior, human
Human behavior, human
And there’s no map
And the compass
Wouldn’t help at all…
― Bjork, Human Behavior (Moon in Scorpio 12th house)


riter. Sleep studies. REM. Dream journaling. Sleep journaling. Behavioral diary. Pharmaceutical diary. The encyclopedia of ghosts and phantoms. Having a cabin in the woods where you go to write, meditate, or journal. The Drunk Writer. Getting your facts straight. Learning not to lie to yourself or deceive yourself. Trusting your own impressions. The prison of the mind. How far will you let your mind roam? The ability to spend time alone writing.

Let’s sit down and have a long talk together, Self.  Learning how to talk with yourself. Too much time talking to yourself. Isolated mind. Isolated thoughts. Echoes. A hollow chamber. Chamber of Echoes. Solitary confinement. Snitch. Well, you no good dirty double crosser!

Schizophrenia. Mental disorders. Talking bad about yourself. Talking behind your own back. Poor inner monologue. Mental self-sabotage. Self-support through a positive mindset and self-talk. Practicing daily affirmations. Leaning on yourself for support. Discovering spirit guides. Going on a spiritual journey. A fantastic journey. Fantasy writer. Self-help writer. Mouthpiece for the spiritual world. Dream interpreter.

Sleep studies. Paranormal studies. Museum studies.

Hospital runner.


arried to the Mob. Immortal beloved. Romantic fantasy. Learning to love your alone time. Creativity that flourishes in isolation. Painting, pottery, design, and art by yourself. Having a studio space that is separate from your home, where your family and friends are not necessarily allowed to visit. Taking an artistic retreat. Fearing your own creative abilities. Fears of showing your art to others. You could have your art displayed in hospitals, institutions, or major public spaces.

Getting stronger in your creative vision. Creativity that is spiritually inspired. Devotional art. Paintings of Gods and Goddesses. Paintings of ghosts, the paranormal or phantasms. Fantasy art. Inspirational music and art. Kirtan. Meditation music. Orchestra. Feeling loved and loving, whether you are with someone or whether you are alone. Developing your loving nature. Loving nature. Finding the beauty in nature and in the wild. Transcending personal love. Love your fears – paint them, mold them, sculpt them, drape them, clothe them, style them, maybe they are not so bad after all, maybe they can be a source of artistic inspiration. The closeted artist. Drawing in secret.

Falling in love with the enemy. Unrequited love. Loving someone who will never be there for you. Loving someone who is already taken. Loving someone you can never be with. Loving someone who betrays you. Trying to get the enemy to like you. Enemy negotiations.


illfull self-sabotage. Undermining your own best efforts. Working against yourself. Learning to be a great warrior on your own behalf. Taking up spiritually oriented sports. Learning Tai Chi. Taking up Zen Archery. Honing your efforts towards spiritual expansion. Taking aim. Hot yoga. Taking a yoga retreat. Taking a week off to go hunting. Putting effort and energy into the intangible. Putting effort into spiritual work. Working in a prison or institution. Hospital guard. Museum security guard. Prison guard. Survivalist nature guide. Big game hunting. The brutal wild. Uncontainable anger. Spiritual battle. Fighting against containers and things. Fight your fears. Challenge your fears – how strong are they, really? Working with the enemy. Fighting a losing battle. Spiritual warrior. Ninja nun. Martial monk.


uardian angel. Spending three months in Alaska on an outdoor expedition. Traveling through the Arctic. The vastness of nature. Protecting nature. Protecting the wild. Nature is your temple. Spiritual teacher. Nature guide. Zookeeper. Large animal sanctuaries. Religious studies. Nature studies. Spiritual protection. Spiritual questing. Prophecies. Huge support behind the scenes. Expanding way too far. Going off the deep end. Transcending religion. Explore your fears. Gain a wider perspective on what holds you back. Having an adventure in enemy territory. Exploring enemy territory.


ermit. Serious approach to spiritual life. Ascetic. Serious dreamer. Professional dream worker. Professional psychic. Professional Ghost Hunter.

Blocks to accessing the personal unconscious. Inadequate support from the universe. Learning to structure your free time. Learning to create a structure of support for yourself. Withdrawn. Withholding from yourself. Spiritual dedication. Limits to your personal freedom. Limited in your ability to roam. Learning to have discipline when you’re by yourself. Putting yourself in a container. Testing your limits. Putting limits on your own expansion. Self-imposed limitations. Master your fears.

Expanding in a confined space. The imagination has no bounds. Defining the undefinable.

Barriers against your enemies. Attempting to limit your enemies. Limiting porousness. Better boundaries. A container for spiritual experience. A Spiritual Container. A quiet place, with good boundaries, where you can let your mind expand. Overcoming material limitation. Spiritual attainment. Expert in the Unseen.

My chief task has been to conquer fear. The public sees only the thrill of the accomplished trick; they have no conception of the tortuous preliminary self-training that was necessary to conquer fear, no one except myself can appreciate how I have to work at this job every single day, never letting up for a moment. I always have on my mind the thought that next year I must do something greater, something more wonderful.
– Harry Houdini, Harry Houdini Quotes


nsomnia. Spiritual restlessness. Spiritual awakening. Rebelling against containers and things. Breaking out of prison. Rebel against your fears. Suddenly scared. Unexpected enemies. Suddenly incarcerated.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
― Ralph Waldo Emerson (Jupiter in Virgo 12th house, Uranus in Libra 12th house)
Uranus in the twelfth house has a harder time than anyone until it learns that freedom is a state of consciousness and not a physical situation.
– John Soric, The New Age Astrologer

eak support system. Lost. Vagabond. Out to sea.

Idk, but maybe this your theme song: Fog


venging angel. Scary skeletons in the closet. Shamans. Powerful enemies.

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large — I contain multitudes.
― Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass (Saturn, Chiron, and Pluto in Pisces 12th house)
It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.
– Herman Melville, (North Node in Aries 12th house)
  • Ann-Margaret : Sun, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Uranus in Taurus 12th house
  • Johannes Stark (physicist): Moon, Chiron, Sun, Neptune Aries 12th house
  • Tony Blair (ex-Prime Minister of England): Sun, Jupiter in Taurus 12th house
  • Kato Kaelin (mixed up in the Nicole Brown Simpson murder): Mercury, South Node, Venus 12th house
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (writer, Sherlock Holmes): Mercury, Pluto Taurus 12th
  • Judith Resnick (astronaut, died in the Challenger explosion): Mercury, Mars, Venus, Sun, North Node Aries 12th
  • Hans Arp (artist, founding member of Dadaism): Venus, North Node, Mercury, Sun Virgo 12th house
  • Paris Jackson (Michael’s daughter): Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Mars Aries 12th house (Placidus)
  • Chris Griscom (spiritual leader): Uranus, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter in Gemini 12th house (Placidus)
  • Nancy Sinatra (singer, Frank’s daughter): Mercury, Venus, Mars, Moon, Chiron Cancer 12th house
  • Liza Minnelli (actor/singer): Sun, Mercury Aries 12th house
  • Francoise Gauquelin (astrologer): Sun, Chiron, North Node Taurus 12th house
  • Mystic Meg (astrologer, psychic): Sun, Pluto, Chiron, Mars Leo 12th house (Placidus only)
  • Milla Jovovich (actress, Resident Evil): Moon and Mars in Gemini 12th house
  • Neil Michelsen (astrologer, American Ephemeris): North Node, Uranus, Venus Aries 12th house
  • Virginia Woolf (writer): Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Chiron, Pluto Taurus 12th house
  • Andrea Bocelli (opera singer): Pluto, Venus, Mercury Virgo 12th house (Placidus only)
  • Immanuel Kant (philosopher): Chiron, Moon, Mercury Aries 12th house
  • Conor Clapton (son of Eric Clapton, died in tragic accident): Sun, Mercury Leo 12th house
  • John Nash (mathematician, A Beautiful Mind): Sun and Venus in Gemini 12th house
  • Mick Jagger (vocalist, The Rolling Stones): Mars and Moon in Taurus 12th house
  • George W. Bush (former US President): Sun and Saturn in Cancer 12th house
  • John Z. DeLorean (auto manufacturer): Uranus in Pisces 12th house
  • Shelley Long (actress, The Shining): Pluto, Moon and Sun in Leo 12th house
  • H.P. Lovecraft (writer): Mercury Virgo 12th house
  • Terence McKenna (writer, Food of the Gods): Jupiter, Sun, and Venus in Scorpio 12th house (Placidus)
  • Tem Tarriktor (former publishing editor of The Mountain Astrologer Magazine): Uranus and Sun in Leo 12th house (Placidus)
  • Joe Biden (President-elect of the United States): Mercury, Sun, and Venus in Scorpio 12th house
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber (composer): Pluto, Saturn Mars, and Moon in Leo 12th (Placidus)
  • Oliver Stone (director, Platoon): Chiron, Mars, and Jupiter in Libra 12th house
  • Miss Cleo (Psychic): Uranus, Mercury and Pluto (Placidus) / Sun and North Node (Whole Signs)
  • Harry Houdini (magician and escape artist): Saturn in Aquarius 12th house (Placidus)
  • Roman Polanski (Director The Pianist, accused child predator, husband of Sharon Tate actress who was killed by Charles Manson’s gang): Jupiter and Venus in Virgo 12th house
  • D.H. Lawrence (writer, Women in Love): Moon and Venus in Libra 12th house

12th house

  • Ancestral or Past Life Vocational Lineage (I'm experimenting with this idea)
  • Blind Spots & Self-Sabotage
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Institutions, Hospitals, & Prisons
  • Retreat, Meditation, & Sleep
  • Secret Enemies & Skeletons in the Family Closet
  • Spiritual Development & the Vast Unknown
  • Supernatural Phenomena
  • Surrender
  • The Results of Groups & Alliances
  • Time Spent Alone, Confinement, Release, & Escape

Think of this post as an evolving online astrological journal of thoughts on planets and things in the twelfth house. Read it for natal placements, progressions, transits, etc . . .

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  • A Container
  • Confinement
  • Convalescent home
  • Displaced
  • Hospital
  • Institution
  • Into the Wild
  • Lost
  • Missing
  • Monastery
  • Museum
  • Prison
  • Retreat
  • The Closet
  • Vast Unknown
  • Wilderness
  • Getting Lost
  • Inner Journey
  • Respite
  • Rest
  • Retreat
  • Sabbatical

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