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Brainstorm: Planets and Things in the 6th House Astrology

Think of this post as an evolving online astrological journal of thoughts on planets and things in the sixth house. Read it for natal placements, progressions, transits, etc.

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Planets & Things in the 6th House


tar employee. Employee of the month, every month. The linchpin. Your role is essential to the operation, yet you are replaceable, like so many moving parts. Your identity comes from the type of work you do on a day-to-day basis. Your office matters. Your work environment matters. There’s a sense of identity that comes from being a cog in a larger matrix of wheels. You find identity in being a small part of a larger picture. There’s confidence in finding your place, your small niche and contribution, the thing you do well, and perfect.

Your dad is the boss at work. Your dad deals with health issues on a day-to-day basis. You’re used to people who show authority on an everyday basis, in a real way. Your dad works in healthcare. Your dad is a doctor. Mind-body integration is a core part of your identity. Your dad works in a service industry. Your dad is a work organizer. Daddy is in the regiments. Dad works on an assembly line. You’re a day laborer. Your sense of identity comes from skills applied daily. What sorts of skills do you practice daily? Maybe, without realizing it?

The fine-tuner. Organizational experts. Greasing the wheels. Squeaky wheel gets the oil. Systems engineers. The work environment is filled with lots of big egos. You know how to get things running smoothly. You know how to get things working right, like they should. It’s a matter of pride that everything is running smoothly. Ship-tight.


he healthful cook. The nutritionist. Daily caretaker. Working in an old folks’ home. Mothering your coworkers. Feeling emotionally bonded with your office mates. Mom was a nurse. Mom was a maid. Mom was a housekeeper. Mom worked in a service industry. Mom was concerned about diet and health. Mom had health issues. Mom works on an assembly line.


inkering with the mind and body. Gossiping with the help. Coordinating the team. Everybody, jump on Slack! You had a sibling with health issues. Your sibling is a doctor. Your sibling is a nurse.

Keeping up with employment trends. Knowing the latest, hottest jobs. Switchboard operator. Telemarketer. Talking shop. Heeey…let’s go out after work…and continue to talk about work!

Thank you for calling the Mercury Corporation, where may I direct your call?


painting a day. Love every day. A Painting a Day. Pursuing art and beauty on a daily basis. Finding beauty in the mundane. Office decorator. Interior designer. Architect. Form and function. The beauty of a harmonious work environment. The beauty of a workforce that gets along. Office liasion. Office mediator. Workforce mediator.

The housekeeper’s daughter. In love with the laundry lady. Your sister is a doctor. Your sister is a nurse. Your sister works in the service industry.


nergy applied to daily work, with direct goals in mind. Effective use of daily energy. Office manager. Executive Chef. Execute! Execute! Yes, Chef! Yes, sir! In the army. Everyday is a battle. The work environment is a battlefield. Yes, your makeup really is warpaint.

The son of the maid. The gardener’s kid. Anger about work options. Anger about having to show up every day. Anger about the way they treat you. Anger about the work environment. Hostile work place. Working with people who have anger issues. Anger management. Aggressive work environment. Police work. Emergency services. Fire department.


aining weight. Overwhelming health issues. Having a good attitude to daily life. Easy going. Perhaps too lax in self-care. May need a larger philosophy to underpin their daily health routine. But WHY do I have to take that medicine? Health philosophies. Creating a daily life-style based on a health philosophy. Overwhelming daily obligations. Taking on more than you can do realistically. Getting into a job that is over your head.


edication to the daily grind. Health issues that are burdensome and require daily maintenance. Feeling separate from your coworkers. Having a hard time fitting into the office scenario. Liking to work on your own. Feeling a bit run down. Tired! There’s a lot of work to do, but you’re handling it! You are excellent at shouldering daily responsibilities, but life would be easier if you had help.

Needing help, but finding none. Daily tasks that are seemingly neverending. Doing more than your fair share of the chores. Doing more than your fair share of the tasks at work. Your competence is through the roof, but it’s all too much, and ultimately unsustainable. Figuring out how to minimize your obligations. Downsizing your work load. Sticking to essentials.


isruption to your daily routine. Unusual work environment. Disruptions to your daily lifestyle. Highly modern office.  Working under artificial lighting. Working with advanced technology. Bird lover. Working in aviation. Flying, constantly. You begin working for an astrology app. You explore alternative health practices. Your interest in superfoods and nootropics surges. You crave brains…I mean, brainfood.

Somehow, your health gets off track – for better, or worse. Experimental cuisine. Gastronomy. Radical foodies. Radical diets. Breatharians. Weird food cravings. Weird food crazes.

Daily life is unpredictable, and kind of exciting! You get unusual job opportunities. You experiment with part-time jobs. You take internships to level-up. Connecting with the right colleagues allows you to skip a few rungs on the career ladder. You can’t find a job that sticks. A period of ups and downs in employment. Trying out temp agencies.


loating through work. Just passing through. Difficulty finding work and fleeting employment circumstances. Problems with daily alcohol or drug use. Daily meditation. Making time for spiritual practice every day. Problems with leakages. Yoga becomes part of your daily practice. Drifting aimlessly through employment opportunities, never seeing how to take advantage.

Job opportunities in film and media. You’re a background player. You find work in film. You find work in music. Your work opportunities are pleasantly creative, but maybe not well-paying, or long-lasting. Working the front desk for the spa.


ower struggles at work. Power struggles with coworkers and with people who have your same skill set. Deep in the bowels of the operation. Total transformation through giving your all to your daily work. Transforming the work environment. Power struggles with employees. Getting pushed around by people in a superior position. Dominating the office. Health problems that cause a complete lifestyle overhaul. Deep transformation through health crisis. Major, life or death, health issues. Psychological insight into daily life. Life coach.

You are creating a deeply satisfying daily experience for yourself. You are learning to fill every day with transformative experiences. You are learning to be intensely engaged in even the most mundane of activities. You are regenerating your health and vitality. You are creating an intensely demanding routine for yourself. Your daily routine is shamanic. Daily cleanses. Clearing out the sludge of daily existence. Cleansing the body of toxins. Cleansing the mind of toxic thoughts. Cleansing yourself of toxic habits. Transforming your daily habits. Developing a powerful daily practice. Making every day a matter of life and death. Choosing to embrace Plutonian themes in daily life. NSFW.

Researching effective diet and health programs. Making research a part of your daily practice. Finding the motivation to become deeply involved in everyday life. Becoming a powerful influence among your coworkers. Obsessively committed to the task at hand. Chronic workaholism. Deathly ill. Grave daily events. Becoming deeply involved in death and dying as daily work. Your daily work environment becomes extremely serious. Deeply involved in work unions. Criminal work activities.


ealing work on a daily basis. Dedicated to practicing alternative healing methods integrating mind and body on a daily basis.


earning to take care of your health and set up healthy daily routines. Focusing on the tasks that are right in front of you. Learning to compress yourself into a smaller environment. Learning to be helpful. Learning to be useful. Using your time wisely. Learning to create a healthy lifestyle.


ver-emphasis on daily concerns. Taking up too much time fretting about your health. Cooped up in an office with a schedule for too long a time. Coming in with time management skills. Coming in knowing how to work, how to get things done. Needing to let yourself have some space-out time.


aking care of the people who work for you. Being in a nurturing work environment. Food and nutrition are part of your daily work.


arried to your daily routine. Jealousy issues with coworkers or employees.


aily work patterns. Working in Operations. Working at the unemployment center. Helping other people with job placement.


ending the fire of your work place. Going in every day to get everything started and humming along. Dedication to service.

6th house

  • Work, Labor, Production, & Manufacturing
  • Service, Private Servants & Public Servants
  • Employees & Co-Workers
  • The Daily Grind & Mundane Routine
  • Chores & Practice
  • Small Pets & Small Responsibilities
  • Systems That *Should* Be Running Efficiently & Without Interference
  • Health, Wellness, & Mind-Body Integration
  • Diet & Exercise
  • Making Lifestyle Choices & Creating a Lifestyle
  • Being in "the trenches," shoulder-to-shoulder with people who are like you
  • Pets
  • Coworkers
  • Production Partners
  • Office
  • The "trenches," or the real trenches
  • Work environment
  • Labor
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Rolling your sleeves up, and putting in an "honest day's work"
  • Routines
  • Streamlined Processes

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