Jupiter’s Promise Astrology Report


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The Jupiter’s Promise Report walks you through your past, present and future life experiences with Jupiter.

This report is perfect for your Jupiter Return. The Jupiter Return happens about every 12 years. So, when you’re 12 years old, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, and beyond, you will have a Jupiter Return.

Jupiter is the Santa Claus of the planets. Where it is found in the birth chart, we find a focus for our hopes and dreams. It indicates an area of life where we are optimistic, expansive, generous, and often successful. It also indicates an area of popularity. Sometimes Jupiter shows where we are overconfident or extravagant. It shows where and how we seek to develop a more idealistic or philosophical attitude, and also where we can be impractical, excessive, or ostentatious.

We all want to expand our lives. Perhaps we want to expand our mental skills by attending college. We may want to extend our earning capacity through career training. We may want to form strong partnerships or enter into a romantic relationship, in order to expand our horizons. (We probably don’t want to expand our physical weight!) Each of these possibilities relates to the planet Jupiter, and how it works in our birth charts.

This interpretation takes a look at your birth chart from the perspective of the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter takes about 11.86 years to go around the Sun. This almost twelve year period relates to many of the major life transitions you will experience throughout your life. Each milestone in this interpretation takes place at a Jupiter Return – when Jupiter reaches the same point in the zodiac it occupied when you were born.

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