1000 Asteroids Astrology Report


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The 1000 Asteroids Astrology Report includes:
  • Your natal chart conjunct an array of asteroids
  • A report with descriptions of your planets conjunct asteroids
  • Two lists of 1000 asteroids – one list is alphabetical and the other is organized by degree

Of the hundreds of thousands of asteroids that orbit around our Sun, over 1,000 of them have been given names that are related to myths, legends, literary or historical figures of interest, or places.

In this amazing digital report, 1,425 asteroids are analyzed for connections to your birth chart. A generous 3 degree orb is used, and an astrological interpretation is given if any of your planets make a conjunction to one of those asteroids.

6 reviews for 1000 Asteroids Astrology Report

Angie (verified owner)

It was very easy to do, all very fast.

Teri (verified owner)

I have been studying and researching the asteroids more and more lately…this was so much more than I expected and a treasure trove of information….seriously…
Thank you so much AstroFix…

Natali (verified owner)

Hi, I found the asteroids report very interesting, it offered me a deeper, and more detail view of my natal chart, is amazing how much more there is to astrology when you start looking at the asteroids, and the extend of this report felt very complete. I also enjoy all the stories and mythology behind every asteroid. Thank you AstroFix, for your astrology research and fine work, I’m using astrology to better understand my life path, my own story and tools for creation. Kind regards

Maria (verified owner)

Got it, thank you!
I must say I am MASSIVELY impressed by the asteroids report! This is exactly what i was looking for 🙂


So informative and insightful! Loved it! ❤️

me (verified owner)

This is a wonderful report! Love! So informative with myths and stories that could possible be relevant to my life. I’m a writer so the asteroid reports really thrills me.

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