Pisces Houses

Pisces 1st house

smoke covering faceSelf-transcendence as an approach to life. A mystical or spiritual approach to life. The ability to see the interconnectedness of everything. An inability to make distinctions. Confusion about your direction in life. Confusion about how to approach life. Empathic approach to life. A humble, selfless person. Lack of direction. A self-sacrificing person. A martyr. A soft and gentle approach. An imaginative, musical, poetic and receptive approach. A mystical and spiritual approach. The approach is to merge with everything. Living the life of a martyr. Acting like a martyr. Acting like a victim. Acting weak and ineffectual. A charitable approach. A gullible person. Spiritual outlook. The viewpoint of a photographer or filmmaker. Unrealistic outlook. A dreamy appearance. Watery eyes. Watery nose. Soulful eyes. Sensitive eyes. A compassionate and sympathetic expression. A soft appearance. Looking confused. A dreamy and romantic outlook. Looking at life from the viewpoint of a musician, photographer, filmmaker, poet or mystic. Using drugs or alcohol to cloud the approach to life and to numb the senses. Hypersensitive outlook. Wanting to withdraw from life and reality. Slovenly appearance. A messy, sloppy person. A slob.

Pisces 2nd house

Self-transcendence through purchases, understanding personal finance, developing financial freedom and understanding what is of value. Weak boundaries in personal finance. Confused and chaotic spending habits. Selfless with personal income. A person who gives a lot of money to charity. A person who uses personal finances to help disadvantaged people. An inability to take action in regard to personal finance. Passive about finances. Confused about money. Money goes down the drain. Money goes to victims, charitable causes, social welfare, and the disadvantaged. An inability to keep money for yourself. Giving away possessions. Losing money and possessions. Misplacing money and possessions. An unrealistic approach to personal finance. Delusional about money and belongings. Collecting fish, fishing equipment, boats, aquariums or yachts. Collecting things associated with mysticism, psychic abilities or spirituality. Valuing spirituality, mysticism and transcendental experiences. Valuing selflessness, charity and compassion. Valuing volunteering. Illusory relationships with money and possessions. An inability to understand the value of physical things. Wanting to escape from financial obligations. Muddled finances. Valuing compassionate service. Money earned is fleeting. Earning money from being a poet, psychic, photographer, filmmaker, or musician. Finding imaginative ways to earn a living. Unrealistic survival needs. Imagination and romance are survival needs. Poetry and music are survival needs. Sloppy finances. Liquefying assets.

Pisces 3rd house

reading at the beachSelf-transcendence by being involved in the local community and writing, speaking and thinking about local issues. Cloudy thinking. Head in the clouds. Inability to make distinctions. Withdrawing into books. Self-transcendence through interactions with siblings. An imaginative mind. A poetic imagination. Imaginative writing and thinking. Speaking poetically. Imaginary conversations. Confused or chaotic writing, speaking or thinking. A boundless mind. Thinking without boundaries (for better or worse). The mind of a mystic. Writing, thinking and speaking about dreams. Conversations about dreams. The mind of a psychic or medium. Writing, speaking and thinking about spirituality. Healing, compassionate and sympathetic words. An intuitive mind. Writing, thinking and speaking about martyrdom and self-sacrifice. Compassionate relationships with siblings, neighbors and everyday people. Confused and hypersensitive discussions with siblings, neighbors and everyday people. Confusing and chaotic everyday interactions. Writing, speaking and thinking like a victim. Compassionate conversations and exchanges with people who have been victimized. A person who volunteers to answer a suicide hotline. Social worker. Fantasy-fiction writer. Speaking, writing and thinking about charity. Delusional thoughts. Speaking, writing and thinking about an ideal life. Fantasies. A mind clouded by fantasy. Unrealistic thinking. Talking about the impossible. Passive in conversation. Withdrawing from everyday conversations. Victim mentality. Mental chaos. Otherworldly communication. Spiritual teachers. Having something to say about spiritual matters. The mind of a poet. The mind of a musician. Sloppy writing. Incomprehensible.

Pisces 4th house

a dream of swimming home Self-transcendence through relationships with family, heritage, roots, traditions and country. Sensitive and compassionate at the core. A weak and ineffectual family. A chaotic and confused family. Weak boundaries at home. Wanting to live in a spiritual area or spiritual country. Living in a spiritual compound. Buying a house on the water, or with a view of the water. Living in a houseboat. Living in a yacht. Living in a house with no straight lines. Living in a house with curved walls. A family of compassionate people. A family of volunteers. A family with a victim mentality. An escapist at the core. A poet at the core. A spiritual personal at the core. Believing that spirituality should be pursued in private. Privately mystical. Privately spiritual. Imaginative at the core. Unrealistic at the core. Privately feeling victimized. Privately indulging in self-pity. Building a house with a lot of glass. A fundamentally confused person. Wanting an ideal home life. A kind and gentle family. A psychic family. A spiritual family. Feeling comfortable with chaos and confusion. Feeling comfortable with illusions, imagination and sensitivity. Home is a place to escape from the world. Living on a submarine. A family of poets. A family of musicians. A family of filmmakers. A recluse. Living in the imagination. A confusing and chaotic relationship with your country. Idealistic at the core. Living in a messy house. Dancing at home, in private. A family of dancers. A dancer at the core.

Pisces 5th house

coloring cloudsSelf-transcendence through sports, creativity, self-expression, risk-taking or relationships with children. Pity parties. Romantic imagination. Attracted to imaginative, spiritual, kind people. Attracted to selfless, self-sacrificing martyrs. Attracted to mystics and psychics. Attracted to musicians, poets, filmmakers and other highly imaginative people. Attracted to passive, evasive people. Attracted to people who act like victims. Attracted to melancholy, withdrawn people. Melancholy, withdrawn children. Not interested in sports. Interested in imagination and creativity rather than sports. Being a psychic or medium for fun or as a hobby. Photography hobby. Writing poetry for fun. Writing poetry for love interests. Film interest. A film buff. Scuba divers. Fishing is a hobby. Risky water sports. Having no boundaries in risk-taking. Swimming for fun or as a sport. Compassionate and kind interactions with children. Withdrawn children. A person who volunteers at a children’s hospital. Spiritual children. Indigo children. A person talented at creative visualization. Making sacrifices for your children. Making sacrifices for creative goals. Sacrificing your creative goals for the sake of your children. Looking for sympathy from children. Looking for sympathy for your creative goals. Looking for sympathy from romantic partners. Affairs with pathetic people who act like victims. Affairs with sensitive and imaginative people. Dancing is the sport of choice. Affairs with deceptive, elusive, liars. Children who lie. Artistically impressionable. A person who is gullible in love affairs. Self-expression through film, music or poetry. Messy children. Sloppy love affairs. Self-expression through dance.

Pisces 6th house

Self-transcendence through diet, health, daily work, or relationships with animals. Needing to have a job that engages the imagination every day. Passive in taking care of your health. A daily job that requires compassion and selflessness. Working for a charity. Social worker. Looking for a magic pill. Animal welfare worker. ASPCA workers and volunteers. Treating volunteer work like a job. Putting imagination to work. A working musician, poet, psychic or medium. Wanting a spiritually-oriented workplace. Wanting compassionate and imaginative co-workers and employees. Seeking sympathy from co-workers and employees. Wanting a working environment that is imaginative. Unselfish with employees and co-workers. A bit sloppy with everyday tasks. Someone who lets the dishes pile up for days. Feeling sorry for yourself on a daily basis. Feeling victimized at work. Someone who works on behalf of people who have been victimized by employers or co-workers. Escaping through an adherence to routine. Having a spiritual routine. Being romantic and poetic is part of the daily routine. Being confused and sensitive is part of the daily routine. Seeking pity is part of the daily routine. Wanting to escape through health and diet. Spiritual diets. Fasting for spiritual access. Sedatives as food. Foods, pills and vitamins that have a sedative effect. A job that involves working underwater daily. Working at an aquarium. Fishermen. Compassionate and kind interactions with animals. Inability to refuse a stray. Confused and chaotic interactions with animals. Unrealistic interactions with animals (Grizzly man?) An unrealistic understanding of the nature of animals. An unrealistic understanding of the way the body functions and its needs. Using visualization techniques to heal the body. Working at an animal hospital. Volunteering at the animal shelter. Volunteering daily. Volunteering at a soup kitchen. Providing food for those in need. Meals on Wheels. Communing with animal spirits. Foot issues. Looking for sympathy because of health problems. Dancing is part of the everyday routine.

Pisces 7th house

Self-transcendence through marriage and one-to-one relationships. Self-transcendence through partnership and cooperation. An imaginative, selfless, compassionate partner. A self-pitying, martyring, weak partner. A boundless and ethereal partner. Marrying a poet or musician. A spiritual partner. Marrying a mystic. Marrying a psychic. Marrying someone who works in film. Marrying a photographer. Marrying a person that you feel sorry for. Marrying an addict. A desire to completely merge with the partner. An inability to set boundaries with your partner. Marrying someone who was (or is) a priest, nun, or monk. Having compassion for enemies. Sympathizing with the enemy. Confrontations with weak and ineffectual people. Confrontations with selfless, spiritual, psychic people. Confrontations with chaotic, confused, self-deluded people. The partner is delusional. The partner embraces spiritual surrender. The partner has addiction issues. Marrying a kind, gentle and compassionate person. An impractical and gullible partner. A partner who is deceptive, and lies. Marrying an escape artist. Marrying a dancer. The partner is poetic. Boundless ideals of partnership. Unrealistic ideas about partnership. Visualizing the partner. A partner with a fluid sexuality. A partner with no sexual preference. A pansexual partner. Looking for sympathy from the partner.

Pisces 8th house

Self-transcendence through deep interactions with others. Self-transcendence through dealing with debt. Extreme confusion about debt, wills, and inheritances. The ability to get lost in another person during sex. No sexual boundaries. Self-transcendence through relationships with the dying. Self-transcendence through sex. Selflessness is sexy. Compassion is sexy. The desire to completely merge during sex. A sexual victim. Leaving a psychic legacy. Leaving a legacy of having been a confused, chaotic and moody person. Leaving a legacy of having been a victim. Leaving a legacy of having been a drug addict. Hazy sexual orientation. Indefinable sexual interests. Sexually passive. Dream researchers. Research into transcendental meditation. Researching mysticism and spirituality. Compassionate, selfless involvement with the dying. Dissolving barriers to the life/death experience. Dissolving barriers surrounding sex and sexuality. Dissolving barriers between people in deep interactions. Compassionate and imaginative counselors. Dream counselors. Making films about sex. Porn filmmakers. Tantra. Sex activities focused on transcending the physical body. Spiritual sex. Sex to reach spiritual and mystical states. Sexual delusions. Confusion about sexual identity or orientation. Unclear gender. Giving away other people’s money to charitable organizations. Volunteering at a rape crisis center. Merging with other people’s painful emotional experiences. Volunteering at a hospice care center. The psychology of the imagination. The psychology of mystics and mediums. The psychology of spiritual people. Pan sexuality. Strong ability for sexual visualization. Boundless sex. Indiscriminate sexual activity. Imagination is sexy. Poets are sexy. Photographers are sexy. Filmmakers are sexy. Sensitive, imaginative, empathetic people are sexy. Victims are sexy. Disadvantaged, poor, downtrodden people are sexy. Feeling sorry for the sex partner. Looking for sympathy from the sex partner. Dancing is sexy. The Lambada.

Pisces 9th house

Self-transcendence through higher education, metaphysical ideas, philosophy, and expanding cultural and religious horizons. Philosophies that support compassion and self-sacrifice. A philosophy of life that supports victims. Philosophies that support martyrdom. A victim of religious or philosophical beliefs. A philosophy of selflessness and compassion. Spiritual or religious publications. A vague and confused understanding of world culture and religion. Music publications. Film publications. Music philosophy. Film philosophy. Mystical branches of religions. Spiritual gurus. Psychic gurus. Philosophies that encourage a victim mentality. Philosophies that encourage transcending all boundaries. Philosophies and religions that encourage drug use and psychedelics. Philosophies and religions that encourage interactions with angels and otherworldly beings. Philosophies that support going beyond all known limits. Religions without rules or regulations. A philosophy of kindness. The philosophy of dance. Music, photography, or film school. Having no idea which major to pick. Believing that everything is connected. Animism. Having no specific spiritual or religious beliefs. Fluid spirituality. Fluid belief system. Religion with no boundaries. Unreal and impractical ideas about religion and culture. Delusional beliefs about religion and culture. Deceptive religious or spiritual gurus. Believing that religion is imaginary and delusional. Believing that religion is for impressionable and gullible people. Believing in the power of music. Believing in the power of film. Believing in the power of the imagination. Believing in psychics and mediums. Looking for sympathy from religious figures.

Pisces 10th house

Widely known as a mystic. Widely known as someone who transcends boundaries and definitions. Self-transcendence through the public image. Volunteering is a full-time career. Widely known as a compassionate, selfless and idealistic person. Widely known for being imaginative and otherworldly. Professional film stars, photographers, filmmakers, poets, musicians, and mystics. Widely known for being a confused and chaotic person. Widely known for being a spiritual person. Widely known for being a victim. The career involves illusions, imagination and making an impression. A sympathetic public image. Gaining a reputation for being an alcoholic or drug addict. Recognized for your imagination. The father is a deluded, deceptive, liar. The father is an imaginative, compassionate and kind person. The father is gullible and easily taken advantage of. Gaining a reputation as someone who is easy to take advantage of. Gaining a reputation as a delusional person. Gaining a reputation for being psychic. A public image built on deception and illusion. Widely known for being a liar. Widely known for being evasive. Widely known for being idealistic. Gaining a reputation for being unrealistic. Having delusions about your public standing and reputation. Having a career that enables you to pursue visionary, otherworldly, and spiritual ideals. Gaining a reputation for your involvement with fish, sharks, whales, and bodies of water. Oceanographers.

Pisces 11th house

Self-transcendence through involvement in groups, clubs, organizations, causes, friends and fans. Merging with the group. Losing your identity in the group. A martyr for the cause. Spiritual or mystical groups. Meditation groups. Selflessly working on behalf of a group or cause. Victims’ groups. Victims’ support groups. Alcoholics Anonymous. Narcotics Anonymous. Being involved with spiritual movements. Dance troupes. Musicians’ organizations and groups. Film organizations and groups. Photography organizations and groups. Friends with photographers, musicians and imaginative people. Fishing club. Swim team. Polar Bear Club. Friends who are spiritual, compassionate and kind. Unhealthy merging with friends. Poor emotional boundaries with friends. Delusional and chaotic friends and fans. Associating with delusional or drug-addicted people. Groups that transcend physical boundaries. Groups for clairvoyants. Sharing photographs and films among large groups of unrelated people. Netflix, Flickr, Photobucket, etc… Film buff clubs. Long term goals that involve becoming a musician, poet, filmmaker, or spiritual person.

Pisces 12th house

Self-transcendence through meditation, dreaming, charity, and involvement in institutions. Boundless dreams. Inwardly boundless. Deep inner chaos and confusion. Chaotic, confused, disturbed dreams. Dreams of angels and otherworldly beings. Dreams that transcend all known reality. Dreaming of being a poet. Dreaming of being a musician. Dreams that involve music. Dreaming up poems. Dreaming of transcending all known boundaries. Highly imaginative inner life. Highly imaginative dream world. Flotation tanks. Fears of water and fish. Fears of having no boundaries or markers in reality. Fears of getting lost in life. Confusion, evasiveness and sensitivity are the self-undoing. Sloppiness and passivity are the self-undoing. Surrendering to the spiritual life. Total surrender during meditation. Out of body experiences. Mystical experiences through dreams and meditation. Strong imagination. Great powers of visualization. An inner tsunami. Washing away pain and grief with alcohol and drugs. Dwelling on past hurts. Dwelling on past sorrow. Dancing in secret. Creating music in secret. Keeping dreams secret. Losing yourself to spirituality. Getting lost in drugs. Getting lost in dance.

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About AstroFix

I’m Michelle and I have an Aries Sun, Leo Moon & Virgo rising.

  • I’m Pisces rising and have trouble with saying “no.” In my earlier years, I got involved with the remnants of the hippie scene here in San Francisco. I consider myself sensitive but sometimes blur what others are feeling with what I’m actually feeling. I’ve done a fair amount of therapy around this, and use flower essences and evolutionary astrology (because I am an evolutionary astrologer) in addition. My Pisces rising has taught me to trust my intuition first and foremost…and to take care of my own needs first before sacrificing to others.

    • It’s great that you’ve been able to work with the Pisces energy and come to an understanding of it. I use flower essences almost daily- they’re wonderful.

      Thank you for reading my blog Joyce 😀

  • Watergirl

    Very good Michelle. Pisces in the first here. I can be a bit of a bum at home, but def dress nice or at very least descent when i go out into the public. Don’t use drugs or alcohol, but am addicted to the computer, lol. I am aware of tendencies, so i try to guard against negative behavior, but a lot of the rest of what you listed is/can be true.

    • I definitely don’t think that all Pisces risings are sloppy drug addicts, but those traits are possibilities. I think that most Pisces risings approach the world in a sensitive and compassionate way. Thank you for the retweets Watergirl 😀

  • Anonymous

    Pisces 2nd here and I choked on my drink in agreement with my husbands 6th House – you know, the messy house routine and the daily self pity lol at least we joke about the last one and thank goodness I have some sensibility aspects re: cashflow or we would both be DOOMED! But, money has never been a motivator with my 2nd house, just so long as we survive, I’m happy 🙂

    • lol 😀 I would not expect money to be a motivating factor with Pisces on the 2nd unless there were placements that suggested otherwise.

      I think the 6th house is a good indicator of daily habits. The “daily habit” aspect of the 6th house tends to get glossed over most of the time as if it doesn’t matter- but it does. What we do every day has more affect on our lives than the things we do every so often.

      Speaking of which, I wanted to put daily exercise habits into the 6th but, “exercise” tends to be put into the 5th. It seems to me that exercise as a habit should be a 6th house activity, while exercise as a sport is a 5th house activity.

      • Anonymous

        Well I always assess the 6th as an attitude to health and fitness, as you state here, it is a clear indicator of one’s daily habits!

        I do love the 6th House Pisces, it is a really sweet placement and some of the ‘psychic input, is mind blowing, but not so nice if wronged :O It really takes that ‘dead to me’ attitude of the Piscean to the inth degree.

        • I guess I haven’t read “fitness” mentioned much in terms of the 6th- usually a description will read that the 6th represents “health and diet” but not so much “physical fitness.”

          • Anonymous

            True but we really do have to adjust to modern day living, not many of us have the luxury of assessing our 6th house to see how the servants will behave and we have the obesity/fitness concern in the now…etc etc it works just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible for Pisces to rule 3 of my houses? I have Neptune in the 1st house, loosely conjunct the Asc, Pisces is split between my 2nd & 3rd house, with Pisces Moon in the 3rd House. I tend to not look at my bank account until I “feel” myself getting close to the end of my line, lol..I’m usually right too! As soon as I learned how to read books have been my little slice of heaven, and I won’t leave a library for ages…checking out books even if I know I can’t read them all is nothing short of orgasmic. I love fiction, mostly historical, fantasy, definitely astrology, mysticism, spirituality, tarot, meditation, past lives, healing etc etc. I love the sea, the ocean, bodies of water calm me down instantaneously. I love photography and wouldn’t mind continuing taking classes in it. I wish I was a musician, I guess it’s never too late to learn. But definitely want to get my hands more dirty in the arts, namely pottery, photography, & stained glass making. I’m training to become more intuitive, don’t know if I want to make money from that…that’s more like a personal tool to use for those who may need it from me.

    “The ability to see the interconnectedness of everything” That’s definitely me. Head in the clouds…sure. Great visualization…usually choreographing a dance to the song that’s currently playing on my ipod. Lol.

    • It is possible to have 3 cusps covered by one sign. And, if Neptune conjuncts your Ascendant, then you probably can relate to the 1st house description. I have Neptune in the 4th and find many of the Pisces/4th house characteristics to be relevant.
      Thank you for reminding me about dance. I don’t know why but I always forget about Pisces and dance, and it’s such an obvious connection.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not very fond of having Pisces on the 10th (with Aries intercepted inside the 10th, Pluto Conjunct the IC at 1Libra, Uranus coming to Conjunct my MC Pisces at 26, progressed Mars on my IC, natal Venus sextile MC, midpoint of my MC and Asc conjunct my natal Sun, rulers of the MC, Neptune in the 5th and Jupiter in the 8th.) I’ve picked up a certain set of skills to adjust to it, but it’s not the “direct” lifestyle American culture appreciates. It’s very drifty. With progressed Mars and natal Uranus coming to my MC this year, I think I may go to religious school and learn Raja Yoga at Ananda University, next year, though. If I can get my finances in order. *shakes fist at Neptune*

    • That sounds really difficult. I would guess that Uranus conjunct your MC will result in a sudden, and possibly unexpected, shift in your career ambitions or in your public image or reputation. Pluto on the IC is one of those placements that makes me feel a great deal of sympathy for the native. I can only imagine what it’s like to have Pluto on the IC natally- I’ve had Pluto transiting my 4th house for something like 10 years now and I can’t wait till it’s over. Pisces on the 10th is a tenuous position. The 10th is an ambitious house but Pisces is not an ambitious sign- it takes some strong placements elsewhere to make it work.

      • Anonymous

        I definitely wasn’t born with the “ambition gene.” I think Pluto on the IC tags well with being born without a father, and also with nearly dying at birth (both myself and my mother.) I think you’re right about Uranus, or at least I hope you are! 🙂