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North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces, by House

This article covers the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces through every house in the birth chart. This brainstorm-style interpretation of the Moon’s nodes will spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings in astrology.

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Moving away from confusing and chaotic relationships. Moving away from overly merging with other people. No longer feeling sorry for your partner. Charting a specific course for your life. Spending more time getting it right. Learning to continually adjust to new circumstances. Noticing the details of your appearance. Paying attention to your outer physical health. Getting fit and healthy. Understanding how your health affects your outlook. Imbuing a critical outlook with some compassion for other people. Learning to get specific about your individual path. Cutting out those things that do not serve your purpose. Learning to be helpful without losing personal boundaries. Getting practical about your path in life. Understanding how finding your right work will put you on the right path. Gaining healthy skepticism. Learning discernment. Developing a neater appearance. Beginning to notice how things can be improved in practical ways. Getting better at everything you do, with practice. No longer losing yourself in your partner. No longer using your partner’s behavior as an excuse. No longer idealizing your partner at your own expense. No longer forgetting who you are when you are in love. Keeping your appearance neat and maintained. Not letting your partner’s sloppiness influence your behavior. Finding your trade and letting it direct your life. Learning to measure your progress in practical, realistic ways.

This article covers the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces through every house in the birth chart. This brainstorm-style interpretation of the Moon’s nodes will spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings in astrology . . .

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Developing a system to deal with everyday things like going to the grocery store, post office and bank. Mentally or physically making a list of the things you have to do in a day to keep yourself on target. Taking the time to notice the details of your everyday world. Resisting the urge to avoid everyday obligations in search of higher spiritual truths. Developing the mind of an editor. Weeding out the things that do not have practical application to your everyday life. No longer letting your mind wander thinking about philosophy, religion or abstractions. No longer traveling to avoid reality. Becoming of service to the people in your immediate environment. Moving away from “winging it.” Learning to organize your thoughts. Learning to organize your day. Learning to communicate clearly and precisely. Letting people know exactly what you think. Becoming a technical writer. Keeping track of your daily thoughts. Practicing mindfulness. Keeping your ability to step back and take a compassionate look at the big picture, even as you give the details the attention they need. Learning to think realistically. Being in the here and now. Reading up on the facts. Going to trade school. Learning a trade. Teaching in a vocational school. Teaching people technical skills in a down to earth way. Perfecting your communication skills. No more drug-influenced philosophies. Moving away from lifestyle choices based on vague ideas about compassion and kindness. Running away is not a lifestyle option.

No longer being caught up in your own glamour. Becoming less concerned with whether people think you’re spiritual, psychic or compassionate. Becoming more concerned with the details of your family life. Being of service to your parents. Being of service to your cultural heritage. Building up a foundation of efficiency and conscientiousness. Becoming deeply concerned with your health. Becoming deeply concerned with serving the people you consider to be part of your “clan.” Moving away from a reputation of being unreliable, evasive or chaotic. No longer being so concerned that the people “out there” don’t get you. Moving away from vague professional relationships. Moving away from storytelling as a profession. Becoming more concerned with understanding the facts about where you live. Getting in touch with your technical side. Understanding the facts about where you come from. Getting to know the details of your parents’ lives rather than idealizing them. Finding out exactly what you need to consider a place “home.” Building a home to your exact specifications. Keeping career chaos out of your private home life. Learning the details about taking care of a house. Learning the skills necessary to do home repair work. Getting familiar with the particulars of where you’re coming from. Perfecting your home. No longer needing to be an authority on spirituality, escapism, drugs or anything else that alters your perception of reality. No more unrealistic fantasies about becoming a movie star.

Making time to hone your skills for your own personal enjoyment and satisfaction. Taking on hobbies that require precision and exactitude. Moving away from overly merging with your friends. Getting to know all the little things about your girlfriend or boyfriend. Falling in love with the details. No longer getting wasted with your friends. Taking pleasure in taking care of your health. Finding pleasure in instructing and showing people how to do things. Expressing joy and pleasure through service. Showing off your skills. No longer feeling bad for your friends or letting them take advantage of you. No longer trying to reform your friends. Moving away from sacrificing your personal relaxation time for the sake of the group. Moving away from spiritual groups. Moving away from victims’ groups. Becoming clear about what your personal creative goals are. Developing a practical system to develop your creative talents. Spending the time you need to develop your creative skills- practicing your guitar, rehearsing your lines, repeating drawing exercises, doing scales, etc… Working from where you are to perfect your creative vision. Letting go of overly idealistic visions about your future. Putting in the practical hard work you need to achieve your personal creative goals. Giving your hobbies the focused attention they deserve. Giving your lover the focused attention they need and deserve. Learning to serve your lover’s needs. Learning to plan your vacations in detail instead of aimlessly wandering. Learning to appreciate the trades and craftsmanship.

No more evasive, space cadet ways – it’s time to focus. Developing a practical, employable skill set. Learning to be attentive and “with it.” Learning how to help people in a practical, observable way. No longer losing yourself in impractical, unrealistic concerns. No longer drifting off into the world of imagination. Getting up every day, getting to work on time and dealing with the daily grind. Resisting the urge to avoid your daily obligations. No longer oversleeping to avoid obligations. No longer using being a victim as an excuse. Taking realistic steps to manage your health. Beginning to learn about health systems. Beginning to learn about the systems of the body. Paying attention to the details of your body and understanding the specifics of how everything works. Applying compassion through the health field. Using your psychic abilities in your work. Understanding, that while there is a larger reality, you are now bound to the current, present, discernible reality. No longer letting sorrow and grief hold you back from getting on with the realities and obligations of life. While you have tremendous compassion, sensitivity and psychic ability, you have to focus on the here and now. Becoming an apprentice. Learning a trade. Working with trades people. Learning to serve your trade. Being in service to your specific skill set. Being in service to your health. Gaining an understanding of disease through painstaking attention to detail. Perfecting your exercise routine. Perfecting your health.

Learning to focus on your partner. Getting clear about the types of people you want to develop close relationships with. Recognizing your own inner critic and how you project it onto other people. Developing a very specific sense of artistic appreciation. Forming significant bonds with people in the trades. Recognizing the crafts person within you that you tend to project onto other people. Learning to pay attention to the details of what your partner wants and needs. No longer being evasive when your partner points out what needs fixing or extra attention. No longer feeling sorry for yourself when you are criticized. Learning to take constructive criticism from other people. Learning to take “pointers” on how you can approve. No longer sinking into self-pity, escapist behavior or fantasy. Entering realistic relationships that demand real time engagement. Perfecting your relationships. Never ceasing to find new ways to make your relationships even better. Releasing your blasé attitude as it concerns your partner and significant relationships. Asking how you can help your partner instead of always being on the receiving end of their help. Paying attention to how your significant relationships affect you instead of accepting whatever comes your way. Learning to discern what types of relationships are good for you, and avoiding those that aren’t. No more disappearing acts. Getting better at relationships with practice.

This article covers the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces through every house in the birth chart. This brainstorm-style interpretation of the Moon’s nodes will spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings in astrology . . .

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Getting beyond vague spiritual talk and learning to articulate exactly what you mean. No more fuzzy thinking. No more daydreaming in class. Learning to organize your thoughts into cohesive theories and ideas. Organizing and separating your ideas into clear concepts. Finding out what specific lifestyle choices you can make to bring clarity to your life. Beginning to discern the differences between religions and other belief systems. Finding the perfect belief system or life philosophy for you. Weeding out the beliefs you hold onto that no longer serve you. Learning to be in service to a higher power. Putting yourself in service to something greater. Serving a set of principles that go beyond the mundane. Finding a practical, doable belief system. Breaking down abstract concepts into smaller, digestible chunks. Becoming a religious instructor. Developing a philosophy of health. Making healthy living part of your life philosophy. Seeing daily work as part of your life philosophy. Finding meaning through your daily work. Finding meaning through service. No longer overly merging with your siblings. No more murky sibling relationships. No more lying or fooling yourself. No more evading life’s big questions. Understanding the specifics of your faith. Putting faith to the test. Being unafraid to criticize religion or dogma.

Becoming known for the work you do. Gaining a reputation for being efficient, organized and on top of things. Becoming known for your discerning taste. No longer hiding out at home. No longer making excuses to stay in the safety of your own home. No longer using your family as an excuse for why you can’t go out into the world and make a name for yourself. Resisting the urge to use your cultural background or heritage as an excuse for not becoming exactly who you want to be. Aspiring to do exactly what you want to do. Gaining recognition for your pointed criticisms and accurate observations. No more idealistic notions of dropping out of the “rat race.” No more retreats into the world of imagination. Making practical accomplishments in the real world. Becoming widely recognized for your craftsmanship. Becoming widely known for your methods or systems. Letting your career be a spotlight for your specific skill set. Finding your perfect place in the world. No longer smoking pot on your mom’s couch. No longer sitting at home drinking beer at 10 am. Getting up, going to work, and doing your part to serve the world at large. Finding a way to serve through your reputation or social standing. No longer dropping out of society. Becoming an efficiency expert. Becoming an authority on the details. Paying attention to outer criticism.

No more pity parties. Becoming more involved in serving the larger community. Finding ways to work with groups of people toward specific goals. Creating systems for organizations. Organizing groups of people around ideals of health, cleanliness, service and efficiency. No longer going to drug parties. No longer drifting along on an endless vacation. No more vague, self-indulgent fantasies of artistic achievement. Getting real about the practical steps you can take to make the world a better place. Devising a system that actually helps a lot of people. Finding an audience for your skill set. Joining a craft guild. Associating with people who see some of the same issues and problems that you do – and who want to correct them. Using your technical skills in association with the internet. Systems analysis. Finding your “right” group. Learning to associate with people who share your specific interests. No more delusions about your own creative abilities. Working on your craft within a group setting. Learning to accept criticism from the group. No more unhealthy merging with love interests. No more murky, confusing or chaotic romantic relationships. No more unhealthy merging with creative projects. Starting to set some specific, realistic long term goals. No more unhealthy merging with your children. No more drinking or using drugs with your children. Resisting the urge to lose yourself in romantic relationships. Developing healthier boundaries with your friends.

Resolving victim / savior issues. Learning not to sacrifice yourself for your job. Getting over poor, sloppy, disorganized habits and routines. Developing clear, detailed spiritual practices. Meditation practice. Practicing the art of Zen. No longer losing yourself in your work. Making clear delineations between work time and alone time. Using alone time to regain your health. Using alone time to read, think, mull over the details and work out your inner fears. Making time alone to work on a craft or skill. Learning to pay attention to the details of your dreams. Learning mindfulness in meditative states. Creating a sleeping routine. Not letting your waking life intrude on your sleeping life. No longer spacing out on the job. Applying your critical eye to the time you have by yourself- how do you make use of it? Finding out what you can do in your time off that will help you become more efficient and streamlined when you go to work. Making practical contributions to charitable organizations rather than overflowing with unconstructive empathy. Making sure to take care of all the little things when you have time off. Beginning to see work as a kind of meditation and meditation as spiritual practice. Learning how the waking world and dreaming world are interrelated. Dreaming a new reality. No longer overly merging with coworkers or employees. No more indistinct boundaries between you and your pets. Discovering how health and spiritual practice are interrelated. Helping those in need. Giving service to those less fortunate. Volunteering in a hospital or prison. Volunteering your time in an animal shelter. Taking a health retreat.


  • Discerning & Critical Thinker
  • Health-Conscious & Hygienic
  • Helpful & Efficient
  • Humane & Service-Oriented
  • Methodical & Detail-Oriented
  • Modest & Self-effacing
  • Practical & Appropriate
  • Specific & Delineated
  • Technical & Analytical
  • Worrying & Apprehensive
  • Analytical
  • Critical
  • Detail-oriented
  • Exacting
  • Picky
  • Technical
  • Administrator
  • Critic
  • Dietician
  • Healthcare worker
  • Fact-checker
  • House cleaner
  • Logistics expert
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Systems analyst
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  • Chaotic & Elusive
  • Ethereal & Transient
  • Expansive & Boundless
  • Imaginative
  • Kind & Sympathetic
  • Poetic, Musical, & Artistic
  • Psychic & Sensitive
  • Slippery & Escapist
  • Spiritual & Mystic
  • Gentle
  • Imaginative
  • Sensitive
  • Abstract Thinker
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Physicist
  • Poet
  • Musician
  • Mystic
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