North Node in Aries and South Node in Libra, by House

This article covers the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra through every house in the birth chart. This brainstorm-style interpretation of the Moon’s nodes will spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings in astrology.

Learning to take your own path in life. Letting go of the need to have your direction approved. Being more assertive in your approach. Learning to be comfortable doing your own thing. Charting your own course through life. Becoming decisive. Realizing that your life is not about pleasing everyone else. Getting in touch with your macho persona. Developing independence. You don’t need anybody’s OK to live your life the way you want to. You don’t need anybody’s OK to look the way you want to. Moving toward feeling content to be alone and not to be married or in a relationship. Learning not to lean so hard on your partner. Allowing yourself to be a little rough around the edges. Fighting for the right to lead your own life.

Taking the lead in meeting your own fundamental survival needs. Confronting your personal values. Letting people know what you stand for. Being assertive when it comes to earning your own money. Letting go of codependent financial relationships. Letting go of codependent emotional relationships. Being a little more selfish when it comes to your personal possessions and finances. Being brave enough to admit that you want personal material stability, and going after it. Becoming less reliant on other people’s support. Making your own money instead of waiting for someone to die to leave you theirs. Giving in to impulse spending occasionally. Buying yourself things that you want. Giving yourself the opportunity to earn money doing something dangerous. Learning what it is that you want.

Letting yourself study whatever it is that you want to study. Making up your own mind about things. Asserting your personal ideas. Writing down your thoughts. Moving away from being dependent on religion or dogma. Having the courage to follow your own ideas. Being brave enough to write. Recognizing that you have a personal viewpoint that is separate and independent. Being a leader in your local community. Becoming less reliant on the opinions of others. Speaking up more. Speaking up for yourself. Becoming less concerned with whether or not people think you are intelligent or that express yourself well. Allowing yourself to be verbally and mentally aggressive. Getting to know your own mind.

Starting a family of your own. Letting yourself have a private life in which you get to do what you want to do. Becoming less concerned with your approval rating. Being assertive about your need for family time and down time. Giving yourself the option to work from home. Being OK with not having a real career. Being OK with not being in the limelight. Becoming comfortable with anger and unpleasant feelings. Developing an independent private life that you do not have to share with anyone else. Allowing yourself to feel angry with your parents and the way they cared for you. Taking the lead in caring for your own emotional well being. Fighting for your country.

Following the impulse to shine as an individual. Differentiating yourself from the group. Recognizing your need for personal creative self-expression. Getting over the fear of offending your peers if you follow your heart. Realizing that you don’t need anyone’s approval to be a dancer, musician, athlete, actor or artist, or to have children. Asserting your need for creative expression. Becoming a solo artist. Becoming a creative leader. Getting out of codependent friend or group relationships. Romancing yourself. Taking yourself on a date. Taking the lead in romantic relationships. Being brave enough to take the first step when you want to move beyond friendship with someone. Taking risks in love. Getting sporty. Asserting your viewpoint when it comes to how your children are raised. Fighting on behalf of your children.

Becoming a freelancer. Setting your own schedule. Setting a schedule of objectives for yourself, and sticking to it. Breaking out of a deep passivity which prevents you from being fully present in every moment. Learning practical, independent skills. Asserting your need to set your own agenda. Taking the initiative to care for your health. Releasing patterns of indecision. Getting a job. Realizing that it’s the things you do every day that create your life. Being brave enough to release family secrets, and skeletons in the closet. Being brave enough to face the world. Being independent of institutions and handouts. Fighting for your health. Fighting against the system.

Being assertive in relationships. Learning to be the aggressive partner. Not letting people walk all over you. Getting what you want out of marriage. Realizing that it’s OK to fight and argue in a relationship. Making sure that relationships meet your needs. Being decisive about the kinds of partnerships you want to get involved in. Remaining an individual within a relationship. Not taking your partner’s last name in marriage, or even hyphenating your last name. Allowing yourself to have relationships that may seem rocky to other people. Having a dangerous and exciting partner. Using your natural diplomacy to solve marital problems.

Being fearless about investigating the taboo. Exploring the anger taboo, while still valuing peace. Taking the initiative in sex. Allowing yourself to be sexually impulsive. Becoming a sexual pioneer. Admitting that you have anger concerning other people’s priorities. Fighting for your right to live a life outside of other people’s comfort zones. Finding it easier to spontaneously let go of stuff. Valuing self-transformation over dependence on possessions. Bravely confronting your emotional baggage. Bravely delving into your own psychology. Coming from a place of innate grace and poise to engage other people’s dark sides. Wanting more than to sit pretty. Becoming sexually competitive.

Taking action to get beyond small thinking. Asserting your need to travel. Allowing yourself to assert your own philosophy of life. Fighting on behalf of what you think is right. Being brave enough to think big. Taking the initiative to broaden your horizons. Getting beyond the hesitation of making small decisions. Taking leaps of faith. Letting go of the need to ask a partner’s opinion before making a big decision. Getting angry about what is meaningful in your life. Not filling your days with gossip and idleness. Finding out what holds personal meaning for you. Acting on spontaneous intuition.

Admitting that you don’t want to be a stay at home mom, dad or partner. Conquering the world outside. Entering a competitive professional field. Taking your ability to relate to people in a familiar way and using it to build a professional reputation. Letting people see your angry, assertive side. Being unafraid to fight with your parents. Feeling OK with your need for authority. Asserting yourself in gaining more control over your world. Gaining a reputation as a leader. Becoming decisive in your professional life. Realizing that you can’t always please your family. Running your own business. Becoming an entrepreneur.

Taking initiative to share your creative passions with other people. Starting a movement or group based on a mutual interest. Leading your friends. Fighting on behalf of social issues. No longer being content with art for art’s sake. Using your creativity to serve a greater cause. Letting go of the need to be the center of attention. Allowing yourself to be part of a group yet retaining your individual identity. Realizing that there is more to life than love and romance. Becoming self-motivated to make a difference. Letting go of your partying ways. Leading the team. Bringing your innate refinement and creativity out into the world to serve a greater cause. Using your charm and affability to motivate people to create a movement. Becoming less dependent on your children.

Making the decision to release yourself from the daily grind. Becoming a spiritually independent person. Taking the first steps toward spiritual work. Moving away from codependent work relationships. Deciding to put your health and well-being into the hands of a higher power. Actively pursuing your psychic gifts. Becoming an active dreamer. Learning confidence on your individual spiritual path. Becoming less reliant on body therapies and more assertive in seeking spiritual therapies. Spontaneously releasing dependence on routines. Being brave enough to embrace the unknown. Moving toward feeling comfortable being by yourself. Opening up to direct psychic experiences. Being brave enough to face your fears.

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Aries Zodiac Sign Keywords

  • Daring
  • Leader
  • Direct
  • Impatient
  • Warrior
  • Crass
  • Naive
  • Independent
  • Fearless

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Libra Zodiac Sign Keywords

  • Social & Charming
  • Refined, Elegant & Graceful
  • Aesthetic & Beauty-Oriented
  • Diplomatic & Impartial
  • Intermediary
  • Cooperative
  • Relationship Leader
  • Mirror Mirror & Tit for Tat
  • Indecisive & Floundering
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