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North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn, by House

This article covers the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn through every house in the birth chart. This brainstorm-style interpretation of the Moon’s nodes will spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings in astrology.

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Becoming more empathetic in your approach to life. Engaging life with care and gentleness. Feeling your way through the world. Putting your feelings first. Trusting your sense impressions. Not letting other people push their rules on you. Putting personal care into everything you do. Treating everything in your environment as if it were your baby. Becoming aware of how sensitive you are. Showing people how sensitive you are- by the way you move, your behavior, your mannerisms and your physical appearance. Not being afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. Not letting other people convince you that you need to toughen up. Being vulnerable yet self-protective. Learning just the right amount of self-protection and vulnerability. Reserving the right to open up only when you feel safe. Creating a safe emotional environment for yourself. Learning to cry. Getting in touch with your nurturing side. Learning to place yourself in situations where you safe enough to feel emotional intimacy. Learning to feel all of your feelings. Allying yourself with a strong, responsible, protective partner who makes you feel safe enough to let your guard down. Letting your partner be the emotionally controlled person in the relationship. Learning to balance the responsibility of a relationship with the need to care for yourself. Learning to be okay with leading a relatively domestic life. Stepping in to take care of a workaholic partner. Developing a softer approach. Letting your softer qualities become apparent to other people. Putting less emphasis on your outward identity as someone’s partner. Putting more emphasis on your individual identity as someone who cares. Learning to let people know what you need. Becoming less concerned with being an authority on relationships. No longer keeping a stiff upper lip when your heart is breaking.

This article covers the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn through every house in the birth chart. This brainstorm-style interpretation of the Moon’s nodes will spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings in astrology . . .

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Communicating with sensitivity. Becoming more receptive in conversation. Becoming more receptive to the ideas and feedback of the people in your immediate environment. Developing empathy in your communications. Putting less emphasis on your outward identity as a scholar, guru or upholder of the truth. Learning to communicate your needs. Learning to communicate your feelings. Becoming gentler in the way you converse with others. Feeling out the subtleties of conversation. Becoming less concerned with being an authority on the big picture. Becoming less rigid regarding religion and beliefs. Spending more time with your private thoughts. Becoming more sensitive to your immediate perceptions. Teaching others with care and kindness. Speaking to people from a gentle place. Developing a softer, more pliant mind. Becoming less concerned with the recognizable structures of accepted thought, concepts and ideas. Letting go of an adherence to disciplined learning. Letting go of an adherence to strict doctrine. Easing up on harsh beliefs and philosophies. Talking about your feelings, your fears, your insecurities and your needs while maintaining a sense of personal security. Opening up to the right people. Becoming less concerned with rigid meanings and more concerned with truly felt, immediate experiences. Learning through your emotions. Easing up on academic discipline. No longer viewing education as a means to an end. No longer “going to school to get a job.” Nurturing people by feeding their minds.

No longer living for your career. Becoming less driven. Becoming less concerned with your outer public identity. Letting your guard down at home. Less caught up in your reputation. Spending more time with your family. Nourishing the private you. Getting in touch with your private emotions. Less concern with worldly power. No longer needing to be seen as being in control. Admitting that you have feelings and emotional needs. Resolving your emotions concerning family members. Getting to know your family at an intimate level. Developing fondness for your roots and heritage. Creating a nest. Showing your family that you care. Tracing your ancestry. Sharing your memories – the joyful and the painful. Realizing that outer achievement probably won’t bring emotional fulfillment. Letting the workaholic rest. Letting go of ruthlessness and developing receptivity. Letting the CEO have a private life. Letting the world take care of itself. Spending more time taking care of the people close to you. Letting your knowledge of the cold, hard outer world make the sanctity of your inner circle that much sweeter. Letting go of the need for an established career and the recognition and status that go along with it. Accepting your inner shyness. Getting to know your maternal lineage. Getting to know your inner patriot.

Learning to be gentle with your inner child. Becoming receptive to the arts. Nurturing the artist within. Enjoying sentimental family get-togethers. Developing more care and gentleness in your sense of play. Allowing yourself to nurture and care for the children in your life. Developing a refined emotional sensitivity to individual creativity. Becoming emotionally attached to the individual musicians and artists that move you. Becoming less concerned with the rules of groups and organizations. Becoming less concerned with the rules, regulations and requirements needed to have certain people as friends or to belong to certain organizations or groups. Becoming less concerned with being an authority among your peers or social circle. Using your reputation within your social circle to help your private creative projects. Moving away from rigid societal expectations. Not letting the group determine what the rules of the game are. Not letting people you barely know influence how your express your feelings. Giving in to theatrical displays of emotion. Letting yourself need self-expression. Letting yourself need to take a vacation. Becoming more sensitive to your personal self-expression. No longer becoming hard and unfeeling in group situations. Creating emotionally evocative art, music, dance or theater. Pouring feelings into creative projects. Admitting that you need to have fun. Not getting caught up in strict, overly dutiful, achievement-oriented groups, organizations, causes or long term plans. Easing up your sense of obligation to causes and groups.

Easing up your everyday routine. Letting emotional expression become part of your everyday routine. Letting go of the subconscious urge to take over. Letting go of your internal controller. Releasing the ingrained voice of your father. Letting coworkers and employees catch glimpses of your real emotions from time to time. Working in a caring, nurturing environment. Releasing rigid internal structures. No longer sabotaging yourself through lack of emotional expression. Bringing more empathy and sensitivity to your work environment. Making it your job to be sensitive to your work environment. Protecting workers’ rights. Implementing sustainability practices at work. Becoming sensitive to the feelings of the people you employ or work with. Developing a gentler daily routine. Learning to synchronize your diet with your feelings. Using your emotions as a barometer for your health. Trusting your gut on a daily basis. Acknowledging your need for empathy and emotional support in the work place. Admitting that self-reliance is not always the answer. Becoming less rigid in your spiritual beliefs. Developing a close-knit “family” at work. Not being so hard on yourself inside. Releasing your fears of becoming an authority. Releasing your fear of responsibility. Letting close bonds with animals soothe you emotionally. Creating a sanctuary or safe haven for small animals. Resisting the urge to escape through work. Resisting the urge to escape by reciting the rules. No longer using the rules as an excuse. Easing up on your spiritual disciplines.

Becoming emotionally supportive of your partner. Developing a gentler, kinder approach to partnerships. Releasing an overly dutiful approach to life. Becoming less of a father figure in your relationships. Becoming an emotional equal to your partner. Releasing the need to take control of situations and relationships. Creating a structured environment where you and your partner feel comfortable sharing your feelings. Releasing the need to structure your significant relationships. Releasing the need to impose your rules on your partner. Taking the time to find out how the significant people in your life really feel. Taking time out from your responsibilities to hug, cuddle and caress your partner. Making time for emotional intimacy in relationships. Letting your partner know you care. Showing your partner how you feel. Understanding that your upstanding reputation has little to do with your personal relationships. Learning to let down your guard with your partner. Finding a partner who is sensitive to the subtle changes in your feelings – even when you aren’t. Finding a sensitive, nurturing partner. Learning to respect your partner’s feelings instead of demanding they toughen up. Accepting that your partner has emotional needs. Learning to meet your partner’s emotional needs. Becoming less authoritarian in relationships.

This article covers the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn through every house in the birth chart. This brainstorm-style interpretation of the Moon’s nodes will spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings in astrology . . .

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Becoming more sensitive to other worldviews. Respecting other people’s sentimental attachments to their beliefs. Developing a kinder, gentler lifestyle. Softening up rigid thought processes. Expanding your mind by embracing a philosophy of caring and empathy. Treating people of foreign cultures and with different beliefs as if they were family. Finding a “family” among people who have different beliefs and customs than you do. Finding a family-like bond among people who share your philosophy of life and lifestyle. Letting go of a repressive mindset. No longer needing to speak like an authority. No longer trying to control the conversation. No longer studying “useful” things. Opening your mind to emotional knowledge and understanding. Becoming more sensitive to world events and the bigger picture. Becoming emotionally involved in the affairs of other countries or cultures. Embracing a belief system that feels right. Becoming more comfortable feeling out the truth. Embracing a lifestyle, religion or belief system that honors the feminine and maternal. Finding meaning in motherhood. Finding meaning in personal emotional expression. Broadening your mind by nurturing another creature. Nurturing others through higher education. Letting go of the unimaginative small mind. Letting go of cold, calculating thoughts. No longer planning your next move in the conversation. Learning to be receptive to foreign viewpoints.

Maintaining inner integrity while letting your vulnerability peek through. Releasing the need to be so hard on your family. Releasing your unconscious need for control. Letting your family live their own lives. No longer duty-bound to your family, ancestry, personal history or roots. Moving into a more sensitive outward public expression. Becoming known as someone who is caring, empathetic and kind. Becoming known for your mothering skills. Showing other people how it’s done – how you can express caring and sensitivity in public but still have integrity and earn respect. Choosing a career that lets you experience your emotional identity. Releasing the innate conservatism that prevents you from intimately interacting with the rest of the world. Legitimizing your emotions. Coming to a point in your life where displaying your emotions in public is acceptable and respectable. Resisting the urge to retreat into a world of pragmatism and materialism. Letting empathy and kindness be your ambitions. Making the climb to put your most vulnerable self up for public scrutiny. Learning how to protect your emotional life while simultaneously exposing it and making it public. Becoming the person that people go to assurance and big hugs. Developing family-like relationships with business associates. Choosing a career that combines sustainability with achievement. Choosing a career that respects the past. Choosing a career that allows your protective instincts to shine through. Becoming a leader in preservation and protection. Choosing a career in which being a sensitive and caring person is respected rather than frowned upon. Releasing the need to be an authority on your personal roots. Finding a sense of family among people who have similar parental conflicts and issues.

Releasing the need to turn your hobbies into a business. Showing acquaintances and relative strangers that you care. Learning to bring empathy and sensitivity to group situations. Retaining your personal artistic integrity while developing intimate relationships within groups and organizations. Releasing the need for structured self-expression. Opening up more in group situations. Learning to share your creativity in a gentle and nurturing way. Learning to nurture the groups you belong to as they develop and grow. Learning to be more sensitive to other people’s children. Easing up on your rules and regulations concerning your own children, or your inner child. Learning how to share your creativity with others in a way that feels nonthreatening and inclusive. Choosing which groups and organizations you belong to based on whether or not they “feel” right. Forming a “clan” or “tribe” with the people who share your interests. Experiencing intimacy, fondness and close ties by sharing your interests within a group. Creating a club where members feel like family. Finding your “family” among people who share your interests and hobbies. Showing more vulnerability in group interactions. Easing up a bit on your personal creative discipline. Learning not to be so strict with your inner child. Playing more. Learning that creativity and play do not have to have a useful end result. Using your understanding of restrained self-expression to suss out the right time to make yourself vulnerable to the group. Learning to mother the group.

Developing a softer approach to spirituality. Allowing yourself to delve into your emotional fears. Learning more about your inner shyness. Beginning to recognize your vulnerability. Beginning to recognize your fear of emotion. Letting go of workaholic tendencies. Releasing the need to be seen as an authority on the job. Easing up on overly structured routines. Letting yourself explore your intuitive psychic side. Recognizing that there is more to life than a job well done. Gauging your spiritual progress by your blossoming emotional expression. Quietly sitting with your feelings. No longer fearing emotional overwhelm. No longer fearing getting lost in tears. Feeling the full range of expression of sorrow and grief. Realizing that you have feelings. Developing more empathy for the sick. Developing more empathy for lost souls. Making more room for intimacy in your life. No longer being on such a strict diet and exercise program. Learning to meditate on your emotions. Entering the unknown territory of your emotional landscape. Facing your insecurities and fears. Facing your fear of motherhood. Facing your fear of being vulnerable. Facing your fear of emotional pain. Facing any sorrow or grief associated with your mother, maternal figures or other women in your life.


  • Family or Clan-Oriented
  • Maternal, security-seeking, moody, comfortable, patriotic, homey, considerate, accommodating, catering; sensitive, tender-hearted, defensive, conserving, safety-conscious
  • Precautious & Preventative
  • Private & Homebody
  • Protective & Defensive
  • Sensitive & Moody
  • Sentimental & Caring
  • Tenacious & Retentive
  • Tender & Gentle
  • Traditional & Patriotic
  • Caring
  • Defending
  • Emotional
  • Moody
  • Personal
  • Protective
  • Sensitive
  • Sentimental
  • Tenacious
  • Vulnerable
  • Archivist
  • Caterer
  • Conservationist
  • Cook / Chef
  • Guard
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  • Old-Fashioned & Concerned with Lineage
  • Professional & Social Climbing
  • Mature & Sophisticated
  • Responsible & Prepared
  • Ambitious & Goal-Setting
  • Rigid & Ruthless
  • Disciplined & Accountable
  • Experienced & Accomplished
  • Calculating & Deliberate
  • Upwardly-mobile
  • Conservative
  • Prepared
  • Mature
  • Wizened
  • CEO
  • Mountain Climber
  • Architect
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