Scorpio Through the Houses in Astrology

This article explores the meaning of the zodiac sign Scorpio through each house in the astrological chart. Read it for natal, transits, progressions, solar arc, etc.
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Scorpio in the 1st House

A steady unbreakable gaze. The winner of a staring contest. Boring holes through the back of people’s heads with your eyes. Liking to give off an impression of being intense. A passionate approach to life. A person who likes to cause extreme reactions in others through their personal appearance: sometimes making extreme faces, other times showing no expression at all. Hiding all clues to the inner self through the outer mask. A person who actually, physically, hides. A person who does not like having photos taken. A person who seeks an outer, physical transformation. A person who is obsessed with her own appearance. A person whose presence exudes sexuality. Intense presence. Sexual presence. A person who approaches life in a paranoid and suspicious way. A person who has an intensely healing presence. Making people feel uncomfortable. A person who doesn’t know how to relax. A person who likes to cause extreme reactions in others through his appearance. Physical extremist. Wanting to be seen as intense, passionate and sexual. Liking to be in control of surroundings. Wanting to be in control of the way you are perceived. An approach to life that is all or nothing. Resentment and bitterness toward life. Wanting to look like a spy, detective, investigator or sex siren. Liking to look dead. Goths. Heavy metal enthusiasts.

Twitter logo Scorpio is the first sign to be aware of the heights and depths of the universe. Feeling the relative nature of all things, it will freely declare there is no difference between good and evil, and be misunderstood as a result. — Robert Hand, Horoscope Symbols [Tweet this!]
Scorpio in the 2nd House

Intense feelings about money. A love / hate relationship with money. An intense interest in personal finance and personal financial security. Intensely possessive of personal finances. Jealous when other people have more financial freedom. Valuing intensity, passion, eroticism and sexuality. Valuing suspicion and being secretive. Secretive about personal finances. Hiding money. Money under the mattress. A complete overhaul of your belongings from time to time. Finding value in extremes. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Liking to own things that cause extreme reactions in others. Collecting items associated with death: funerary masks, mortician’s tools, bones, teeth, etc… Collecting items associated with the occult. Collecting erotica. Collecting sex toys. Earning a living through sexual activities. Earning a living through activities associated with death or the occult. Earning a living through the healing arts. Collecting deadly instruments in general. Collecting lingerie. Feeling resentful and bitter about money or having to earn a living. Causing extreme financial situations in your life. Being transformed by an abundance or lack of money. All or nothing financial decisions. Financial security is a life or death matter. Secret collections. Hiding collections. Sex is a survival need. Passion and intensity are survival needs. Complex survival needs.

Scorpio in the 3rd House

Reticence. Concealing or hiding your thoughts. The mind of a spy. The mind of a detective. The mind of an investigator. The mind of a researcher. An intense and penetrating mind. A mind that transforms daily. Erotic writing. Detective novels. Mystery fiction. Ferreting out the secrets of local places. Ferreting out the secrets of siblings, neighbors and everyday contacts. A persuasive salesperson. Passionate communication. Sarcasm. Cutting remarks. Talking, thinking, and writing about sex. Talking, thinking, and writing about transformations. Talking, thinking, and writing about revenge, obsession, and passion. Talking, thinking and writing about the occult. Feeling jealous about the way another communicates. Feeling jealous about someone’s book. Speaking and writing with intensity. Intense and complicated relationships with siblings. Love / hate relationships with siblings. Emotionally complicated elementary school experiences. Healing relationships with siblings. A sibling near death. Sexual experiences at a young age. Intense interactions with everyday people. Love/ hate relationships with neighbors. Black or red vehicles. Vehicles with secret compartments. Liking to have sex in cars. Deep conversations. Penetrating, deep, and intense everyday conversations. Engaging everyday people on a deep level. Needing intensity and passion in routine interactions with other people. Liking to provoke extreme reactions in everyday conversations and situations. Wanting to have sex in everyday places. Communicating like your life depended on it. A sexually infused everyday life. Obsessive thoughts and thinking. Mental brooding. Speaking with passion. Singing with passion. A sexual voice. Talking dirty. Saying things to cause emotional reactions in others. Password-protected blogs and twitter accounts- “by invite only.” Would like to drive the Batmobile. Obsessive readers. Secret journals. Secret diaries.

Scorpio in the 4th House

Needing intensity and emotional complexity at home. Power struggles with a parent. Jealous of a parent. Intense feelings about one parent. Needing to be in control at home. Wanting to be in a position of power at home. An inability to relax. Stirring up trouble at home. A person who likes to cause extreme reactions in the family. Seeking extremes in what should be a relaxed atmosphere. Extreme need for privacy. Suspicious of strangers. Dislike of unknown people entering the house. No trespassing. Keep out. Obsessive at the core. Privately controlling. Privately jealous. Pulling the shades down. Having a peep hole. Dead bolts. A heavy gate. Dark or intense colors. A decorating style that provokes extreme reactions in others. A home life that puts everyone on edge. No relaxing at home. Home is a place to regenerate vitality. Feeling comfortable with extreme emotions. Feeling comfortable with intensity. Comfortable with your sexuality. Home is a place to undergo transformations. Home brings up strong emotional currents. Home is intense. One parent is intense, obsessive and controlling. One parent is healing, transforming and deep. Intense feelings, of love or hate, for your country. Suspicious of one parent. A suspicious and jealous parent. Sexuality permeates the home life (welcome or unwelcome). Intense feelings of love or hate for one parent. An emotionally complicated relationship with a parent. Growing up in the occult. Hiding at home. Home is a place to hide. Seeking revenge on a parent. Seeking revenge on your family or country. Avenging your family or country. Obsessive at the core. Secretive and suspicious at the core. Privately jealous. Privately transforming. Intense and passionate at home, in private. Casting a parent into the role of villain. A secret garden. Hidden rooms. Would probably like to live in the Bat Cave.

Scorpio in the 5th House

Overly controlling of children. Passionately involved in the lives of your children. Passionate hobbies and interests. Intense relationships with children. Intense feelings for your children. Life or death involvement with children. Life or death sports. Intense involvement with sports. Releasing sexual feelings through creative projects. Releasing sexual feelings through sports. Treating the creative process as a life or death matter. Creative projects that explore sexuality. Healing relationships with children. Treating deep intimate sex like a game. Seeking extreme forms of pleasure. Agony and ecstasy in romance. Passionate self-expression. Passionately creative. Passionate about interests. Putting passion into interests and hobbies. A child who lives on the brink of death. A passionate and creative way of approaching the healing arts. Using art as a mode of healing. Art therapy. A playfully erotic and sexual person. Sex for sport. Sex is the sport of choice. Sexually creative. An extreme gambler. Fortunes won and lost through gambling. A person who engages in very risky sexual behavior. Sexual risk-taking. Feeling attracted to passionate, possessive, jealous people. Wanting to test love interests. Wanting to put love interests through extreme emotional situations. Secret love affairs. Secret love interests. Secret hobbies and interests. Sports activities done in private. Secret children. Love / hate relationships with children. Jealous of children. Possessive of children. Passionate, intense and complex children. Transformational relationships with children. Being transformed through children. Love affairs that are based on sex rather than romance. Taboo love affairs. Transforming for art. A love / hate relationship with creativity and self-expression. Power struggles with children. Attracted to emotionally complicated people. By “invite only” parties. Sex parties.

Scorpio in the 6th House

Strong opinions about food. Stubbornly fixed on a particular diet. Hard-driving toward employees. Passionately involved in everyday work and everyday routines. Healers. Working on a daily basis with people undergoing enormous transformations. Working daily with people on the brink of death. Being on the brink of death, daily. A dialysis patient. Passionate attention to health and diet. Intense focus on daily routines. Intense focus on daily habits. Obsessive daily habits. Jealousy is part of the daily routine. Sex is part of the daily routine. Needing to have passion in your life every day. A person who makes transformations daily. Suspicion is a daily habit. Fixed and immutable routines. A fixed diet. Transforming the body (for better or worse) through diet. Making food sexy. A passionate cook. Passionate about food. Eating aphrodisiacs. The eating scene in 9 1/2 weeks. Eating for sexual performance enhancement. Vitamins and pills to enhance sexual performance. Maintaining the body for sex. Intense relationships with co-workers and employees. Obsessive, jealous and possessive relationships with co-workers and employees. Owning animals that create extreme reactions in people: snakes, tarantulas, rats, bats, alligators, etc… Animal rehabilitation. Animal hospice care. A person who is deeply entrenched in a relationship between the body and emotions. Binging and purging. Extreme feelings of love or hate toward the body. Liking to cause extreme reactions in other people due to your diet, daily routine, work habits, or relationship with animals. STDs.

Scorpio in the 7th House

Taking a partner to emotional extremes. The highest highs and lowest lows of a marriage. A passionate and sexual partner. A controlling and possessive partner. Attracting an obsessed partner. A highly sexed partner. A love / hate relationship with your partner. A love / hate relationship with the public. A love / hate relationship with business partners. Being seen as obsessive and extreme by the public. Being attracted to jealous and possessive people. Marrying someone in the occult. Marrying a healer. A charismatic and magnetic spouse. Marrying someone who is always in crisis. Marrying someone obsessed with death. Marrying someone obsessed with sex. The spouse lives on the brink of death. Marrying someone who enjoys emotional extremism. Marrying someone who is never relaxed. An emotionally complex partner. A partner with bi-polar disorder. Marrying someone who does not offer a sense of security. A sarcastic and secretive partner. Confrontations with obsessive, jealous, extreme people. Confrontations with healers and those who engage transformation. Marrying a shaman. Intense confrontations. Deadly confrontations. Partners who have an all or nothing approach to life. The spouse reeks with brooding intensity.

Scorpio in the 8th House

The ability to completely transform yourself. Profound work with the dying. Intense interest in death. An emotionally deep and complex person. Excellent understanding of psychology. Psychologists. Hospice care. Hiding money from sex partners. Jealous of other people’s transformations. Jealous of other people’s money. Hiding other people’s money. Jealous of other people’s sex lives. An intensely sexual person. Passionate sex. Wanting to cause extreme reactions in the sex partner. Wanting to drag the sex partner through emotional highs and lows. Testing the sex partner. Needing an emotionally complex sex partner. Tempting fate. Deep interactions with others that test the ability to endure extreme emotional states. Sexual ecstasy and agony. Sex is transformational. Sexual transformations. Sex change. Transgender. Debt is transformational. Extreme emotional encounters are transformational. Seeking greater and greater highs and lows to feel alive. Any sexual activity that brings you to the edge of death. Drug use during sex. Strangulation. Dark secrets. STDs. Sexual activities that never see the light of day. Snuff films. The taboo of the taboo. Necrophilia. Deep emotional involvement in sexual activities. Having an intense interest in other people’s sex lives. Sex researcher. Death researcher. Financial researcher. Transforming the insurance industry. Emotionally complicated sex. Sex addict. A complicated death. A life or death approach to sex. Deep interactions with emotionally complex people. Anonymous sex. Keeping the identity secret during sex. Sexual healing.

Scorpio in the 9th House

Feeling jealous of other religions or cultural beliefs. Passionate feelings about religion and culture. Fixed opinions about religion and culture. A philosophy of healing. A philosophy of transformation. Believing in transformation and healing. Believing in the power of sex and eroticism. Believing in powerful emotional expression. A philosophy of life that encourages powerful emotional expression. A philosophy of life that supports sexual exploration and eroticism. Sexual feelings for people of other cultures and religions. Attempting to control people of other cultures and religions. Feeling jealous of others’ cultural contributions. Sexual publications. Sex guides. A powerful publisher. Secret publications. Sex gurus. Secret religions. Cults. Hiding your culture. Hiding your religion. Keeping religious and cultural beliefs secret. Cultural researcher. Anthropologists. Penetrating view of the world. Obsessed with culture and religion. Obsessed with publishing. Obsessed with being on the world stage. Wanting power in the world at large. A deep understanding of the world at large. A deep understanding of culture and religion. Wanting to transform the world. A complex relationship with God. Desiring to know the depths of God. Struggling with the concept of a higher power.

Scorpio in the 10th House

Feeling jealous of others’ career success. Widely considered to be a passionate and intense person. Passionately involved in career. The heights and depths of success and failure. Widely considered to be a person who can transform. Widely considered to be a passionately intense healer. Professional detective. Professional spy. Police officer. Wanting a career that gives power. Wanting to achieve a powerful position in the world. Passionate devotion to the career. Needing a career in which to pour your passion. Widely recognized for having charisma, passion and intensity. Widely recognized for having a healing presence. Widely recognized as an obsessive, jealous and destructive person. Having a powerful parent. One parent makes a powerful impact on the life. Widely known as a sexual person. Widely considered to be an inflexible person. Widely known as a healer. Everyone knows about this person’s sexual exploits. Keeping career ambitions secret. The father is unknown. A career that involves an element of eroticism. Transformation through career ambitions. Wanting a career through which you can create profound change. Widely known for emotional highs and lows. Widely known as an intense brooding person.

Scorpio in the 11th House

Trying to control friends. Having controlling friends. Feeling jealous and possessive of friends. Having jealous and possessive friends. Passionately involved in causes. Causes on behalf of sexual freedom. Crusading for sexual rights. Attempting to control groups and organizations. Intense friends. Friends who are detectives, investigators or spies. Passionate friends. Having sex with friends. An inability to separate friendship and sex. Obsessive fans. Sex clubs. Occult clubs. Private clubs. Clubs and organizations that require a code or password. Clubs that only have a backdoor entrance. Clubs that are closed to the public. Secret societies, organizations and groups. Involvement in complex organizations. Emotionally complex friends and associates. Friends involved in sexual activities. Friends with strippers, escorts, porn stars and burlesque performers. Intensely focused on long term goals. Long term sexual goals. Mysterious friends. Friends that no one knows about. Secret friends. Attracting secret admirers. Attracting people obsessed with death. Attracting people obsessed with sex. Attracting emotional extremists. Keeping group involvements secret. The Masons. The Golden Dawn. Groups and organizations in which identities remain a secret. The movie, Eyes Wide Shut.

Scorpio in the 12th House

Involvement in charitable institutions for the dying. Involvement with death row inmates. Secrecy, jealousy and possessiveness are the self-undoing. Paranoia, extremism and sex addiction are the self-undoing. A deeply paranoid person. A deeply obsessive and jealous person. Inwardly complex. A person deeply committed to healing and transformation. Working with inmates, the sick, and institutionalized to create healing, transformation and catharsis. Intensely involved in charity. An inwardly magnetic and mysterious person. Intense and disturbing dreams. Sexual and erotic dreams. Dreams of dying. Experiencing death through dreams. Dreaming of the day you will die. Dreaming of having sex. Dreaming of being a shaman. Dreaming of being a healer. Dreaming of deep interactions with others. Wet dreams. Deep secrecy. A reluctance to reveal hurts and sorrows. A reluctance to open up about karmic debts. Intensely dealing with repressed psychic material. Intensely dealing with repressed emotions. Keeping repressed material secret. Hidden fears. Truly secret enemies. Magnetism and sexuality attract secret enemies. Extremist views attract secret enemies. Dreams of creating healing. Dreams of creating transformations. A secret sleeping chamber. Sleeping in total blackness. Black sheets. Keeping a secret dream journal. Sexual meditation practices. Healing meditations.

Scorpio Astrology

  • Private
  • Magnetic
  • Intense
  • Extreme
  • Misunderstood
  • Jealous
  • Powerful
  • Vindictive
  • Perservering
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