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North Node in Capricorn and South Node in Cancer, by House

This article covers the North Node in Capricorn and the South Node in Cancer through every house in the birth chart. This brainstorm-style interpretation of the Moon’s nodes will spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings in astrology.

Developing a more emotionally reserved approach to life. Learning to keep that stiff upper lip. No longer breaking down emotionally over your relationships. Moving away from overly clingy or needy partners. Taking more responsibility for your life instead of expecting your partner to anticipate your every need. No longer expecting other people to guess what you need or how you’re feeling. Going into things with a plan instead of just “feeling things out.” Developing thicker skin concerning your self-image. Developing a mature demeanor and way of presenting yourself. Letting people know straight away that you are serious, and that you mean business. Learning to present yourself as someone who is reliable and hard working. No longer running back into the arms of your partner every time life gets tough. Learning self-reliance. Willingly taking on more responsibility in whatever sphere of life you happen to be in. Becoming the “go to” person in any situation. Using more caution when baring your feelings in intimate relationships so your partner won’t take advantage of you so easily. Developing a mature attitude. Becoming the CEO of your own life

This article covers the North Node in Capricorn and the South Node in Cancer through every house in the birth chart. This brainstorm-style interpretation of the Moon’s nodes will spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings in astrology . . .

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Moving away from emotional attachment to your own opinions. Letting go of sentimental attitudes concerning your religious beliefs. Learning to appraise the information you gather in a practical and emotionally uninvolved way. Being able to have a mature discussion. Learning to speak like an adult. Learning to take responsibility for your words and for your language. Developing a practical mindset. Developing discipline when it comes to the education goals that you set for yourself. Holding yourself to certain educational standards. Being able to assess your educational progress in measurable ways. Letting go of an overly timid approach to asserting your opinion, or becoming overly emotionally involved in your own opinions. No longer smothering people with your opinions. No longer acting like a “world mother.” No longer needing to take care of the entire world. No longer being so sentimental about people from other cultures or countries. Developing a viewpoint based on realistic assessment rather than sentimental longings. Learning how to say what you want to say in as few words as possible. Learning to speak like an authority. Becoming proficient in reading, writing and language. Taking the written word seriously. Making conversations efficient by getting to the point and keeping everyone on task. Looking to make the most of each day by not wasting time with frivolous conversation.

Taking on more responsibility at home. Becoming a respected and authoritative member of your family. Learning how to set and attain family goals. Having the goal of building a family. Finding that having a family of your own gives you a sense of purpose. Doing whatever it takes to make sure that your family has every practical thing it could need. No longer turning business associates into family members. Becoming aware of the need to take responsibility for the family that you already have. No longer letting everyone in your professional life know the intimate details of your private life. No crying at work. Learning to keep a tighter lid on your private life. No longer acting like a baby in your professional life. Getting your act together at home. No longer clinging to your public identity for safety. No more longing for some career you had in the past. Releasing sentimental attachments to achievements from long ago. Developing an inner sense of self-reliance that forms the foundation for how you are perceived by everyone else. Letting go of dependence on outside approval that prevents you from taking control of your private life. Learning to hold yourself accountable to your family.

Getting serious about your hobbies. Bringing a business person’s sensibility to your creative efforts and personal interests. Finding ways to do something practical with your interests. Turning your personal passion into a business. Looking at each moment of free time in terms of how it could be used most efficiently and to your advantage. Developing discipline when it comes to your personal interests. Learning that discipline can be fun. Finding ways to make hard work pleasurable. Finding pleasure in the process of striving to achieve your goals. Finding discipline through sports. Learning how to take control of your children and discipline them when they need it. Becoming less emotionally involved with casual acquaintances. Spending less time caring about the strangers you meet on the internet. No longer acting like a group babysitter. No longer mothering your friends. Becoming driven to pursue your personal interests and to do something with them. Becoming less defensive about what anybody else thinks about your interests. Understanding how developing an intimate network of like-minded people can fuel the process of turning a hobby into a business. Paring down your hobbies and interests to a few in order to give them your most diligent effort. Learning to hold yourself accountable to your children. Learning to hold yourself accountable to your creative vision. Learning to set measurable creative goals. Gaining the discipline needed to play the guitar, dance, golf, or whatever else it is that you want to do. Breaking out of your nest of friends.

Becoming an efficiency expert. Learning how to squeeze every minute of every day for maximum potential. Developing discipline in your daily routine. Creating an exercise program that requires discipline. Developing discipline with regard to your diet. Learning how to tell yourself, “No.” No longer using grief or emotional upsets as an excuse for cheating on your diet or failing to go to the gym. Setting high standards for yourself when it comes to where you expect your health to be. Setting high goals for yourself for what kind of achievement you want to attain in your work environment. Realizing that you do best in an austere work environment. Learning to minimize emotional relationships with coworkers and stop treating them as if they were family members – they aren’t! Creating practical, achievable goals. Learning to hold yourself accountable for achieving your daily goals. Breaking yourself out of your lonely nest. No longer sitting around with sentimental longings wasting your days away. No longer blaming your mother for your problems. Taking responsibility for your health. Taking responsibility for your state of employment. Taking responsibility for your animals. Becoming someone who is mature, reliable and authoritative in the everyday world.

Taking responsibility for your relationships. Developing a mature attitude to intimate partnerships. Realizing that you have to take on your fair share in relationships. Letting go of crybaby tendencies. Letting go of identifying with being “Daddy’s Girl,” “Mamma’s Boy,” ” The Youngest,” or any other self-identification that prevents you from being a mature partner in an adult relationship. Letting go of a generally dependent approach to life. Becoming open to assuming the duties that come with partnerships. Becoming willing to put in the effort to make a relationship work. Beginning to understand the practical considerations of being in a relationship that go beyond simply getting your emotional needs met. Letting go of timidity that prevents you from asserting your authority within your relationships. Becoming unafraid to set goals for relationships and expecting your partners to have their own goals too. Realizing that you want a partner who has ambition and is going somewhere. You don’t want a boyfriend who is more like a son, or a girlfriend who is more like a daughter. Realizing that you want your relationships to achieve something – you want to set goals together. Coming to terms with wanting outer recognition for your significant relationships. You want to do traditional things with your partner like get married. You want socially recognized, measurable proof of a relationship’s significance.

This article covers the North Node in Capricorn and the South Node in Cancer through every house in the birth chart. This brainstorm-style interpretation of the Moon’s nodes will spark your imagination when thinking about natal, transit, solar return, or progression meanings in astrology . . .

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Learning to take responsibility for your opinions. Developing a mature attitude to world cultural practices. Releasing overly emotionally-saturated thinking patterns and ways of speaking. Making it your duty to know what is going on in the world. Beginning to take journalism seriously. Returning to a practical life philosophy. Making sure that your philosophies and ideas have practical applications. Getting serious about your desire to travel. Setting attainable goals for yourself related to traveling. Setting goals for yourself that involve getting beyond your current viewpoint. Giving serious consideration to what holds meaning in your life. Becoming willing to take responsibility for creating a meaningful life. Creating a life style that encourages self-discipline, attainable goal-setting and a willingness to push your limits. Letting go of immature ways of speaking or babyish language. Learning to express your opinion authoritatively. Learning to speak up and get out of your shell to make your opinion heard. Developing the discipline to become a guru. Taking responsibility for your beliefs and sense of morality. Developing a mature attitude to religion. Getting serious about your desire to live in another country and planning out exactly how you will make it happen. Getting serious about global issues and world events.

Time to leave the nest. Time to break out of the comfy, cozy, insular family environment and make a name for yourself out in the world. Time to toughen up and face reality. Time to hold back the tears and overcome insecurities as you set higher goals for yourself. Becoming an ambitious go-getter. Becoming more concerned with practical worldly affairs rather than familiar, emotional relationships. Learning to discipline yourself when it comes to the achievements you want to make. Learning to set realistic, achievable expectations for yourself. Learning to measure your success against outer, worldly standards. Becoming less enmeshed in family-rooted insecurities. Beginning to claim your authority out in the professional world. Becoming known as a professional. Learning to put your “game face” on. Never letting them see you sweat when it comes to business negotiations and your reputation. Building a public identity as someone who is reliable, hardworking and tough as nails. Letting go of the inner baby who threatens your success. Letting go of the private insecurities that prevent you from achieving your aspirations.

Getting serious about your group involvements. Learning to set measurable, ambitious long term goals for the groups you become involved with. Taking on more responsibility within organizations. Becoming a leader within the group of people that shares your interests. Learning how to organize like-minded people and set an agenda for progress and success. Beginning to see how your shared interests can fuel a business venture. Using the associations you make to help you climb the ladder of success. Becoming realistic about the earnings you will receive from your career. Preferring to have fewer friends. Understanding how to cut the excess out of any organization. Moving away from sentimental attachments to creative longings that are leading nowhere. No longer reminiscing about how you used to be in a band 15 years ago. Getting realistic about your long term goals and what you can actually achieve in the time that you have. Learning to set measurable incremental steps on your way to achieving your long term goals. No longer acting like a mother hen. No longer seeing your projects as your babies. Developing a willingness to share your creative ideas with others if it will lead to group success. No longer being touchy and irritable when it comes to your art.

No longer seeing your coworkers and bosses as one big family. No longer getting so emotionally attached to your work environment. Developing a more mature attitude to spiritual life. Facing your fears of being considered dry, stern, controlling or boring. Actively letting go of any self-sabotaging restrictive behavior and instead developing healthy discipline. Letting go of any secretly paternalistic attitudes. Letting go of dependent daily routines in favor of accepting more personal responsibility for how you make use of your time. No longer being emotionally attached to a particular diet or exercise regime. Releasing any animal hoarding tendencies, or an inability to grieve properly when a pet passes. Facing any guardedness concerning psychic experiences, opening up to dreams and tapping into the unknown. Developing discipline when it comes to remembering your dreams. Developing a practical, spiritual discipline. Learning to take responsibility for your own psychic life. Learning to take responsibility for your secrets and the skeletons you keep in the closet. Making it your duty to face your fears like a mature adult. No longer acting like a baby when it comes to facing the everyday world. Making time in your routine to set some goals for yourself. Making time in your life to learn how to be disciplined. No longer blaming your mother for your health issues. Releasing emotionally codependent health issues. Releasing emotionally codependent work relationships. Becoming the CEO of your spiritual journey.


  • Old-Fashioned & Concerned with Lineage
  • Professional & Social Climbing
  • Mature & Sophisticated
  • Responsible & Prepared
  • Ambitious & Goal-Setting
  • Rigid & Ruthless
  • Disciplined & Accountable
  • Experienced & Accomplished
  • Calculating & Deliberate
  • Upwardly-mobile
  • Conservative
  • Prepared
  • Mature
  • Wizened
  • CEO
  • Mountain Climber
  • Architect


  • Family or Clan-Oriented
  • Maternal, security-seeking, moody, comfortable, patriotic, homey, considerate, accommodating, catering; sensitive, tender-hearted, defensive, conserving, safety-conscious
  • Precautious & Preventative
  • Private & Homebody
  • Protective & Defensive
  • Sensitive & Moody
  • Sentimental & Caring
  • Tenacious & Retentive
  • Tender & Gentle
  • Traditional & Patriotic
  • Caring
  • Defending
  • Emotional
  • Moody
  • Personal
  • Protective
  • Sensitive
  • Sentimental
  • Tenacious
  • Vulnerable
  • Archivist
  • Caterer
  • Conservationist
  • Cook / Chef
  • Guard

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