Virgo Houses

Virgo 1st house

virgo-housesParticular about appearance. Neat appearance. An eye for detail. Noticing details on clothes. Perfectly groomed eyebrows. Noticing pores. Attention to nails and belly button lint. Worrying about appearance. Worrying about not looking perfect. Seeking to look perfect through plastic surgery. Schoolmarms. “Plain Janes.” Dressing appropriately for the occasion. A love of fine tailoring. Doing the “right” thing. A conscientious approach to life. A timid, shy, standoffish person. A humble, helpful, unselfish person. A critical, nitpicking, fault-finding person. A person who strives for physical perfection. A person who strives for perfection on the job. A perfect work performance. A perfect report card. A flawless attendance record. A person who is focused on everyday work and everyday routines. A person who does best when adhering to a routine. A person who is body-conscious. Perfecting the body through daily exercise. A person who is health-conscious. A person who is preoccupied with illness and health. A hypochondriac. Someone who carries around hand sanitizer and Airborne. Workaholics. Taking on the appearance of someone with a particular occupation. Looking like a (fill in the blank). Knowing how to adapt your appearance to the situation. Adapting your manner and approach to the situation at hand. An adaptable person. A cynical outlook. A skeptic. A pessimist. A worrywart. Worrying about job performance. Small problems are overwhelming. Overwhelmed by the details. Worrying about health. Worrying about worrying too much. Meeting life with a specific skill set. An analytical approach. The ability to perceive flaws. A helpful approach. Crafting your life. Liking small animals. Liking clean animals. Preferring cats to dogs. A practical approach to life. A practical approach to appearance. Consistently working to perfect every aspect of your life. Consistently working to perfect your appearance. Working on the body. Working on your health. Treating life like a job to perform. Life is work. Liking to have something to do. Liking to be busy. A dutiful approach to life. Lack of spontaneity. Overly concerned with acting appropriately. Teacher’s pet (not on purpose). Clear perception. Noticing the details. Perfecting the details. Wanting a perfect life.

Virgo 2nd house

Specific, detailed collections. Keeping collections efficiently organized. Organized personal finances. A financial planner. Earning a living by being efficient and precise. Knowing precisely how much money one has in the bank. Having a precise inventory of your possessions. Having a shopping routine. Routine spending. Efficient spending. Thrifty. Coupon clippers. Buying fine-quality, hand-crafted things. Liking to buy things that have exquisite detail. Preferring to buy hand-made, hand-crafted objects. An appreciation of craftsmanship. An appreciation of quality. Buying only what you need. Shopping with a list. Critical of purchases. Finding fault with purchases. Rarely spending money because nothing is good enough. Efficiency is a survival need. Being healthy is a survival need. Developing specific skills is a survival need. Survival skills. Someone who earns a living by teaching survival skills. Someone who earns a living from being a craftsman. Someone who sells handicrafts for a living. Earning a living from Efficient use of money. Short-sighted spending habits. Spending money on health products. Job-related spending. Spending money on doctors and alternative therapies. Crafting the perfect financial portfolio. Earning a living by pursuing a craft. Being perfect is a survival need. A practical approach to finances. Practical possessions. Worrying about finances. Worrying about possessions.

Virgo 3rd house

Literary critic. Editor. Proofreader. Tutor. Talking, thinking and writing about the daily routine. Bogged down in details. Obsessive-compulsive worrying. Obsessive-compulsive thinking. Thinking, writing and speaking about the details. Talking, thinking and writing about work. Working with a sibling. Working with a neighbor. The mind of a critic. The mind of an analyst. The mind of a perfectionist. The mind of a worrier. The mind of a workaholic. The mind of a petty person. The mind of a skeptic. Thinking, writing and speaking about technical skills. The mind of a craftsman. Thinking about honing your craft. Thinking about perfecting your work. Thinking about developing a specific skill set. The mind of a person with a very specific skill set. Thinking about the details. Thinking, writing and speaking about efficiency. An efficient communicator. Conversations about jobs. Conversations about health. Conversations about germs. Conversations about skills. A critical, fault-finding sibling. Perfect sibling relationships. Skilled siblings. Thinking about perfecting your craft. Perfecting your speech or writing. Critical of writing and speech. Technical writers. Grammar instructors. Writing an instruction manual. Writing is a craft. Communicating is a craft. Communication is critical. Worrying about writing. Worrying about communication. Wanting to make your writing perfect. Wanting to communicate perfectly. Wanting to find the perfect words. Perfecting communication. Perfecting the local environment. Writing a flawless novel. Delivering a perfect speech. Flawless communication. Clear communication. Speaking clearly. Talking, writing and speaking about pets. Writing books about specific types of animals. Writing manuals for pet owners. Practical thinking. The mind of a pragmatist. Taking action to reduce car emissions.

Virgo 4th house

Wanting to live in a clean, sanitary environment. Wanting to come home to a clean house. Someone who hires a maid. Someone who is a maid. Everything has its place. The perfect home. The perfect family. High expectations for your family. One parent had (or has) high expectations. Feeling at home with small animals. A house filled with small animals. Feeling comfortable with efficiency. Feeling comfortable on the job. Feeling comfortable with meticulous people. Keeping a meticulous home. Furnishing your house with hand-crafted objects. Liking Craftsman-style homes. Liking the details of a House the moldings, arches, windows. Wanting a home with an efficient layout. Wanting a home that is energy efficient. Changing out all the appliances, windows, etc… to make your home more energy-efficient. Being very picky about your home or apartment. Wanting to live near a dog park. One parent is critical and fault-finding. One parent is a humble, modest, workaholic. One parent is narrow-minded and petty. One parent is a skilled craftsman. One parent is meticulous and detail-oriented. Finding fault with your country or family. Critical of your country or family. Health-conscious at the core. Discriminating at the core (for better or worse). Having a core skill set. Feeling comfortable being efficient and organized. Scheduling family time. Setting a schedule for the household. A house that runs like clockwork. A practical home filled with practical furniture. A practical family. A picky family. A family of critics. A family that is never satisfied. A family of perfectionists. A manicured lawn. A master gardener. Topiaries. Using California Closets. Using small spaces efficiently. Efficiency apartments. Helping to clean the environment. Concerned about living in a clean environment.

Virgo 5th house

Enjoying tedious tasks. Getting pleasure from detail work. Embroidery as a hobby. Sports that require specific technical skills. Hobbies and interests that are detail-oriented and require specific technical skills. Working at a hobby. Taking care of your health is a hobby. Buying health products for fun. Eating health food for fun. Getting pleasure from taking care of the body. Getting pleasure from being healthy. Sports that require peak health. Seeking peak health is a hobby. Studying health for fun. Sports medicine. Getting enjoyment from studying. Getting pleasure from being a good student. Teacher’s pet. Scheduling fun. Scheduling romance. Being critical of your children. Helping your children achieve their very best. Helping children study. A tutor for children and teens. Critical, narrow-minded children. Fault-finding, pessimistic, obsessive-compulsive children. Technically skilled, organized, and well-disciplined children. Being obsessive-compulsive about the health of your children. Children who are health-conscious. Children who are obsessive-compulsive about their health. Sports that require manual dexterity. Someone who treats child-rearing like a job. Treating sports activities like a job. Treating creative activities like a job. Daily creativity. Daily sports. A creative routine. A sports routine. Setting routines for children. A daycare worker. An shop owner. Attracted to people who are picky, fault-finding and petty. Attracted to people who are humble, helpful and unselfish. Attracted to people who are technically skilled and manually dexterous. Attracted to efficient workaholics. Attracted to critics. Romances with health-conscious clean freaks. Romances with hypochondriacs. Picky about romantic partners. Finding fault with romantic partners. Wanting a flawless romance. Wanting flawless children. Plastic surgery for fun. Wanting a flawless sports performance. Timid about taking risks. Appropriate risk-taking. Willing to take risks to help children. Risk analysis. A skillful risk-taker. A truly creative craftsman. Someone who has the technical skill to execute a creative impulse. Someone who is skilled in the technical portion of a sport. Someone who has the technical skill needed for a hobby or interest. Dating a technically skilled person. Dating a craftsman. Practical fun. Practical romances.

Virgo 6th house

Picky eaters. OCD. Having a specific diet. Liking food to be prepared in a specific way. Getting everything “on the side.” Not liking food to touch. Eating food in a specific order. A meal routine. Working as a meal planner for a cafeteria. Weight Watchers. Meal planning for pets. Giving health and diet advice to coworkers. Working for Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig (or other diet program). Pet groomers. Not wanting to get dirty at work. Working in a clean environment. Cleaning crew. Janitors. Maids. Dishwashers. Someone who works in clothing alterations. A seamstress. People who are fond of cleanses and purification diets. Eating clean. Pinpoint focus on everyday work and tasks. Making a schedule each day. Keeping daily lists of things to do. Grocery lists. Obsessive-compulsive fitness routines. Having a daily exercise routine. Obsessive-compulsive eating habits. Obsessive-compulsive hygiene routines. Obsessed with cleanliness, inside and out. Working as a skilled tradesman. Working in a sanitary environment. Working in a doctor’s office, outpatient clinic, acupuncture office, massage parlor, or holistic health center. Wanting to work in a perfect environment. Demanding perfection from coworkers and employees. Pet sanitation. Wanting sanitary pets. Searching for a hypoallergenic cat or dog. Liking hairless cats and dogs. Practical routines. Practical pets. Practical hygiene habits. Practical eating habits. A practical approach to diet and health. A practical approach to work. Efficient handling of employees. Worrying is part of the daily routine. Cleanliness is part of the daily routine. Food critic.

Virgo 7th house

A practical partner or spouse. The perfect partner or spouse. Marrying a critical, fault-finding person. A precise, detail-oriented partner. Marrying a workaholic. Marrying a critic. Marrying a well-groomed, hygienic partner. Marrying an efficiency expert. Analyzing the partner. Working with the partner. Marrying a craftsman. Being married to your craft. Marrying someone who has technical skill and acumen. Confrontations with critical, fault-finding people. Confrontations with skilled laborers. Marrying a skilled laborer. Going into business with an efficient organized person. Marrying a bookkeeper. A trivial and petty partner. Finding fault with the partner. Demanding perfection from the partner. A partner who demands perfection. Not getting married because there’s “something wrong” with everyone. Keeping a list of desirable traits that the partner should have. Being scruffy while the partner is meticulous and neat. Expecting the partner to do all the cleaning. Expecting the partner to set the routine. Expecting the partner to do the chores. Expecting your partner to look after your health. Expecting the partner to be efficient and organized. Expecting the partner take care of the pets. Expecting the partner to walk the dog. Expecting the partner to be flawless. Wanting a partner who keeps every hair in place. Wanting a partner who crosses her Ts, and dots her Is. Marrying a coworker. Marriage partners who feel like coworkers. Marriage feels like a chore. Being in a relationship feels like a job.

Virgo 8th house

Surgeons. Attending to the health of the terminally ill. Sexually adaptive. Bi-sexual. Wanting the sex partner to be technically, sexually, skilled. Sexual skillz. Someone who provides sexual instruction: videos, manuals, how-to books, classes, etc… A person who studies sex. A fastidious and disciplined researcher. A researcher who pays attention to the details. Health researcher. Diet research. Researching labor conditions. Providing a sexual service. “Massage” parlors. Happy endings. Treating sex like a job to perform. A dutiful approach to sex. Seeking sexual perfection. Having high expectations for sex. Searching for the perfect sexual experience. Searching for the perfect sexual partner. Seeking a perfect death. Leaving a legacy of perfection (I wonder if Martha Stewart has this placement). Leaving a legacy of being practical, efficient and organized. A legacy of helpfulness. Leaving a legacy of having been picky, pedantic and petty. Organizing other people’s finances. Organizing other people’s estates. An estate planner. Running someone else’s estate. Sexually attracted to prim, secretary types. Wanting to be the perfect sex partner. Wanting to serve the partner sexually. Sexually submissive. Wanting a perfect sex partner. Wanting to get it “right” every time. Wanting to orgasm every time. Working on sex skills. Taking a class on how to please a partner. Taking classes on new sexual positions. Wanting instruction. Wanting to know that you are having sex correctly. Concerned about doing it “right.” Critiquing sexual performance. Wanting to improve sexual performance. Using performance enhancement drugs. Using Viagra, eating aphrodisiacs, using aids and toys to make the experience “better.” Seeking the perfect position. French maid fantasies. Fantasizing about the cleaning lady. Wanting to have sex on clean sheets. Liking to take a shower before sex. Liking to have sex in the shower. Wanting a well-groomed partner. Wanting a hygienic partner. Obsessive-compulsive about sex organs. Obsessing over the size of your penis. Being very critical about your genitalia. A woman who gets labiaplasty. A man who seeks penis-enlargement surgery or health aids. Obsessive-compulsive about sex. Wanting to look perfect for sex. Career counselors. Prim efficiency is sexy. Timidity and shyness are sexy. Perfectionism is sexy. Everyday working people are sexy. Having sex with coworkers.

Virgo 9th house

Believing that “Practice makes perfect.” A philosophy of efficiency. Philosophies of perfection. Religions and philosophies that support humility, modesty, service, and being unselfish. Religion is the life’s work. Journalism is the life’s work. Foreign travel is the life’s work. Religions and philosophies that support being critical, nitpicking and fault-finding. Religions and philosophies that support perfectionist attitudes and discrimination. Finding fault with other cultures or religions. Wanting a perfect lifestyle. A philosophy of flawlessness. Vocational schools. Studying a craft in college. Philosophies that support crafts and skilled trades. Believing in practicality. Believing that perfection is possible. Believing that things can get better with hard work and attention to detail. Believing in doing the right thing. Worrying about getting a disease while traveling. Providing help to countries with disease epidemics. Providing unselfish, dedicated and conscientious help to other countries or cultures. Providing health services to other countries. Helping to clean up other countries. Religions with clear, practical messages. Finding meaning in unselfish service. Finding meaning by honing a skill. Discriminating against people of other cultures, especially those who have a disease. Practical philosophies. A philosophy of life that is defined by your trade. Being criticized for your religion, culture or philosophy of life. Being criticized for your travels. A cynical journalist. An analytical and efficient journalist. Skeptical publications. Publications that criticize mysticism and religion. Critical publications. Reviews. Health gurus. Work gurus. Health publications. Seeking perfection through a relationship with God. Wanting to be perfect in the eyes of God.

Virgo 10th house

Gaining a reputation as a perfectionist. Gaining a reputation for being self-deprecating. Gaining a reputation for doing everything perfectly. Gaining a reputation for being picky and critical. Perfecting the public image. A publicist. Publicity agents. Worrying about your public image. Using your powers of discrimination to perfect your public image. Ambitions to be perceived as perfect. Wanting to be the “Perfect (fill in the blank).” Wanting to be beyond reproach. Wanting to be beyond fault. Wanting to be flawless and perfect in terms of your career and reputation. Having your career criticized stings. A career beyond criticism. A professional critic. Professional discrimination. Professional skills. An efficiency expert. Gaining a reputation for your self-deprecating sense of humor. Professional organizers. Viewing the career more like a job. Concerned about the health of your career. Needing to stay healthy enough to work. Your career choice impacts your health. A career in medicine. A career in health. A career in exercise and diet. Getting a reputation for pill-popping. Getting a reputation for your routine. A career that requires lots of practice. Choosing the “right” career path. Having high expectations for success in life. Achieving success through practice. Achieving success in life by developing practical skills. Achieving success in life by becoming more efficient and organized. Achieving success in life by honing your craft. Achieving success in life by developing dexterity. Achieving success in life by adopting a humble and unselfish attitude. Achieving success in life by being adaptable. Achieving success in life through the practical application of specialized skills.

Virgo 11th house

Friends who have a similarly narrow viewpoint. Appealing to a very specific audience. Fans with discriminating taste. Intelligent fans and friends. Literary fans and friends. Friends with critics. Trades guilds. Masons. Labor unions and organizations. Groups of critics. Criticizing friends. Focusing on the faults of friends. Friends are primarily people you work with on a daily basis. Nitpicking, fault-finding, short-sighted friends. Health-conscious, efficient and helpful friends. Modest, humble, detail-oriented friends. Efficient groups. Long term goals for efficiency. Efficient friendships. Health-conscious groups. Vegetarian and vegan support groups. Friends who are into cleanses and “pure” diets. Being part of a health movement. Long term health goals. Being part of a labor movement. Friends who are obsessive-compulsive. Obsessive-compulsive groups of people. Groups of short-sighted people. Long term work goals. Planning on working for a very long time. A person who works well into old age. Long term cleansing goals. Looking for perfect friends. Friends and fans who demand perfection. Friends and fans with high expectations. Having high expectations of friends. Groups of workaholics. Groups of skeptics. Groups of pill-poppers. Attracting picky people. Attracting people with discerning taste. Friends with specific shared interests.

Virgo 12th house

Obsessive-compulsive about sleep. A picky sleeper. Exact specifications on how to sleep. Sleep analyst. Dream analyst. Someone who is critical of spirituality. Someone who studies spirituality. Someone who performs sleep studies. Healthy sleeping. Healthy dreaming. Healthy karma. A healthy relationship with ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. Inwardly critical and fault-finding. A lack of awareness of a deep inner need to be clean. Cleanliness, compulsiveness, and being a hypochondriac are the self-undoing. Self-deprecation is the self-undoing. Short-sightedness, pettiness and fault-finding are the self-undoing. Obsession with cleanliness attracts secret enemies. Efficiency, workaholic tendencies and a dutiful attitude attract secret enemies. Being health-conscious attracts secret enemies. Health-consciousness is the self-undoing. Skeptical of ghosts and paranormal activity. Skeptical of dreams. Skeptical of spirituality. Skeptical of meditation. Disciplined at meditation. Someone who meditates daily. Someone who treats meditation like a job. Technicians of the Sacred. A set sleep schedule. Wanting to feel clean from the inside out. Inwardly a cynic. Angels of Mercy. Nurses. Unselfish devotion to the sick, the imprisoned, and the mentally ill.

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  • Mert

    Virgo in 7th house…. really relationship seems a like job to me so i’d prefer dreaming ideal love and one night stands

    • Michelle

      Real relationships take work.

      • Mert

        “Not getting married because there’s “something wrong” with everyone” haha i liked that too much cuz it is like my motto when i look for a reason when it comes to rel =)

        • Michelle

          It’s good to be picky … up to a point 😉

      • Mert

        “Not getting married because there’s “something wrong” with everyone” haha i liked that too much cuz it is like my motto when i look for a reason when it comes to rel =)

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  • Michelle

    I love that pic 😀

  • joswanprince

    I always associate myself with that “heart” pic on 5th house ^^.

  • Michelle

    It's not a bad placement- just a picky placement 😀

  • Wg.

    Yikes–sounds like a bad placement! Virgo in the 7th here….

  • Christine

    Virgo ruling the 12th —

    I AM very picky about my sleeping arrangements! I never knew what to attribute that to. I used to think it was a Venusian thing, but I guess it’s a Virgo ruling the 12th thing! 😀

    I have Venus in the 6th house and it’s pretty much the opposite of Virgo on the 6th, which is what I wish I had. Everything I read about Venus in the 6th says to avoid sweets. It just makes me feel like I’m going to be a fatty. I don’t even like sweets that much. :(

    • Michelle

      Mm…there are plenty of other meanings for Venus in Pisces in the 6th besides eating sweet treats- the need to work in an imaginative and creative environment being one of them.

  • Tara Gates

    I just LOVE that picture of Virgo in the 8th! It’s keeping me going all week! Enjoying the series. Profound revelations. Thanks.

    • Michelle

      I’m so glad you like it 😀 Thank you for reading my blog Tara.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear, My 8th house is shared by Virgo & what a combo! Liking sex to be a show, and wanting to be damn good at it..Virgo also in the 9th and before I even read the ninth house description I definitely thought to myself (about the 8th house) Practice Makes Perfect! Lol…I love “The Secretary” fantasies can revolve around being a secretary to a powerful boss 😉 I almost went to school to study Sex Therapy, I love reading about sex, how to improve it, new toys, positions, the history of sex, the benefits of sex. The ninth house doesn’t really vibe to me…my mercury is in the 11th conjunct Saturn in Sadge…I have been a part of the ‘health conscious movement’ I like the challenge of new fasts, diets etc…just for the experience. But I think my Gemini 6th house doesn’t allow me to stick to such fads for too long…I just like the experience of them & knowing that I can accomplish them.

    • Michelle

      That’s really interesting. I didn’t write much about the health implications of Virgo on the 9th but your description is perfect. I did write “health movements” for the 11th house. I think that “health philosophy” or a “lifestyle of healthy living” would fit for Virgo/9th too.

      My boyfriend has Leo and Virgo in the 8th as well 😉

      • Levi Fuentes

        Is he a late – Sagittarius rising or a Capricorn rising?

        Interesting notes with Mother Teresa: she was a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon and Sagittarius Rising; she has a Jupiter in Libra but it’s placed in 9th House Virgo, conjuncts her Midheaven, sextile her Venus, bi – quintile the Moon and semi – sextile Mars. Her Sun was in the 8th House and her Moon was in her 5th. According to some sources, she “back-slided” on her faith for many years; she even had moments when she questioned God. In the end, her faith was restored and became extremely powerful.

        Observation: I’ve noticed that some of the world’s great politicians, public figures and greatest minds either have Aquarius Sun / Rising Sagittarius, Moon Aquarius / Rising Sagittarius. Here’s the list:

        Oprah Winfrey – Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Sagittarius Rising
        Ronald Reagan – Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon and Sagittarius Rising
        Ellen DeGeneres – Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon and Sagittarius Rising
        Thomas Edison – Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Sagittarius Rising
        Charles Darwin – Aquarius Sun, Capricorn Moon and Sagittarius Rising
        Princess Diana – Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Rising
        Caroline Kennedy – Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Rising

        • Michelle

          Capricorn rising.

          I’ve noticed the Sag/Aqua emphasis too. The other placements seem to be heavy Scorpio and Pluto, and 9th house placements – for politicians.

          • Levi Fuentes

            LOL what’s ironic is that I have Sun in Sagittarius / Moon in Aquarius / Rising in Sagittarius, with Juptier in Virgo in the 9th House.

            Could it be that I could be like another Mother Teresa or a Princess Diana or even Oprah?

            • Michelle

              Do you want to be like those people? Are they your role models?

    • Levi Fuentes

      LOL I have the same postion – even though I have an 8th House Leo starts at 3° 44′ and 9th House Virgo starts at 13° 55′, my 8th House lapse Leo and Virgo and my 9th House lapse Virgo and Libra (love the picture of Mother Teresa – great woman), I’m pretty much the same except I have Jupiter in Virgo in the 9th House at 13° 58′.

      I would have to say I have a blend of both the 8th House Virgo and the 9th House Virgo – I need to see a practical use for a subject to see the big picture but I also am a very thorough, precise, analytical researcher. I believe in not only being practicality but I also believe in being compassionate and doing the right thing. I don’t support religions that support being critical, nit-picky and fault-finding.

  • Anonymous

    Virgo in the 8th sounds kind of sexy to me.

    • Anonymous

      I have Mars in the 6th house. Does that matter?

      • Michelle

        Maybe a little. Mars in the 6th would bring energy (and sexual energy) to 6th house matters, so it some of the Virgo/8th house descriptions would apply. You probably find yourself getting turned on by everyday work situations and everyday working people.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, and I actually have that placement…who would’ve thought Virgo could be sexy!

      • Michelle

        I think that Virgo is one of the most misunderstood signs.

        • Kelly

          agree! my virginians friends are the ones that most enjoy having sex. the problem is that the try so hard to be perfect, and think that enjoying having sex is for perverted people, and try to hide it.

          • Michelle

            They do try hard to be perfect. I don’t know that they think sex is for perverted people. Many of the Virgos I know give Scorpions a run for their money – they’re just more modest about it.