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Mega Astrology Brainstorm: The 6th House

Interpretation of the 6th house, embracing a loose, poetic, storytelling, brainstorm-style of writing.

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The 6th House

Get a real job.

6th house v. 12th house
Desk v.  great outdoors
Contained v. wild
Small work environment v. vast work environment
Current daily work v. overarching career path through lifetimes
Clean v. pristine
Practice v. everything is already perfect
Practice v. fluid
Being busy all the time v. ain’t nothin happenin, just livin (deep breath, aaaaaand stretch, nOw back to center)

Daily grind

Really doing the work
Digging your hands in
Hey, whatcha doin? Nothin
Whatcha workin on? Nothin
How does it all work?
How does it all fit together?
Daily responsibilities
Did you feed the dog?
What’s that, girl? Timmy fell in the well!?
Did you lock the door?
Did you take your pills today?
Did you brush your teeth?

Checking back and forth to make sure things are done
If I don’t do it, who will do it?
Can I find someone to do it for me?
Omg so. bOooOooOooOooorrriiiiiiiing GUhh haaaaaa

Let me find someone to do this for me
What are you accountable for
Give it a walk 3 times a week, eh? There’s a good lad.
Will you fill the food 3 times a day?
How your days are accounted for
How do you fill your days?
All your accounted days
What did you do with your time?
Working overtime

Side by side in the trenches
Grunt work

Doing what needs to be done
It’s getting late
What do we need to do tomorrow?
What’s on the agenda for Monday?
Did you remember to unplug the iron?
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Squeezing time
Compressing time

Time – measured by movies
Time – measured by cooking
Time – measured by smoking
Time – measured by eating
Time – measured by how you spend your days (trine the 2nd house/square the 3rd)
Mercury & Saturn are friends
Measuring time
Keeping time

Tick-tock tick-tock, what’s the time on the clock?
Working overtime again.
All the days metered away.
6 of one, half dozen of the other

1, 2, 3, 4, take a step out the door
5,6,7,8 get to work, don’t be late
9,10,11,12 it’s time for lunch, there’s the bell

Daily rhythm

Quincunx the Ascendant – you need to adjust your attitude, perspective or actions to be successful
I want a hot body, but I don’t want to exercise
I want to exercise, but I’m tired
I want a dog, but I don’t want to walk it
I want a garden, but I don’t want to water it
I can’t take a deep breath, but I won’t quit smoking

I have mood swings, but I won’t stop drinking soda

I want to be an actor, but I don’t practice my lines
I want to be a writer, but I can’t type
I want to be a fashion designer, but I can’t sew
I want to be an astrologer, but I can’t find the constellations
I want to be an artist, but I can’t draw
I could be a model, but I can’t take direction

I want to be famous, but I don’t take the time to be good at anything

I can do better than that person, but I don’t
Why can’t I get a better job?
Why do I feel like everyone is better than I am?

I can’t handle criticism
I can’t handle constructive feedback
Why am I always stuck picking up after everyone else?

I want things to change, but I won’t change anything

I used to run a 6 minute mile, but I don’t run anymore
I used to be good at chess, but I don’t play anymore
I used to be an A student, but there’s no one around to push me to excel anymore

I could do better, but I don’t

I hate my routine, but I won’t do anything different
I’m sick of my job, but I won’t look for a new one
I’m tired of working for someone, but I don’t want to be responsible for my own work
I don’t want to take responsibility for my station in life

I’m not humble enough to admit I need to work on my skills

This work is beneath me
Can’t I hire someone to do it for me?
I don’t have time to clean the house – I’ll hire a maid
I need a night on the town – I’ll hire a sitter
I can’t mow the lawn because of my knee surgery – I’ll see if Bobbi can do it
My driveway is piled with snow – I call the snow plow
I don’t want to walk the dog every day – I’ll get a walker
I don’t want to cook every day – I’ll order takeout
I can’t keep track of my expenses – I’ll get an accountant
I don’t know what to eat – I’ll see a nutritionist

I think I’m bad at singing, but I want to get better- I’ll hire a vocal coach
I want to run the 5K, but I’m out of shape – I’ll hire a trainer
I want to look my best, but I don’t know what to pick – I’ll consult a stylist
I want to work for myself but I’m impatient with details – I’ll hire an office assistant

Alexa, turn on the lights
Siri, where should I go for lunch?
Can I hire someone to brush my teeth for me?
Is there an app for that?

I’m tired of exercising everyday – is there a pill for that?

Mind-body integration
Getting your mind and your body to be in sync and work on the same schedule

Taking responsibility for what you do with your time
Learning to manage your time wisely
Accepting accountability for your action or inaction

What are you going to practice until you get good enough at it to become known for it? (trine 10th house)
Adjust your schedule to make time to practice what you want to be good at

Do you prefer office work or manual labor
How much freedom do you need in your daily schedule
Can set you set and commit to a schedule
Routine checkups
Showing up on a daily basis to do your work

Crafts and trades
Being an apprentice in your craft
Doing your homework

8 of pentacles

Time bandits
Cutting it short

The fabric of the universe is far from perfect
Everything could use some work
Everything could use some improvement
Even the Divine needs assistance
Even the Divine needs assistants
Serving a higher calling

What do you do to help?
Who do you help?
How do you occupy your time
Hey, do you need help with that?

Who are your coworkers
Who are you rubbing shoulders with day to day
People who you wouldn’t know if it weren’t for your job
What kinds of people have the same skill set as you
What am I going to do with all my free time?
How can I employ myself?

The Office

Do you do your work or do you get someone to do it for you?
Do you cut corners?
Do you cheat time?
What is YOUR work?
What do you make time for?
Scheduled activities – not free time

SIT DOOooOooWN AaaaAND …… type. And type. And type, and type.

Mundane boring shit
Your work space

So, what do you do?

How does it really work?

No, I mean, HOW, how does it really work?

How does it look from the ground level
Working your way to the top
Building a business from the ground up

Measuring yourself against those in your field
Measuring your skill set – how good are you, really?

Prove you can do what you say you can do
Physical manifestation (Saturn) of your words (Mercury)
Mental grounding

Having the humility to admit you need help
Having the humility to take on an apprentice position until you learn more
Willingness to learn from someone who is better than you
Willingness to admit that there are people who are better than you

A realistic assessment of what your skills are

Having the humility to work for someone until you get good enough to go out on your own
Practicing, and being willing to make mistakes
Getting better with practice
An area of life where your skills are deficient and need some work
Polishing your skills
Where do you need to cultivate humility in order to do your best work
The kind of work you’re going to be doing on a daily basis
Your daily, boring, mundane tasks

Employees and services

Menial yet essential jobs
Menial yet essential skills
Essential basic services
People who help your life run efficiently
People who free up your time

I don’t understand how this works, I need help.
Where can I volunteer to get hands-on experience?
Where should I get an internship?
Who can I help while I polish my skills?

Efficiency – killing two birds with one stone
I’ll walk the dog and train for the 5K at the same time
I’ll cook my own food, lose weight, and save money
I’ll clean my house, get a little exercise, save money, and donate unused items to charity

Converting mundane tasks and chores into lifestyle choices
Creating a daily lifestyle

Time tracking apps
Scheduling assistants
Make every goddamn day count
Make every minute of every day count
Make the best use of your time

The gears of the universe
Universal mechanic
Cosmic Mechanic
The actual mechanics of the universe
The essential task you need to perform to make the universe run efficiently
Nobody notices when everything is running smoothly
The linchpin
Who it takes to make things work.

It’s after sunset now, almost time for bed, what did you do with your day? What is left to be done tomorrow?
Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

Brainstorm: Sun in the 6th House

Star employee. Employee of the month, every month. The linchpin. I shine by being of service. I shine by helping others. I am essential to the operation. Your dad is the boss at work. Your dad deals with health issues on a day-to-day basis. Your dad is a doctor. Your dad works in healthcare. Your dad works in a service industry. Your dad is a work organizer. Your dad’s identity comes from his job. Your identity comes from the type of work you do on a day-to-day basis. What is your office like? What’s your work environment like? Where do you shine in a useful capacity?

Brainstorm: Moon in the 6th House

The healthful cook. The nutritionist. Daily caretaker. Working in an old folks’ home. Mothering your coworkers. Feeling emotionally bonded with your office mates. Mom was a nurse. Mom was a maid. Mom was a housekeeper. Mom worked in a service industry. Mom was concerned about diet and health. Mom had health issues.

Brainstorm: Mercury in the 6th House (accidental dignity)

Tinkering with the mind and body. Gossiping with the help. Coordinating the team. Everybody, jump on Slack! You had a sibling with health issues. Your sibling is a doctor. Your sibling is a nurse.

Brainstorm: Venus in the 6th House

Painting every day. A Painting a Day. Pursuing art and beauty on a daily basis. The housekeeper’s daughter. In love with the laundry lady. Your sister is a doctor. Your sister is a nurse. Your sister works in the service industry.

Brainstorm: Mars in the 6th House (joy)

Energy applied to daily work with direct goals in mind. Effective use of daily energy. Office manager. Who’s in charge here? The son of the maid. The gardener’s kid. Daily battles. Your brother has health issues. Your brother works in health care. You’re an office manager. Sous chef. Yes, chef.

Brainstorm: Jupiter in the 6th House (accidental detriment)

Gaining weight. Overwhelming health issues. Having a good attitude to daily life. Easy going. Perhaps too lax in self-care. May need a larger philosophy to underpin their daily health routine. But WHY do I have to take that medicine? Health philosophies. Creating a daily life-style based on a health philosophy.

Brainstorm: Saturn in the 6th House

Dedication to the daily grind. Health issues that are burdensome and require daily maintenance. Feeling separate from your coworkers. Having a hard time fitting into the office scenario. Liking to work on your own.

Brainstorm: Uranus in the 6th House

Disruption to your daily routine. Unusual work environment. Disruptions to your daily lifestyle. Highly modern office. Working with advanced technology. Bird lover. Working in aviation. Flying, constantly. Daily astrological pursuits.

Brainstorm: Neptune in the 6th House

Floating through work. Just passing through. Difficulty finding work and fleeting employment circumstances. Problems with daily alcohol or drug use. Daily meditation. Making time for spiritual practice every day. Problems with leakages.

Brainstorm: Pluto in the 6th House

Power struggles at work. Power struggles with coworkers and with people who have your same skill set. Deep in the bowels of the operation. Total transformation through giving your all to your daily work. Transforming the work environment. Power struggles with employees. Getting pushed toward by people in a superior position. Dominating the office. Health problems that cause a complete lifestyle overhaul. Deep transformation through health crisis. Major, life or death, health issues. Psychological insight into daily life. Life coach.

You are creating a deeply satisfying daily experience for yourself. You are learning to fill every day with transformative experiences. You are learning to be intensely engaged in even the most mundane of activities. You are regenerating your health and vitality. You are creating an intensely demanding routine for yourself. Your daily routine is shamanic. Daily cleanses. Clearing out the sludge of daily existence. Cleansing the body of toxins. Cleansing the mind of toxic thoughts. Cleansing yourself of toxic habits. Transforming your daily habits. Developing a powerful daily practice. Making every day a matter of life and death. Choosing to embrace Plutonian themes in your daily life.

Researching effective diet and health programs. Making research a part of your daily practice. Finding the motivation to become deeply involved in everyday life. Becoming a powerful influence among your coworkers. Obsessively committed to the task at hand. Chronic workaholism. Deathly ill. Grave daily events. Becoming deeply involved in death and dying as daily work. Your daily work environment becomes extremely serious.

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