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My Best Places

The My Best Places Report does something amazingly simple and powerful: it tells you which towns and cities are best for the area of life you are most interested in. Instead of looking at an AstroMap or running an astrological analysis for particular cities, the Best Places Report simply tells you what the best places are!

For example, suppose you want to move somewhere but you are open and don’t know exactly where you want to move. You can choose the My Best Places – Around the World report. This option provides a list of the best places for Vocation and Career but also lists for 9 other categories that may be of some interest to you as well for location all around the world. This includes smaller towns and villages as well as all of the metropolitan areas and it covers every area of the world. In regions that are sparsely populated, the largest village or town in the area is included so that virtually every part of the world is included in the analysis.

ASTROFIX My Best Places Astrology Report

My Best Places

The 10 Categories covered in this report are:
  • Friendship and Family
  • Detailed Friendship and Family
  • Love and Romance
  • Vocation and Career
  • Optimism and Opportunity
  • Education and Communication
  • Culture and Creativity
  • Responsibility and Focus
  • Imagination and Inspiration
  • Excitement and Instability
The 10 regions are:
  • Canada & Greenland
  • United States
  • Mexico & Central America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Russia and countries bordering on the West and South
  • Middle East & SW Asia
  • Africa
  • India & bordering countries
  • China & Mongolia
  • SE Asia & Guam
  • Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands

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Nina (verified owner)

Hm. I didn’t like it so much. It was too confusing. Just a massive list of places with different ratings. Which would take one a long time to analyze. I would have preferred, a few carefully selected places that potentially have a good mix of positive astrological ratings for career, health, family, love etc. with more in-depth explanations for each.


This was a truly interesting Report! I chose five cities in five different States. I had no idea what to expect, as I’m fairly new to Astrology, so this was mostly a lark. It was Fun!

I *promise* not to base my life-decisions on this Report, but it’s hard not to be amazed by the results, which did add considerable weight to my thinking about where to move.

I’m a data nerd, so I looked closely at the numbering system used to compare the cities. Scores ranged from zero to 1,000. Sometimes zero is good and sometimes not so much. For instance, in the Excitement and Instability category, my zero scores were a good thing because I’m not into unpredictable, unstable situations. On the other hand, I received the top score of 1,000 in the Vocation and Career category, accompanied by the wonderfully droll text of: “If you are willing to do just about anything to get ahead, then this locality serves you well” ! This location, btw, was the only one that mentioned Fixed Stars.

Aside from the nerdy numbers, though, the language used in the Report is attention-grabbing. The computer author, wink, was having a stellar Mercury day with words like impatient, angry, stressful, hard-working, lonely, old-fashioned and overwhelmed. But it’s not all bad. My best location was described with words like strong, imagination, sensitivity, smoothly, cooperation, and courage.

In all, this Relocation Report was more than just entertaining, it was validating. I wish I could do it again. Wait a minute, I will do it again.

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