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Libra Through the Houses in Astrology

This article explores the meaning of the zodiac sign Libra through each house in the birth chart. Written in short, fragmented sentences, this eBook embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing. Entertaining read for newbies and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Signs Through the Houses astrology eBook.

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Girly girls. Sweetness as a form of manipulation. An artistic, balanced, aesthetic approach. A balanced, diplomatic and tactful approach. A sweet, nice, agreeable person. A sociable person. A charming person. A physically attractive person. A person with taste and aesthetic sense. A person with an artistic viewpoint. A person who is attuned to beauty. People who are unable to make decisions in life direction and rely on someone else to make decisions for them. An approach to life that is codependent. A person who always takes the opposite viewpoint. The devil’s advocate. An elegant person. A person who dresses with elegance and taste. The appearance of sweetness. A cooperative approach. A person who wears beautiful clothing. A person who presents herself beautifully. Classic beauty. A fashionable person. A vain person. A person overly concerned with superficial displays of kindness and sweetness. A sycophant. A person overly concerned with looks. A person who does not care one way or the other about life. An impartial or indifferent approach to life. A lack of passion in the approach to life. The need to be agreeable and pleasing prevents you from getting into the thick of life. The need to always be seen as fair, just, cooperative and agreeable prevents you from presenting divergent or controversial viewpoints or opinions. A person looking to get married or be in a relationship. Looking pretty. An apathetic approach to life. Falling into patterns of codependency. Failing to do what you really want to do in order to please others.

A balanced approach to finances. Equal pay for equal work. Sharing personal finances. Sharing earned money with a partner. Codependent financial relationships. Personal finances are derived from a partner. Earning money from beauty. Models. Makeup artists. Earning money from the arts. Decorators, artists and stylists. Valuing beauty, the arts and aesthetics. Valuing peace, cooperation and sharing. Valuing charm, grace, and sociability. Valuing beautiful clothing. A graceful body. Unable to deal with strife in relation to personal finances. Liking to share the things you have. Collecting art. Collecting beauty products. Collecting clothes and fashion. Collecting jewelry. Sharing collections. Talent for diplomacy. Talented in the arts. Personal income is earned by using diplomacy skills. A person who is naturally skilled in diplomacy and the arts. A person who naturally understands superficial beauty. A person who values superficial beauty. Peace is a survival need. Beauty is a survival need. Cooperation is a survival need. Accumulating beautiful, elegant and refined things. Valuing refinement and elegance. Indecisive about personal finance. Passive in relation to personal finance and taking care of survival needs. Expecting someone else to take care of your money. Expecting someone else to look after your survival. An indifferent attitude to money and possessions. Not caring one way or the other about money and possessions. Earning money from an involvement in fashion. Looking good is a survival need. Apathy in relation to money, finance and personal possessions. Natural resources law.

The language of love. Talking, writing and thinking about relationships. Talking, writing and thinking about marriage. Talking, writing and thinking about having a partner (romantic or otherwise). Writing books or blogs about relationships and marriage. Relationships are always on the mind. Having no opinion of your own. Always taking the opposite point of view in conversations. “He loves me, he loves me not.” Indecisive. Passive communication. Waiting for someone else to say it first. Parroting the partner. The need to keep peace and be agreeable prevents you from fully expressing upsetting or difficult opinions and ideas. A person who is not open to dealing with conflict. A diplomat. A person who is tactful in communication. A fair and impartial communicator. A judge. A negotiator. A person who loves debate. Talking, writing and thinking about equality and fairness. Talking, writing and thinking about beauty and fashion. Fashion writers. Fashion and beauty bloggers. Keeping a daily fashion journal. Beautiful handwriting. Calligraphers. Writing beautiful love letters. A sweet voice. Superficial conversations. A person who gives abundant compliments about a person’s looks or clothes. Endless talk about the spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. Endless talk about fairness and equality. Thinking and talking for two. Using the word “we” a lot. Speaking as if always in a negotiation. Taking an opposite stance when communicating regardless if that’s your actual opinion. No personal opinion, just balancing other opinions. Constantly weighing words. Wanting to say those things that will gain the most favor and put you in the most agreeable light. Someone who teaches the art of relating. Someone who teaches the art of negotiation. Raising communication to the level of art. Fashion gossip. Talking about clothes. Talking and writing about the way people look. Beauty instructor. Fashion instructor. Someone adept at giving relationship advice. Apathy in communication. Media law. Art sales. A charming way of communicating.

House divided. An apathetic parent. Choosing to side with one parent or the other. One parent keeps peace at home at all costs. One parent never addresses difficult issues in an attempt to keep the peace at home. A divided family. One parent always takes the opposite point of view of the other parent. One parent tries to get the children to side against the other parent. Parents who never see eye to eye. A pleasing, sociable and agreeable family. A fair-minded and just family. A family of diplomats. An attractive family. A vain family. A superficial family. A family of artistic and aesthetic-inclined people. Living in an aesthetically pleasing home. An eye for home design. Interior decorators. A peaceful home. A sweet, agreeable and sociable parent. A parent who acts as the devil’s advocate. Indifference toward your country and heritage. Elegant and refined architecture. Real estate law. Elegant and refined at the core. Impartial and indifferent at the core. Passive and codependent at the core. Living in the partner’s house. Feeling as if married to one parent. Privately sweet. A delicate, passive, peace-loving person in private. A peaceful person at the core. Wanting a peaceful home and country. Working for peace in your country. Wanting equality and fairness in your country. Inability to deal with coarse or rude people at home. An elegant garden. Surrounding yourself with beautiful people and objects, at home. Apathetic at the core. Land negotiations. Environmental law. Family law.

In love with love. Marriage is a hobby. Looking for a partner is a hobby. Joining dating sites as a hobby. Inability to choose one romantic partner due to indecision. An apathetic approach to romance. An apathetic approach to children. Not caring about children one way or the other. Not caring about sports one way or the other. Indifferent toward your children. Treating all children equally. Laws on behalf of children. Megan’s Law. Children’s rights. Sports for couples. Sports that combine athleticism with elegance. Couples’ figure skating. Sports that require cooperation. Elegant sports. Sports that require balance and poise. Gymnastics. Tight rope. Ballet. Synchronized swimming. Refined interests and hobbies. Maintaining your appearance is a hobby. Fashion is hobby. Makeup is a hobby. Beautiful children. Beauty contests are a sport and hobby. Entering children into beauty contests. Elegant, refined and graceful children. Waiting too long to have children because of indecision. Inability to reject romantic advances. Having several girlfriends or boyfriends due to the inability to say “no” to romantic advances. An inability to say “no” to children. Weighing risks. Balanced risk-taking. Children who always take the opposite viewpoint. Attracted to elegant, refined, delicate people. Attracted to impartial, fair and cooperative people. Attracted to people solely based on looks. Attracted to passive, codependent people. Attracted to graceful, pleasant, sociable people. Attractive children. Attractive and charming lovers. Hobbies and interests that involve beauty and relationships. Playing matchmaker for fun. Giving makeovers for fun. Dressing up for fun. Sports negotiator. Sports and entertainment law. Art law. Art negotiations. Artists’ agents. Art created from a partnership. Elegant self-expression. Flirting for sport. Dating as a sport.

Sweet tooth. Diabetes. Kidney disease. Beauty routines. Wanting to work in a beautiful and pleasing environment. Needing to be surrounded by beauty every day. Daily indecision and vacillation. Passive on a day to day basis. Vanity and superficiality are part of the daily routine. Eating sweets is part of the daily routine. Tactful, diplomatic interactions with coworkers and employees. Showing a fair and balanced approach to employee and coworker relationships. An agreeable person on the job. Passive and indifferent toward everyday work. Waiting for someone else to do the housework. Letting the partner do all the cleaning. Expecting the partner to look after your health. Expecting coworkers to pick up the slack. Equal opportunity employment. Liking to work on a team of two. Passive attitude to health, diet and exercise. Inability to take action on health, diet and exercise. Not caring one way or the other about your health. Not caring one way or the other about animals. Feeling that animals are equals. Feeling that coworkers are equals. Feeling that employees are equals. Eating equal portions. A balanced diet. A diet that vacillates from very healthy to very poor. Weight vacillations. Inability to decide on a diet or exercise routine. Always doing the opposite of whatever the doctor says. Romance is medicine. Being in a relationship is like medicine. Working at a co-op. Working as a makeup artist, hair stylist, or in a clothing store. Fashion is a day to day concern. Beauty is a day to day concern. Equality and fairness are day to day concerns. Working for equality and fairness every day. A person who is easy to get along with on an everyday basis. Working as a paralegal. Daily negotiations. Employee negotiations. Employment and labor law. Health law. Exercise that builds balance. Bosu ball exercises. Needing to keep a precise balance of food intake. Balancing liquid and food intake. Balancing the sugar intake.

Equal relationships. Marriage counselors. Looking for the equal. Wanting a marriage partner who is an equal by all accounts. A fair, tactful and diplomatic partner. An attractive, but possibly vain, partner. A passive, indecisive and codependent partner. A sociable, agreeable, pleasant, elegant and refined partner. A partner who wants true equal partnership. A partner who carries her fair share. Wanting to be in a committed relationship. Wanting to get married. A partner who always takes the opposite point of view. The partner acts like a parrot repeating everything you do or say. Inability to deal with strife in marriage. Glossing over deeper issues in marriage to avoid unpleasantness and arguing. Dislike of coarseness or rudeness in your spouse or business associates. Divorce rather than dealing with problems. Avoiding divorce at all costs though not necessarily dealing with underlying emotional issues. An argumentative partner. Marrying a judge. Marrying a lawyer. Marrying an impartial and indifferent person. Marrying a beauty or fashion consultant. Marrying an artist or interior decorator. Marrying a physically pleasing person. Marrying an aesthete. Marrying someone just to get married and have a partner. Wanting a partner who will agree with whatever you say or want to do. A well-proportioned partner. Waiting a long time to get married due to indecision. Fear of hurting the partner’s feelings. Having several suitors but unable to choose just one to marry. A charming spouse. Believing in Prince Charming. A codependent marriage. Marriage law. Divorce law. Marriage contracts. Prenuptial agreements. Keeping up appearances in marriage. Equally pleasant partners. Partners for peace.

This article explores the meaning of the zodiac sign Libra through each house in the birth chart. Written in short, fragmented sentences, this eBook embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing. Entertaining read for newbies and experienced astrologers alike. This article is included in the Signs Through the Houses astrology eBook . . .

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Philosophies about equality. Religious equality. Cultural equality. Believing in marriage. Believing in fairness. Believing in justice. Believing in equality and fairness. Judges. A philosophy of life that supports passive indifference. A philosophy of life that supports apathy. A philosophy of life that supports superficial beauty. Looking good is a religion. A profound belief in equality and fairness. Believing in beauty and aesthetic sense. Artistic philosophy. Beauty philosophy. The cult of beauty. Always taking the opposite point of view in discussions on religion or culture. Admiring the beauty and fashion of other cultures. A charming international diplomat. International law. Lawyers for religious groups. International policy makers. Law publications. Relationship publications. Bridal magazines. Wedding planning guides. Fashion magazines. Fashion gurus. Professors of fashion and design. FIT. Parsons. RISD. Believing in tact and diplomacy over going to war. Law school. Majoring in International Relations. Marrying someone from another culture, country or religion. Tactful, pleasant and charming clergy. Cultural laws. The laws of other countries. Civil rights lawyers. Corporate law. Immigration law. Intellectual property law.

Lawyers. Widely known for being tactful and diplomatic. Widely known for your looks. Widely known for your marriage(s). Widely known for your view of society. Widely known for vacillating. Business law. Widely known for your taste and elegance. Widely known for being sweet and agreeable. Widely known for being charming and graceful. Widely known for being a flirt. Widely known for being divisive. Widely known for taking the opposite viewpoint. Widely known for sycophantic tendencies. A diplomat. A tactician. Widely known for your relationships. Gaining recognition for being a fashionable person. Gaining a reputation for being superficial. Gaining a reputation for being passive and indecisive. Ambitions to be attractive. An ambitious marriage. A codependent career. A career that involves a partner. Dragging your spouse into the career. Gaining a career because of the spouse. Gaining a reputation for being an attractive person. Widely considered to be an attractive person. A career that demands impartiality. A career as a model. Trying to be all things to all people. Gaining a reputation for being fair and impartial. Gaining a reputation for being good at debate. Balancing the career with other obligations. A career that involves working for what is fair and just. Promoting equality through your choice of career. Sharing the spotlight.

Friends who are true peers. Equal relationships with friends and acquaintances. Groups of fair-minded, tactful people. Refined friends. Debate club. Committed to humanitarian goals. Commitment to long term goals. Groups and clubs for beautiful people. Groups and clubs for fashionistas. Law organizations. Peace Corp. Peace organizations. Humanitarian organizations that work for peace and equality. Debate club. Married to a cause, club, group, or organization. Marrying a friend. Treating friends like marriage partners. One on one friend relationships. Indifferent toward your friends. Treating friends equally. Indecisive, passive friends. Attractive, fashionable friends. Pleasant, elegant, refined friends. Tasteful friends. Friends who have artistic appreciation. Art clubs. Organizations for the arts. Friends who don’t rock the boat. Having friends who will agree with whatever you say. Friends who always take the opposite viewpoint. Charming friends. Superficial friendships. Friends with lawyers. Friends in the beauty and fashion industries. Long term goals for peace. Long term beauty goals. Long term goals for equality and fairness. Apathetic friends. Codependent friendships. The fashion in-crowd. Balancing relationships with friends. Wanting to be liked by the masses.

Great inner poise and grace. Superficiality, apathy and codependency are the self-undoing. Passivity, vanity and idleness are the self-undoing. Fear of marriage. Fear of commitment. Sweet surrender. Secretly indecisive. Secretly vain and superficial. Secretly apathetic. Lethargy. Sleeping to avoid having to make decisions. Making decisions is a fear. Sleeping beauty. An inner understanding of fairness and equality. Fearing beauty. Secretly dreaming of being beautiful. Secretly dreaming of getting married. Secretly dreaming of being a judge. Secret courts. Secret tribunals. Secret laws. Legislating Passivity in confronting past karma. Apathy toward sorrow and loss. Indifference to sorrow and loss. Indifference to karma. Indifference to spirituality and mysticism. Pursuing a path of spirituality that encourages fairness and equality. Balancing sleep with activity. Unaware of superficial tendencies. Unaware of innate charm and elegance. Sleeping with the spouse is an issue. Inability to sleep alone. Fear of sleeping alone. A balanced and fair approach to inmates, the sick or insane. Criminal law. Karmic law.


  • Aesthetic & Beauty-Oriented
  • Balancing, Mirror-Mirror, & Tit for Tat
  • Charismatic & Charming
  • Companionable & Sociable
  • Cooperative, Peace-Loving, and Fair
  • Diplomatic & Negotiating
  • Indecisive & Apathetic
  • Intermediary & Impartial
  • Pairing, matching, things that go together, equal, reflective
  • Refined, Elegant, & Gracious
  • Smooth operator
  • Balanced
  • Complementary
  • Fair
  • Advocate
  • Diplomat
  • Event planner
  • Home Decorator
  • Interior designer
  • Lawyer
  • Lobbyist
  • Matchmaker
  • Negotiator
  • Peacemaker
  • Wedding planner
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