Sun Synastry: 10th House Overlay

When someone’s Sun falls in your 10th house

looking up through colored balloonsThe Sun person naturally exhibits qualities that you want to be known for. With someone’s Sun in your 10th house you may find that you look up to that person. The Sun person could be a hero, a role model or an inspiration. The Sun person brings a fully lit, centered presence, to your 10th house of outer worldly success. The Sun person embodies a level of achievement, reputation and authority that you aspire to.

The Sun person may also play the role of parent or authority figure in your life. This person could be a boss, parent, step parent or other person with a say in your success in the outer world. These people frequently have power over you and can tell you what to do- and you have to listen to them. The Sun person could be someone who makes or breaks your career. The Sun person could literally thrust you into the spotlight and make you famous.

The Sun person brings radiant light to your 10th house. When someone’s Sun falls in your 10th house you feel that they are shining a light on your achievements and potentials. They recognize your potential and make you aware of it as well. At best there can be mutual admiration and inspiration. As the house person, you admire the qualities that the Sun person easily expresses. The Sun person sees you as someone who has the same ambitions in life that they have.

Negatively, you might resent someone whose Sun in falls in your 10th house. There could be bitter feelings about the power that person has over you. You could feel that they put a spotlight on all the ways you are not achieving your potential. They might make you feel that you are not ambitious enough. You may get the impression that the Sun person is trying to dominate you. You might feel that this person is trying to boss you around. You may resent this person’s attempts to mold you in their image.

When your Sun falls in someone’s 10th house

panda hot air balloon over mountainsAs the Sun person you recognize that you have the opportunity to be a role model for the 10th house person. Depending on how you feel about being an authority figure in the 10th house person’s life, you may accept or reject that role. If you have no desire to be a parent, authority or role model to the 10th house person, you might intentionally fail to set a good example. The 10th house person also might make you aware of all the ways that you are not living up to your potential. You could begin to feel that you haven’t done enough, that you haven’t achieved enough, that you are a failure, or that, in some other way, you can’t live up to the 10th house person’s expectations for you.

As the Sun person you can help the 10th house person on their career path. You have something to show the 10th house person about their ambitions in life. You can help them get on the right career track. You can see the 10th house person’s current reputation, level of recognition and achievement, and you decide whether to give this person a boost- or not.

You might see the 10th house person as a “Mini-Me.” You might want to mold the 10th house person to be more like you are- at least in outer, public appearance. In the 10th house person you see an aspect of yourself that you want to grow and help reach great heights. At best you enjoy the admiration of the 10th house person and strive to set a good example.

With negative aspects you might thwart the 10th house person’s progress in the outer world. You might block their upward mobility. It could be that the potential you see in the 10th house person threatens your ego. Maybe you don’t want to share the spotlight. You could be overly bossy and authoritative, attempting to take the 10th house person’s power from them. You might be afraid that the 10th house person will achieve more than you have. With really bad aspects, you could be blinded by delusions of grandeur and think that the 10th house person admires or respects you when they really don’t- at all.

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  • firetiger

    aww your moon and my moon! how sweet 🙂

  • I have a similar relationship with Geminis- they absolutely amaze me with their ability to have easy conversations with people. They're usually really good with media too. Most of the Gemini-influenced people I meet are women.

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  • firetiger

    i have dated soo many Leos!! unbelievable really how they kept popping up in my life but i also realized i had a lesson to learn from them.. because of how much i deeply admire Leo zest for life~ geez i love it.. my aqua mars really loved it a lot too… not so much all the scorp placements… but Leos loved me and encouraged me and saw the best in me and I always really admired the Leos I've met too.. my MC is in Virgo tho and i haven't really met a lot of Virgos.. if I have they r not that memorable.. just 1 or 2

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