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North Node Leo 1st House/ South Node Aquarius 7th House

north-node in-leo-and-south-node-in-aquariusBecoming personally involved in your own life. Taking pride in your appearance. Engaging life with warmth and vitality. Developing self-dignity. Developing self-concern. Becoming aware of the need to express who you are in an upfront and obvious way. Making more room for play in your life. Putting a little showmanship into everything you do. Announcing your arrival. Letting people hear you roar. Bringing more fun to everything you do. Laughing more. Learning the art of getting noticed. Taking it personally. Being uncompromising in your personal vision of how you want to live your life. Doing things to amuse yourself. Reserving the right to throw a royal fit when you’ve been insulted. Getting in touch with your inner queen or king. Allying yourself with people who have a cool head, yet remaining warm and personal yourself. Becoming more creative in everything you do. Bringing a personal touch to everything you do. Personalizing every experience. Enjoying being the center of attention. Becoming comfortable when all eyes are on you. Basking in your own glow. Developing a radiant presence. Being unafraid to shine. Resisting the urge to deflect attention from yourself. Letting yourself lead a grand, dramatic, romantic life. Releasing the need for controversial relationships. No longer dependent on group approval. Acknowledging other people’s uniqueness yet embracing your need to shine. Feeling special. Following your heart. Bossing people around when you need to. Not letting other people cramp your style. Letting go of strange relationships that hold you back.

North Node Leo 2nd House/ South Node Aquarius 8th House

Developing priorities centered on warmth, generosity and playfulness. Allowing creativity to be a priority. Allowing laughter to be a priority in your life. Letting go of cold, impersonal attitudes toward sex. Finding out what your individual priorities are outside of the group. Paying more attention to your own value system and less attention to overturning other people’s value systems. Growing a deeper attachment to your personal will power. Becoming the boss of your own bank account. Your money answers to you. Allowing yourself to spend money on things that feel luxurious. Treating yourself like a queen. Becoming more generous with your money and possessions. Giving more of yourself. Realizing how much warm love you have to give. Valuing heart over technology. Valuing warm human relationships over mechanical progress. Releasing the tendency to become distant and cold when relationships get deep. Becoming less concerned with how we as a society approach taboos, death or sex. Valuing playfulness and warmth over novelty and kink. Being physically playful. Allowing yourself to have fun earning money. Earning money through creative pursuits. Valuing your inner child. No longer having detached, impersonal sexual relationships. No longer being emotionless when people tell you their deep dark secrets. Understanding how individual values affect the collective. Filling up your bank account with love. Using the love you feel as a guide for what you truly value. Learning to cherish your body. Recognizing that you have special abilities and talents. Never put yourself last on your own priority list. Giving yourself first class treatment. Maintaining objectivity about other people’s priorities while focusing instead on what holds personal value for you.

North Node Leo 3rd House/ South Node Aquarius 9th House

Becoming warmer in conversation. Becoming more personal in your communication habits. Getting to know the people you talk to personally. Moving away from mass concepts. Moving away from generalizing about groups of people. Learning to speak to people as individuals. Learning how individual people think and express themselves. No longer putting people into generalized cultural groups or factions. Getting in touch with your self-expression through writing or speaking. Drawing attention to yourself through a highly personal way of communicating. Expressing your ideas with courage and dignity. Becoming more generous in sharing information. No longer needing to start a cultural rebellion. Becoming less rebellious in your beliefs. Developing warm interpersonal communication habits. Letting your communication take on a more child-like or playful tone. Becoming creative in your communication. Putting your own spin on things. Having a brainchild. Encouraging others in their writing or speaking. Putting your heart into teaching. Putting heart into your words. Thinking about individual people rather than faceless masses. Letting go of being overly intellectual and academic. Letting go of detached opinions. Becoming more personally involved with the facts at hand. Letting people know your thoughts. Being proud of your education. Remaining detached from any particular belief system while still having a personal opinion. Learning to communicate your bizarre theories in a genuine and personable way. Making people feel special when you talk to them. Not being so “out there.” Talking like a real human being instead of a robot.

North Node Leo 4th House/ South Node Aquarius 10th House

Being the star of  the family. Developing warmer family relationships. Being proud of your roots and heritage. Having pride for your country. Showing off where you’ve come from. Not being so concerned with whether people think you’re strange. Not needing to be seen as a rebel or outlaw. Gathering your family around you, like subjects, at your knees. Finding your royal court at home. Spending more time getting to know your family members as individuals. Spending more time getting to know your roots and heritage in a personal way. Letting yourself purr like a kitten curled up on the couch. Developing deep self-love. Making your heart your foundation. Taking it personally when it comes to your family, roots and heritage. Getting comfortable with your personal creativity. Becoming the king of your castle. Finding pride in where you’ve come from. No longer needing to upset the existing establishment. Getting in touch with a very private longing to feel special. Becoming less concerned with approved scientific traditions and regulations and relying on your heart instead. Becoming more playful at a deep level. Playing with your family more. Realizing that outer achievement probably won’t make your heart sing. Being seen as technical and geeky isn’t where your heart is anymore. Being seen as scientific and experimental isn’t where your heart is anymore. Rebellion isn’t where your heart is anymore. Maintaining objectivity about your outer responsibilities while allowing yourself to become fully involved with your family and home. No longer needing to be seen as different, unusual or unconventional, preferring instead to be loved and cherished for exactly who you are.

North Node Leo 5th House/ South Node Aquarius 11th House

Too much watching, not enough participating.  Getting in touch with your inner child. Moving toward warm, personal creativity. Letting yourself shine and be dramatic. Participating in theater. Playing the part. Finding out what your individual contribution is. Finding out what you have to contribute that is special. Putting your personal stamp on the creative process. Getting romantic. Wowing your romantic partners. No longer being a nameless face in the crowd. Pulling out all the stops in love. Putting your heart into romance. Putting your heart in art. Putting your heart into relationships with children. Getting flirtatious. Learning the art of love. Coquetry. Getting beyond “just friends.” Learning how to demonstrate that you’re interested in someone. Not holding back in romance. Dinner and a movie, and wine and roses, and fireworks, and a serenade, and first class tickets for a getaway. Letting the performer in you come out. Learning how to “set the stage.” Becoming less concerned with group dynamics and group contributions. Spending more time with your girlfriend or boyfriend than your friends. Making your love life a priority. Making self-expression a priority. No longer stifling your creativity to get along. Making your mark. Luxuriating in your own creative process. Giving birth to project after project. Exuberance. Ebullience. Radiant heart power. Expressing yourself to the masses in a highly personal way. Shining through fun and games. Giving in to play time. No longer fearing “what everybody is going to think.” No longer fearing that, if you express yourself, people will think you’re strange. Maintaining objectivity about how your personal contribution fits into larger society. Scratching the creative itch. No longer needing to fit in with the rebels, or to rebel against general society. Letting go of social causes and the pursuit of progress.

North Node Leo 6th House/ South Node Aquarius 12th House

Giving yourself the royal treatment. Making each little event during the day be an opportunity for creative self-expression. Letting personal expression become part of your everyday routine. Finding a job that allows you to express your personal point of view. Finding a job that gives you dignity. Becoming warm and playful with animals and pets. Putting your personal best into your job. Shining at work. Learning to appreciate coworkers and employees. Doing your best, even when it’s hard labor. Becoming the boss. Being the boss of your own schedule. Realizing that you need to feel appreciated on the job. Realizing that you need recognition for your hard work. No longer willing to blend into the faceless background. Not letting your innate ideals of equality interfere with your need to be a star. Not being afraid to stand out on the job. Becoming famous for your skills. Putting your heart into your work. Putting your heart into your craft. Watching the health of your heart and spine. Not being too proud to go to the doctor. Becoming the Queen Bee on the job. Maintaining objectivity about larger spiritual implications while still being passionately involved in your everyday work. No longer fearing that your uniqueness will be your self-undoing. No longer sabotaging your efforts with strange behavior. No longer pulling back when you should be putting your heart into work.

North Node Leo 7th House/ South Node in Aquarius 1st House

Moving away from an overly cool and logical approach to life. Putting your heart into your significant relationships. Bringing more warmth to your one on one relationships. Treating your partner like a princess. Showing off your relationships. Bringing the romance to relationships. No longer intellectualizing your approach. Developing a warmer relationship with the other. Letting your partner know that you’re proud of them. Putting your heart into your intimate relationships and not holding back. Making your partner the center of your world. No longer afraid to become personally involved in your partner’s life. Less emphasis on you and the way you’re going to change the world. More emphasis on you and your partner and the love that you share together. Becoming more generous in your personal relationships. Letting your partner be the boss sometimes. Showing the people close to you your artistic side. Becoming more playful in your relationships. Shining through marriage and relationship. Becoming the hero in the relationship. Being courageous when times are good, and when they are bad. Maintaining objectivity about your path while being fully engaged in your relationships. No longer acting like a weirdo to avoid relationships. Giving more of yourself to your partner. No longer letting strange behavior prevent you from finding “The One.” No longer pretending to be cool when what you really want is love.

North Node Leo 8th House/ South Node Aquarius 2nd House

Having the courage to get involved in what goes on behind closed doors. Getting personally involved in deeper relationships that make you uncomfortable. Bringing heart to difficult emotional entanglements. Becoming more giving in your understanding of other people’s priorities and values. Releasing an overly logical value system. Using your heart to navigate other people’s “stuff.” No longer rationalizing your priorities. Getting to know individual people and their problems. Developing a warmer approach when dealing with other people’s emotional traumas. Finding a partner who brings out your playful side in sex. Letting a more child-like side of you come out in deeply intimate situations. Not being afraid to make a joke when things get dark and strange. Getting to know your sex partners personally- no anonymous sex. Admitting that you want to feel special and appreciated during sex. Shining during sex. Becoming a demonstrative lover. Showing your partner what you want. Learning to appreciate when people are courageous enough to reveal themselves to you. Developing warmer relationships with people who are experiencing states of transition rather than pulling away and watching from a distance. Maintaining objectivity about your personal values while still becoming passionate about the concerns of others. Releasing all of the bizarre priorities that prevent you from engaging in deeper relationships with other people.

North Node Leo 9th House/ South Node Aquarius 3rd House

Developing a personal philosophy of life. Living a lifestyle that encourages self-expression. Finding your personal place within your religion or belief system. Finding a belief system that helps you feel special and appreciated. Creating your own philosophy of life. Putting heart into your philosophy of life. Living life with heart and meaning. Putting yourself into your belief system. Warming up your approach to religion, culture and higher education. Putting your personal spin on big picture issues. Putting your personal stamp on the big subjects. Finding out what your personal take on god, creation, the meaning of life, etc… is. Being willful about what you believe. Having the courage to find meaning in your life. Imbuing your life with personal meaning. No longer being an Existentialist. Finding out what gives you meaning. Getting out of overly logical thought processes by allowing yourself to simply play with ideas. Letting yourself play with concepts and abstractions. Becoming less serious when it comes to the big picture. Using your ingenious mind to play with larger concepts. Becoming more creative with what the possibilities are. Finding meaning in art and self-expression. Finding meaning in relationships with children. Finding meaning through access to your inner child. Maintaining an objective personal viewpoint yet still being passionately involved in your opinions. Letting go of all the bizarre thoughts that prevent you from opening your heart to outside experiences and beliefs.

North Node Leo 10th House/ South Node Aquarius 4th House

Becoming a leader. Being the boss. Building a reputation for being warm and personable. Putting your personality into your career. Developing a career based on your personality (Martha Stewart, for example). Becoming known for being a brand. Running the show. Becoming known for your creativity. Becoming known for your personal way of doing things. Putting your mark on the world at large. Putting your personal stamp on your business. Releasing an unconscious need to rebel against your family and roots. Releasing an inner concern that you don’t fit in. Releasing the inner misfit so you can shine out in the world. Getting over how weird your family is. No longer being upset by your family’s strange behavior or traditions. Moving into a warmer outward public expression. Becoming known as someone who is playful, warm and creative. Becoming a celebrity. Letting yourself shine through your profession. Choosing a career that lets you be yourself. Choosing a career that lets you put your personal stamp on everything you do. Choosing a career that lets you show your personal style. Using your unusual background as a platform for why you’re special. Maintaining objectivity about where you’ve come from while becoming personally involved in your outer, public life.

North Node Leo 11th House/ South Node Aquarius 5th House

Learning the difference between friends and lovers. Becoming more personally involved with groups of people who share your interests. Bringing personality and presence to the groups with which you are involved. No longer taking a backseat when it comes to getting involved in sharing your interests. Developing generosity toward groups and organizations. Maintaining your quirky artistic viewpoint yet still appealing to the masses. Releasing overly intellectual artistic pursuits that no one can relate to. Releasing an overly logical approach to the creative process. Releasing a kind of aloof approach to art and creativity. Developing warm, friendly relationships with people who share you interests. Becoming more generous in sharing your creative projects with other people. Becoming the boss of the group that shares your interests. No longer needing every interest to affect larger society. Simply basking in the fun of sharing the things you like with other people. No longer feeling ostracized because of your likes. Finding people who appreciate your style of expression. Banding together with people who have a similar “specialness.” Maintaining objectivity about what brings you personal pleasure yet sharing some of your creative spark with other people.

North Node Leo 12th House/ South Node Aquarius 6th House

Shining behind the scenes. Learning how to put your personal best forward yet remain invisible. Letting go of overly rational, mechanized approaches to daily routine. Embracing private, creative time to pamper yourself. Doing your best creative work in solitude. Finding creative inspiration through mediation. Finding creative inspiration when you are alone. Learning about inner courage. Recognizing your fear of being special or calling too much attention to yourself. No longer letting erratic schedules upset your special alone time. Releasing the need to be a genius on the job. Releasing the need to innovate everyday tasks. Facing sorrow and grief associated with feel appreciated. Understanding how too much ego can be your self-undoing. Understanding how you might sabotage yourself by having too much pride. Recognizing how vanity might be your self-undoing. Creating a personal sanctuary. Getting in touch with your personal take on spirituality. Sublimating your ego. Releasing erratic diet and exercise routines. Maintaining detachment in coworker and employee relationships. Becoming more personally involved in spiritual development than routine activities.

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  • I have my north node in leo in the 7th house, and I find this placement difficult, bc I have my moon conjunct saturn and sqaure uranus so that’s true that I sometimes can be very detached

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  • Jessica Lanham

    Thanks for posting this! It’s difficult to find specific, well-written information about North Node placements, especially for NN Leos in the 11th House. Most of what I have found has been less than helpful. It’s made particularly confusing because of the contradictory nature of the placement. I’ve struggled to understand what my karmic destiny is in this lifetime, but your advice has definitely made my path feel a little more tangible. All my life I’ve struggled with maintaining personal relationships, particularly with men. I have difficulty discerning the boundaries between friendship and romance. Once a relationship hits a certain level of intimacy, I fumble around with boundaries. Although I occasionally get drawn in (and in a few cases, even obsessive), I most often find it pretty easy to withdraw and eventually disappear (which may also be due to a Venus in Cancer and a Venus Opp. Neptune). In addition, I’ve struggled with accepting the things I like, such as comic books, science fiction, mythology, etc. Even though I like these things because I JUST DO, I’ve found that I study these things in an esoteric, analytical way to shield myself from external judgment and/or to provide justification. If anything, this entry strengthened my resolve to live more in the moment, be more comfortable in my own skin, and definitely be less concerned with other’s thoughts. Thanks again for this affirmation!

    • Thank you so much for the feedback Jessica. Where is your Sun?

      • Jessica Lanham

        Hi, it’s Taurus in the 8th.

        • I think a lot of what you wrote above can be traced to having the ruler of your north node (the Sun) in the 8th house.

          From astrologer Steven Forrest:

          The planet that rules the sign of the Moon’s north node helps us get to where we need to go. It supports the realization of the evolutionary intention.

          The planetary ruler of the north node represents a useful tactic for fulfilling the soul-contract; or an important piece of the puzzle; or a helpful clue about how to get it right; or just the icing on the cake—a way to “make an A” in the north node work.

          read the rest here:

  • Me

    Thank you so much for this. For the last couple of years I’ve been in such a strenuous path of self-discovery, and, thankfully, things have been falling into place ever since my first ayahuasca experience. I’ve grown very fond of astrology of late; it has been putting things in their righteous place. I was paying much attention to other aspects of my chart; however, today I felt an inclination to probe on the meaning of the nodes — and gladly did so! So much makes sense: all the internal struggles, the feeling of having to move to this place that isn’t naturally me, but the calling is so strong! I am on the path. I am so emotional right now. In fact, I cried lots. Yes, the heart is so important for us North Node in Leo. Thank you Michelle!

    • Hi Me,

      Thank you for reading.

      Where did you try ayahuasca? What are your north and south node positions?

      Best wishes,

      • Me

        Hey! I’ve actually done Ayahuasca in Brazil and Peru. Basically change my life for the so much better.

        My north done is in 3rd house Leo, south 9th Aquarius. Interestingly enough, I felt like the reading for north node 1st and 2nd houses Leo have lots to do with my path, too, specially NN 1st Leo. I guess that has to do with my chart as a whole.

        It’s interesting having my NN there because I have Pluto, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and my moon all in Libra.

        Do you have any take on MC opposite Sun? I can’t seem to find lots of that. Maybe that’s why there isn’t much info about it.

        • What do you do?

          I think I’ll write the Sun/MC-IC posts soon because there have been a lot of requests.

          • Me

            Nice, that would be really cool. I’ve had lots of issues trying to find a proper career (Sun opposite a MC in Pisces I suppose). With the help of a dear friend I’m now focused in working with languages, which is something that I’ve always loved.

            Now that I’m going deep into Astrology, I know of the influence Saturn has in one’s life. Mine is conjunct Venus and my moon, and in the house of Libra. Personal relationships have been very hard, same for how I view myself. Gladly those aspects of my life are improving.

            • Is that conjunction in the 5th house?

              • Me

                Moon and Venus conjunct Saturn in the 7th house.

  • Magdalena

    I was so happy to find your article about the Leo/Aquarius that has nodes and houses. And I think there are quite a bit of a Leo / Aquarius people are out there it just that most people do not realize how important the nodes are. The general explanations of the houses and the signs makes the node interpretation even more complex, not to mention the other aspects of the chart. Mine is Leo in the tenth house and Aquarius in the fourth. I am supposed to be a leader of my own life and I’ve always been, but with a Sun square Saturn and other difficult aspects everything has been thwarted in that department. I have no interest to ‘shine’ in the public still and that can be explained with other aspects of my chart. So in one hand the Leo tenth h. – n.n. wants to shine but the other strong aspects prevent you from it. Does not make any sense.
    N.N. in the tenth house also suggests “You spent plenty of lifetimes in seclusion, meditating and pondering your soul’s development. This will be balanced in the current incarnation with lots of social activity.” ( As for the former, my chart is still heavily influenced with such aspects and that is my true character. And for the latter, my life pattern had almost no social activities and never craved it.
    I think to understand the complexities of the chart and the nodes, a professional astrologer is needed to put it all together.

  • Callie

    Hello there!! :0)
    I just wanted to say I am a Leo rising with north node at 1° Leo & in my 12th house. I came looking for answers as the last yr. My life is nothing as it was before … Everything about me has changed for the better … I am majoring in psychology for the past 2 yrs. But since my spontaneous spiritual awakening last October 8th I have been diligently studying anything Astrology I can get my hands on. So trust me their are some true lovers of this practice with the north node in Leo :OD
    Venus & rising/Leo 1st
    (Saturn conjunct Jupiter) also Pluto in h./Libra 3rd
    Moon conjunct uranus/Scorpio 4th
    Neptune/Sagittarius 5th
    Transit Neptune in my 8th h. Of Pisces
    Transit Uranus in my 9th h. Of Aries
    Mercury mars conjunct in critical latter degrees/11th
    Sun/Cancer 12th

    • What kind of work do you do?

      • callie

        Hey Michelle! :0)
        Well as I said , I’ve been going to college for the last 2 yrs majoring in Psychology, BUT my heart & soul crave anything Astrological & hidden…I’m torn, if I choose what doesn’t feel right for to me anymore because I’m expected too. I’m done with that conforming starting to stand up for myself … So I still am in school getting the grades, but I also am putting just as much if not more into Occult based things in private (12th house lol) I feel at home and happy in 12th house spirituality … I pull my strength from there … Which gives me massive amounts! A lot of times I have to meditate to stop at night lol

  • hypnotic

    I have North Node in Leo in 10th house (I am Gemini/Libra, Moon in Leo), and the description fits it perfectly, really, though it’s all pretty much enumerated…i would like to know more. 🙂

  • Runningwater

    I have NN in Leo in the 1st house conjunct my Leo Ascendent by 2 degrees, I saw a lot of NN Leo in 12 house people in these comments, but not a lot of NN 1st house people. Anyway I I have been with my husband since I was 15, married him at 20, and know I am 33, still with him (with all of his mistakes I can see the Devine Beloved in him and easily love people this way-NO MATTER WHAT). I always think of him as a “friend” which isn’t entirely bad, but sometimes I wonder if with my NN in Leo in 1st house if I should learn to be less detached in personal relationships, learn how to demand more for myself, be okay with being bossy in a nice way, and just asking for me. Relationships are hard for me, because I really do feel like I could be endlessly self less, and I want to keep that power, and yet also laugh and just not worry about it so much. Is really about just learning to really celebrate myself, and be more personal with people as well? I guess, I am just supposed to learn to have fun, and be warm and open. I do have some positive aspects to my north node, like nearly exact semi sextile from Virgo sun and Jupiter, nearly exact sextile to Libra Pluto, and nearly exact trine to Sag Neptune. With many slow moving planets making aspects to my NN does that mean my NN tendencies will be realized slower and later in life possibly? (Maybe I just need to realize that I am also the Devine Beloved incarnate and learn to love myself as selflessly as I am able to love others-To find Balance between my love for Humanity and learning to love myself personally-to realize I am worth it)! Because I am.

    • learn to be less detached in personal relationships, learn how to demand more for myself, be okay with being bossy in a nice way, and just asking for me.
      It’s not a bad idea to put the spotlight on yourself sometimes … without being a diva 🙂

  • Asya

    Michelle, many thanks for the incredible article, combining NN sign and house, which is something I haven’t met anywhere, though I’m very much into astrology, reading and practising. In spite of my involvement I have issues about my own NN, being in leo on the cusp of the second house \exactly on the cusp from the first….as long as my rectification is correct, which is also doubtful:)\. I totally agree with Molly – I’ve also been brutally disappointed by almost everybody in my life. And at the same time I’ve been giving each one of them the best attitude one can dream of. The total openness and reliability you can imagine. Better not describe what I’ve received in return…And also have problems concerning heritages and money…So I really am in a doubt in which house to interpret my node. ?? And how to work it out the best way. I assume my uranus\mars conjunction, squaring my nodes makes things worse. But, honestly, it’s almost unbearably painful for me to have such bad experiences with people in my life and to be bound to assert myself, being a sun in libra in the fourth \conjunct pluto\ and a moon in libra in the third conjunct saturn. Also, my drives towards art have always been suspended by my family…and I’ve had education and work experience in PR and media \which is the SN\, where I’m naturally skillful, but doing things for another’s image and money or working backstage doesn’t give me such a joy. And being on stage frightens me..and maybe I’m too old for this. I’m 32 and I’m very confused – what direction should I take. I love astrology, but for my NN in leo I think it can be harmful…So I’m totally confused on where to head for…Thank you for being here and for your work! I’ll be glad if you have some comments on my post! :))))

    • Hi Asya,

      It’s difficult to visualize without seeing the chart. If you had a SN in the 8th house you’d be more concerned with depth experiences and if the SN is in the 7th you’d keep wanting to be in a relationship.

      • Asya

        Thank you for the reply! To be honest I`m interested in both – in depth experiences and relationships…but I’m also a Libra Sun, Moon, Saturn and Pluto and a Scorpio Mercurius, Mars and Uranus…So SN here is hard to be defined. :)))

  • Maxine

    I’m a Leo nn in the 6th house and I’m really loved by co workers and by people in authority, but once I’m moving on up some people get Jelous. It’s that bc of my north node or just Human nature? And I can honestly say I just lead by example and love it. I enjoyed your blog. I’m thankful for my past Aquarius path and fortunate to have a Leo north node. I love the pride of being an authentic creative person that stalls has an eye to resonate with humanity. Great blog.

  •  I’m so impressed with this, it describes so accurately!  Thankyou for sharing this information! x

  • Thanks, Lola. Was there anything in particular that you liked?

  • Iola

    Just found your site, I was actually doing research on my Scorpio 3rd house and found the info that you have here very interesting.
    My NN Leo is in the 11th house and I enjoyed reading your description. Thank You.

  •  (NN Leo in 8th house)

  • Michelle, I love this one. I am Leo NN and I love knowing about myself and being my own best friend. So glad to have found you. 

    • Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment, Linda.

  • Nospam

    Good stuff, oh ….  I am here!!!  2.7.62 #160304

    • I don’t understand what #160304 means.

  • It’s a strange mixture to want to be seen, but also to want to be tucked away for periods of time. Using whole signs my Leo Moon is in the 12th house. 

    • James

      I have Leo in the 12th house in the nn. It is a strange energy, as if I have chosen the path of a Lion who must learn to swim in the ocean. The sun, my nn ruler, is in libra in the second house conjunct Pluto.

      • Interesting image – a lion swimming in the ocean!

        • James

          It is just such a strange north node – it doesn’t seem to offer a traditional career or familial path… More like becoming in an individual or artist in the world of karma or what is unseen? I feel more comfortable in the daily life of intellectual or collective work (south node). It Is a south node that wants to serve humanity in a tangible cerebral manner. Maybe that’s why this nn feels like learning to swim in a lions body.

          Thanks for putting this website together.. It is helpful for those of us trying to get a handle on the north node!

          • You’re welcome, James. 

            “Maybe that’s why this nn feels like learning to swim in a lions body.”
            A big, warm, regal, impressive, intimidating body at that.

  • babs

    I have NN in Leo in the 12th house, and I’d say you were pretty accurate.  I have moon in 12th too though, so alone time is a big deal for me.  I do crave to be special however, and I do crave to be apprecated.  I currently do my best work at home and alone.  I would like to be seen and be special, not always work from behind the scenes, although it has been that way for a while.  One of my jobs is a massage therapist, and am seen and appreciated for that, but it is in a dark little room with just one other person.  lol

  • Viridiangrey
    • Hi Viridiangrey,

      Your link expired, but I made a screencast about this today:

      It’s less than 5 minutes, and you be able to determine where your north node is after watching it (I hope).

  • Reading your post is like a wonderful meditation which should be done once a month to tune the un-expressed or over-expressed. For NN 3rd house Leo you may want to add for fun “Ease in finding a parking” and “quirky but inventive and motivating neighbors, always ready to help”. Much Love!

    • Michelle

      “Ease in finding parking”….interesting…considering that my own North Node is in the 3rd (though in Scorpio) I actually struggle with many normal daily negotiations like finding a parking spot (which is why I tend to park far away from entrances). Thank you for reading H. A.

  • Chelsa

    Hi Michelle-
    I’m new to you [1st time reader] but not new to astrology, and i’ve gotta say I Iove your down to earth, no-nonsense, funny approach to astrology….this is a Leo NN 11th person talking. : ) Your article was dead-on, but leaves me to beg the question now what? I stumbled upon you because i’m at a loss and not sure what the heck I should do in life….btw I can really relate to your Taurus article about fullfilling your SN…I got a degree in Psychology and a Master’s in HR and guess what, both are now shelved! ; ( 
    Darn Gemini Midheaven…Do you have an article or any advice that combines both NN and Mid Heaven? 

    • Michelle

      Hi Chelsa, 

      Thank you for stopping by AstroFix and taking the time to comment. I don’t have any articles that combine the Nodes and the Midheaven – yet. That does seem like a useful combination, doesn’t it? I will keep that idea in mind for a future series or E-book.

  • daisy

    NN, Venus, Moon, ASC all in LEO
    NN, Pallas, Venus in 12th
    + going through 1st Saturn Return, and all the madness of this past summer (grand cross, eclipses)
    basically, i’m a hot, hot mess full of crazy contradictions,
    trying to learn how to shine in my own unique 12th house way…
    I must say that this blog has been a great help through my healing process….
    thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

    • Hi daisy,

      I missed this comment!
      All that Leo I think points to not letting your needs and want you want get taken for granted. Even if you find yourself working in the background, you can’t just disappear into the background.

  • Lili

    I have the opposite – South Node Le (10th), North Node Aquarius (4th)

    • I’ll get to that combination- stay tuned 😀 Thank you for reading Lili.

      • Lili

        Thank you, Michelle. I can’t wait! 🙂
        I LOVE this blog and the detail and dedication you put into it .

  • LB

    Hi Michelle – I liked this post; my mom had North Node in Leo (in the 12th, conjunct her Virgo rising) and reading this made me realize how much it affected her outlook on life, as well as her choices.

    She started out feeling like an “ugly duckling”, and with South Node in the 6th, she learned early on to always put the needs of others before her own. Eventually she blossomed, and began to receive lots of attention for her glamorous appearance; she also developed her creative abilities (sewing, dancing, fashion), although she never seemed completely comfortable being in the limelight. I think the 12th house placement limited her somewhat in that regard. She once had a job sewing clothes for the popular movie stars at MGM during the 40’s, but quit when they expected her to compromise her creative integrity by doing a sloppy job. She also trained to be a professional dance instructor, but gave it up; I think because she really wanted to dance, not teach.

    I think her undoing was her misplaced compassion (i.e., “enabling – she also had Neptune in the 12th), as well as her false sense of pride. She seemed to value easy, superficially charming people and relationships, especially with people who didn’t challenge her. Once – when I was really angry with her – I called her a “party girl”. That silly comment hurt her deeply. She always had a hard time differentiating between personality and character, which is probably why she found me so difficult to understand.

    In the end, she was mostly abandoned by those superficial relationships. Thankfully, she did have her faith, which I think sustained her and gave her strength as her dementia progressed, and she became more and more isolated from most of the people she loved. Actually, all of the people she loved, except for me. 12th house placements can demand a lot.

    • Fascinating. This really sounds like her nodal axis. It seems like she intuitively headed in her NN direction, which had mixed results.

      I don’t think Leo ever intentionally acts like a party animal or socialite at the expense of everything else. They do get upset when people think they are being superficial- they have a lot of integrity and dignity. Personally, I think pride is Leo’s most self-sabotaging trait.

      • LB

        I was soooo frustrated with her when I called her a party-girl. Really, she wasn’t at all superficial, nor was she normally a party animal. In fact, most of the time she was very hardworking, dedicated and loyal (in her own way). But her 12th house North Node squared her Taurus Moon, and I think that contributed to some of her more self-indulgent qualities, such as her stubborn refusal to budge or to participate in relationships that demanded too much self-examination.

        And like you said, her pride could be very self-sabotaging. She did get much better as she got older, with a few notable exceptions. On the plus side, she could be VERY loving. I thought your 12h house description fit her very well, especially the part about facing the grief associated with feeling under appreciated (and abandoned).

        • to participate in relationships that demanded too much self-examination.
          I wonder if that is true of heavy Leo types. My mother has 4 planets in Leo – she is like that too.

          • LB

            Before I met my husband – and when I was much younger – I lived with a boyfriend (a 12th house Leo Sun/ Leo rising) with 5 planets in Leo, plus his rising. He loved me enough to realize that our values weren’t compatible (he loved his various addictions, including other women – which naturally was a deal breaker for me), but not enough to compromise by giving anything up. So he did the most honorable thing he could do under the circumstances and reluctantly let ME go instead (wise choice). He absolutely hated my interest in astrology and psychology, especially as it related to our relationship. He was charming and popular, and shined in social situations, but had trouble in intimate relationships that demanded more of him; I think he liked being in charge and viewed my expectations (and probing nature) as a challenge to his authority.

            I know not everyone with a strong Leo signature is like that, but some are. I’ve personally know quite a few serial cheaters who also happen to be Leos, although I guess you could say they were loyal in that they remained with their spouses. Conversely, I’ve known several who were very committed in their primary relationships and who would never even think of cheating; as with everything, I think it just depends.

            Thanks for letting me go slightly off-topic here, Michelle. The subject of Leo’s loyalty (and the inherent contradiction I’ve often observed) is something that’s always baffled me.

            • Thank you for going a bit off topic – you always have great insights to share.

              I do think the cheating factor depends. I have a Leo 12th house and Moon in Leo and I’m so loyal it’s almost ridiculous. I’d break up before cheating.

              What’s funny about the lack of psychological depth with Leo placements is that Carl Jung was a Sun Leo and Joseph Campbell had the Moon in Leo. So, it really does depend on the rest of the chart.

              • Laberry22

                Ridiculously loyal is a very good thing. I have a 12th house Uranus in Leo, as well as a 5th house Moon, and like you, I’d choose a break-up over cheating.

                It makes sense that when Leo chooses to shine that built-in, life-affirming light of theirs on psychological/spiritual subjects, their insights can be profoundly illuminating. I’ve also noticed how some of the most gifted astrologers (like yourself) have strong Leo placements.

                • Thank you 🙂 *blushing*

                • Molly

                  Awesome article. I have Leo sun 12th house, Leo rising, NN and Uranus first house. I must say being ridiculously loyal isn’t always a good thing. I am or maybe I should say was, the most loyal person I know. Always giving people a second chance, third chance, 4th chance, ect. Finally after being brutally stabbed in the back by family and close friends I learned my lesson. No more blindly giving trust, loyalty and putting everyone else first. I always expected people to give me in return the incredible loyalty I gave them. My mistake. From now on people have to jump through hoops to prove they deserve my ridiculous loyalty and even then it’s a crap shoot.

                  • I agree Molly. If we want to be loyal we can do that, but we have to have the realistic expectation that it may not be reciprocated.

                    • Msfullroller

                      “…If we want to be loyal we can do that, but we have to have the realistic expectation that it may not be reciprocated.”

                      Michelle, Sis you are magnific!! I think you have given me the lesson of transiting Neptune conjunct Venus activating my grand square, along with the big picture meaning of the grand square. 9th house NN in Taurus and 3rd house Neptune in Scorpio complete the line up with the above. My father’s Sun is conjunct my NN by 2 degrees.

                      I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders in that yes, what you have said is true and that it is a two way-street.

                  • Msfullroller

                    Whoa! This exchange regarding the 12th house Leo NN has me speechless and emotional. Gonna stop and wave to LB who I always enjoy reading her comments because she never fails to teach me something every time I read her comment. ***wavin***

                    I don’t have this placement but having a 12th house Leo Moon opposing Venus in Aquarius myself with a mother who has Sun/Jupiter/Pluto/NN all conjunct in Leo. The post, this particular exchange and Molly’s comment has given me a clearer insight to a 12th house Leo Moon than anything else that has been written on it and a bit more insight to our shall I say complex relationship. The part about LB’s mom wanting to be a dancer and a party girl…wow. My mom wanted to be a dancer and she was a party girl. She still tells me to this day that I kept her from going to the joint (that’s a term used for tavern back in the 60s/70s) because I was born on Friday instead of that Sunday like the doc told her I would arrive.

                    Ridiculously loyal and paying the high price for that…yeah I’m learning that lesson all to well when Saturn went into Virgo and the sh*t keeps getting deeper. So Sis, I hear ya. What’s that saying, 1st time shame on you, 2nd time shame on me?

                    • LB

                      For some reason I missed some of these comments the first time around.  I had to say MsFullroller, that is too weird about your mom wanting to be a dancer and liking to party – just like mine. 

                      I had the thought recently that my mom’s Leo NN in the 12th kind of described how at the end of her life (when she was institutionalized) was when she finally got the uncomplicated, unconditional, love, care and attention from me (and a few others) on a daily basis that I’m sure she always wanted.  Even with her diminished faculties, she still managed to be pretty funny.  In spite of her lack of vocabulary, her sense of humor and warmth lasted up until the end and was very endearing.

  • billow

    Why is that do you think? You seemed to go light on the lion.

    • What do you mean by “I went light?”

      • billow

        Perhaps it’s the difference beterrn node writes and aspect writes. Am new to the light of your wisdom but so far you lay out a very broad smorgasboard of possibilities in your writes. You know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

        Thinking about this, I think what can I really say about the lion. Would it do any good anyway? Not that I don’t admire the manifestation ability.

        • So perhaps there was not enough variety of good, bad and ugly (one of my favorite movies by the way!)

          • billow

            I sure the heck am not going to throw dirt at no lion. That clawed paw can be leeeeeeeeeeeethal. Growl. Oh, I mean roar.

            Your opening comment was thought provoking. That’s something. You mentioned once that leo can be stubborn. Perhaps the cat in the chart is where one must do what one must do. It’s good to contemplate the sun on this windy cold wintry day.

            And how come Clint’s teeth were always glaringly clean and white in the midst of all that sweat and dirt?

            • The lion is commanding, sometimes commandeering. They have a personal vision for how things should be done, which others sometimes lack. Perhaps that is why they often end up in charge.

              Lack of attention to details that kills reality in film: Too perfect teeth, too white teeth, eyebrows that have been waxed when it didn’t exist, makeup when there was none….

  • Diggy

    but david bowie would comment for sure

    • I thought so. Thanks for preventing this post from being a total dud!

  • Diggy

    but david bowie would comment for sure

  • Diggy

    well, probably there aren’t many people with north node in leo around here…

    • Maybe…I wonder if Leo NN people, because they are moving away from Aquarian tendencies, are less interested in astrology.

      • Anonymous

        😉 This exchange between you and Diggy cracked me up, Michelle. You said, “Maybe…I wonder if Leo NN people, because they are moving away from Aquarian tendencies, are less interested in astrology.”

        I am actually increasingly interested in astrology, but am moving away from doing organizational political work. (I am NN in Leo 6th House). I am also moving away from the Aquarian tendency to put the needs of the group ahead of the needs of the self. 😉 I am learning how to take care of my health and be more self-disciplined with my work. I definitely also have had to find a way to have leadership over my own work life (I also have Sun in 10th with Mercury in 10th conjunct MC, so working for others has not worked so well for me). Learning to be who I truly am rather than who I feel people want me to be is also an area of spiritual growth for me.

        This is a great entry… I love how you highlight a lot of key words and phrases for how the Leo/Aquarius nodal axis works in the 6th/12th axis. Gracias!

        • De nada 😉

          I love the way you describe your nodal axis. I think that not letting yourself get taken for granted as an employee is a key lesson for NN in Leo in the 6th. Even if you do have to work for someone, you can’t just be a worker drone.

      • Amy Jo

        My North Node is in Leo at 1 degree conjunct Mars at 29 degrees of Cancer, and in the 11th house.  I have studied astrology since I was eleven years old, and am obsessed!  But, like you said of the 11th house placement, many people have no idea what I’m talking about, and look at me as if I’m a nut when I tell them all the copy machines are acting up because mercury is retrograde =)  

        I have looked all over for an interpretation of NN Leo in the 11th, and have only experienced success today, and I love your interpretation.  However, my Mean Node is 29 deg. of Cancer, but my True Node is at 1 deg. of Leo, so my own North Node has confused me a bit.  

        Thank you for your interpretations on the North Node in Leo… I feel it’s a fabulous North Node =)
        Amy Jo

        • Hi Amy,

          I’m so glad you found success with this description. Was there anything in particular that resonated with you?

          Most node interpretations books that I’m aware of address the position of the north node. 

          • Mykrise

            Hello Michelle, 

            Much of what was written resonated with me on some level.  I am thirty years old now, and upon reflection I can see a pattern in my life that truly reflects my North Node symbolism.  I was always, and still am, painfully shy.  Expressing my individuality and creative talents has always been difficult for me.  But there have been numerous times in my life where it seems I have been pushed onto center stage with all of my awkwardness, wether I liked it or not.  In group settings and work I have always stuck out like a sore thumb at first.  However, when I maintain my individuality and personal values it seems to work out in acceptance and appreciation of all my quirks from the group.  But if I go in the opposite direction and try to fit in and follow, it backfires, and I somehow end up scapegoated… or “ostracized”.  It hasn’t always been easy, but maintaining individuality, as well as generating warmth and expressing that warmth, is a big part of my experience.

            The ruler of my North Node is an unaspected Sun in Virgo in the 12th house.  Mars is conjunct my NN from 29 deg of Cancer.  The ruler of my Mars is a Moon in Libra which is part of an intense stellium in my first house which includes Saturn, Jupiter, Moon, Venus, and Pluto.  My Ascendent is 25 deg Virgo with Mercury conjunct at 27 deg Virgo.  Relationships have been very prominent in my life, but equally is isolation and a need to disconnect.  I am self taught in many things and work on my creative projects in solitude, but have always experienced difficulty when expressing who I truly am inside and what I have created with the outside world.  But since my Saturn Return, I have experienced many profound inner changes…

            I have several books about the nodes, and they all discuss the sign and house placement of the Nodes separately.  This is the first time I have read explicitly about the North Node in Leo in the 11th house.  Thank you again, and what are your thoughts on planets conjuncting the North Node??  

            • Me

              Hi Mykrise ,

              were you by any chance born in 1981, near August 31?

  • Somehow I just knew this one wasn’t going to get many comments. Maybe that’s why it took so long to finish it.