North Node in Aquarius and South Node in Leo, by House


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North Node Aquarius 1st House/ South Node Leo 7th House

woman looking at robotNo longer needing other people to entertain you. Learning to express your individuality. Learning to approach life as experiment. Giving yourself the opportunity to try things to “see what happens.” No longer needing the royal treatment from other people. Learning to go off and do your own thing no matter how strange it may seem to everyone else. Giving up the need for applause in order to release your inner experimenter and inventor. Making room for unpredictability in all facets of your life. No longer being concerned with being part of a “star” couple. Attempting to find common ground with others in any undertaking. Putting the needs of the collective ahead of your need for applause. Learning to chill the fuck out. Developing a cool, calm and collect demeanor. Releasing a tendency to demand too much of others. Becoming less concerned with your popularity as you tackle causes and humanitarian goals. Learning to embrace your unique and offbeat qualities. Looking for what you have in common with others in every situation. Bringing a desire to find common ground to every situation. Moving past childish, attention-seeking relationships with others. Learning to distance yourself from passionate feelings that cloud your judgment. No longer needing star treatment from your spouse. No longer acting like a diva in partnerships and close friendships. Releasing the urge to boss other people around. Developing the ability to act on your own regardless if anyone is paying attention to you. Getting over the idea that you are too good for any relationship. Taking a more logical stance. Letting go of the need for an audience as you go about your business. Beginning to feel okay making unpopular choices to serve the interests of the larger group. Releasing the view that relationships are a popularity contest. No longer expecting anyone to pay attention to your relationship status. Stepping down from being the reigning authority on relationships.

North Node Aquarius 2nd House/ South Node Leo 8th House

Finding value in being quirky or on the fringe of society. No longer being the promoter of other people’s values. Giving yourself the freedom to earn money in unusual ways. Giving yourself the freedom to experiment with how you earn your income. Letting go of the need to take over when it comes to other people’s problems – emotional or financial. Releasing sex as a form of ego gratification. Making room for unpredictability to enter your financial picture. Realizing that your personal values are different. Learning to embrace unconventional, or even radical notions, about survival, financial security and how you get your material needs met. Learning how to spread your personal wealth around. Learning to stand up for earning your fair share. Being less conceited about your personal legacy or how much money you’re going to inherit. Realizing that the money you have is best spent by putting the needs of the group ahead of your own needs. Developing a cooler head when it comes to your finances. Learning to be less demanding of your sexual partners. No longer being a starfucker. No longer needing to be seen in complicated relationships with other people. Letting go of the desire to shine through your involvement in other people’s problems. Releasing any vanity or conceit tied to occult studies, an interest in death or sexual matters. No longer needing a big applause after sex. Learning how to assert what you want no matter how unpopular it may be. Learning how to use technology to increase your earning power. Developing an objective view of what your personal priorities are. Getting in touch with your unique personal priorities that have nothing to do with anyone else. No longer trying to gain popularity through sex. Looking to find out what you personally have to give back to the community. Finding out what your values are by associating with people who have similar interests. Finding out what your values are through your involvement in group activities. No longer indulging any family legacies of vanity, condescension or pompousness. Stepping down from being the reigning authority on death, sex, the occult and other people’s stuff. Rebelling against earning an income in conventional and predictable ways.

North Node Aquarius 3rd House/ South Node Leo 9th House

Letting go of a lifestyle filled with glitz and glamor. Letting go of a personal philosophy of self-glorification. Moving away from trying to dominate others through your opinions. Releasing the need to be seen as a guru or master. Learning to say what you have to say no matter how out of step it might seem. Opening up to the idiosyncrasies in your communication style and the information you want to deliver. Allowing for more unpredictability in your relationships with siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. No longer needing to attract attention because you’re a jet-set, world traveling, adventurer and philosopher. Learning to communicate your unique viewpoint. Learning to communicate your radical ideas. Letting yourself take risks in the way you communicate. Letting yourself try new media and unconventional channels of communication. Making room for unpredictability in the everyday interactions you have with other people. Using your communication skills to form a group.Learning what you have in common with other people by actually talking to them. No longer thinking that your personal philosophy is superior to everyone else’s. Building community through sharing information. Finding out what you have in common with the people in your local environment. Learning how to talk to everyday people without being condescending or arrogant. Learning how to express your thoughts in a cool, calm and collect manner. Lightening up on the passion that overwhelms you when you speak about what you believe in. No longer being so concerned with whether or not your ideas are popular. No longer acting like a philosophy diva. Stepping down from being the reigning authority on religion, philosophy, travel and foreign belief systems.

North Node Aquarius 4th House/ South Node Leo 10th House

No longer letting “The Diva” be your public persona. No longer letting “Pouty Teenager” be your public persona. No longer being a public entertainer. Learning to have less ego involvement with your public identity. Putting less emphasis on finding a public outlet for your creative self-expression. Embracing what you have in common with your family members even while you remain a unique individual. Learning to embrace what is unique about your family. Learning to love the quirky, inventive and rebellious tendencies that lie within you. Getting comfortable with feeling different inside. Finding out how your uniqueness gives you roots. No longer needing that high profile, in the spotlight attention. No longer needing to be the boss. Making room for unpredictability in your home life. Acknowledging that your family is different, and that’s okay. Realizing that, even though your family is different, there are many people who have similar experiences. Putting the needs of the family group ahead of your own need for creative self-expression. Learning to chill out about your home life. No longer being so demanding of your parents or the other authority figures in your life. Beginning to feel that you are part of the human family, or, beginning to feel that you are part of a family that extends beyond the human family. No longer being so concerned with your public popularity. Making a place in your life, away from public attention, where you can experiment, invent and simply let yourself try things to see what happens. Building a lab in your basement – a food lab, a stereo lab, an art lab or even a writing lab. Learning to distance yourself from the passionate feelings that cloud your judgment about your place in the world and your relationships with your family members. No longer needing attention for your grand parental relationship drama. Becoming less territorial in your profession. Stepping down as the reigning authority on public image, being the boss and parental relationships. Getting out of the dominating shadow of your parents. Discovering your unique emotional security needs. Realizing that it is your friends that make up your real family. Learning how to be friends with your parents.

North Node Aquarius 5th House/ South Node Leo 11th House

Getting away from too much ego involvement in group associations. Moving away from needing mass approval. Moving away from needing tons of adoring fans. Letting go of friends who are attention hogs. Letting go of associations with people who do nothing more than stroke your ego. No longer seeing group hangouts as “self-expression.” Beginning to see personal experimentation as self-expression. Learning to work independently on your creative vision. Letting yourself be unpredictable in who you date and why. Feeling okay dating the unpopular nerdy guy or girl if that is who captures your heart. No longer needing your friends’ approval to date who you want to date. Learning how to be friends with your lover rather than turn your existing friends into lovers. No longer flirting with your friends and instead finding more common ground with your exisiting girlfriend or boyfriend. Embracing your unique self-expression no matter how unpopular. Going toward an utterly uncompromising creative vision. No longer “bringing the party” to your friends. Moving away from any expectations that your friends have that you are there to entertain them. Learning how to make friends who appreciate you for your unique creative contribution. Spending less time in groups where the object is to be seen and not to make an individual contribution. Interacting with children who are unconventional or unpredictable. Developing more objectivity concerning your creative pursuits. Bringing technology into your creative self-expression. Becoming less territorial concerning your group involvements. Realizing that what truly entertains you is often extremely strange and unpopular. Moving away from mutual admiration societies. Moving toward group awareness centered on self-expression and each individual’s personal contribution to the benefit of the whole. Stepping down as the reigning authority on groups, causes, humanitarian efforts, friendship and making money from your public identity. Learning how to be friends with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Learning how to be friends with your children.

North Node Aquarius 6th House/ South Node Leo 12th House

Moving away from any ego attachment to spiritual pursuits. Letting go of indulgence in creative imagination that has no practical application. Looking to find ways to set your own schedule. Beginning to discover how you can be both in the daily grind, and yet completely free from it. Realizing that you need a working environment that allows for unconventionality and quirkiness. Finding work that allows you to be experimental and use your genius. Moving past any self-defeating stubborn pride. Letting go of any self-sabotaging vanity. Acknowledging any haughtiness or conceited attitudes that are not in your best interests. Getting over any fears of attracting attention or getting your due appreciation. Learning not to be so territorial about your personal time. Finding work that serves more than just your inner need for personal self-expression. Learning to adapt to your unique diet and health needs. Learning to adapt to your body’s needs even while embracing an erratic work routine. Accepting that you probably won’t fit into most mainstream work environments. Learning how to find common ground with your employees and coworkers. Making your work goals mesh with goals that serve a greater cause. Developing a detached outlook concerning work and the daily grind. Developing detachment in your relationships with coworkers and employees. Easing up on how many demands you put on yourself. Allowing yourself to experience more unpredictability in your working life. Realizing that a 9-5, Monday through Friday type of job is probably not for you. Beginning to accept and experiment with alternative medicine practices. Letting yourself experiment with different diets and odd, bizarre or downright strange food. Developing an objective, logical, cool-headed approach to health and medicine. The doctors that are the furthest “out there” may be the best match for you. Giving in to your techie side when it comes to finding a daily job. Overcoming self-defeating childish behavior. Overcoming self-defeating snobbery. Working with animal groups, or groups of people who are on the fringe of society, possibly shocking, or highly unconventional. Stepping down as the reigning authority on spirituality, grief, sadness, loneliness or family skeletons. Learning how to be friends with your coworkers.

North Node Aquarius 7th House/ South Node Leo 1st House

Becoming less concerned with making your entrance known. No longer announcing your arrival. Learning to keep a cool head for the sake of others. No longer acting like a clown to get attention. Accepting others even if they are eccentric, unpredictable and strange. Finding out exactly what you have in common with the people closest to you. Finding out what makes your closest friends unique. Using your group involvements as a mirror of your own behavior. Bringing more experimentation to your significant relationships and not worrying about how you look doing it. Letting go of the need to be respected and to be seen as the boss. Understanding how your bossy behavior impacts your relationships. Understanding how being demanding impacts your relationships. Developing an objective approach to your significant relationships. Letting your quirkiness come through in your significant relationships. Beginning to appreciate the uniqueness of others. Understanding that being the center of attention doesn’t make you the center of a relationship. Releasing the view that life is a popularity contest. Becoming less enamored with yourself and more enamored with what you have in common with the significant people in your life. Getting off your high horse to find out what you have in common with other people. Getting away from being a self-promoter. No longer seeing the world as your kingdom. No longer expecting everyone to look when you walk in the room. Developing a less condescending approach all around. Stepping down as the reigning authority on image, first impressions and attracting attention. Becoming less of a fashionista. Releasing the need to stake out your territory. Letting go of a “I’m too good for everyone” attitude. Learning how to be friends with your spouse.

North Node Aquarius 8th House/ South Node Leo 2nd House

No longer finding value in vanity. No longer being so territorial about your stuff. No longer looking to your children to provide a sense of self-worth. Letting yourself be intrigued by unusual psychic phenomena. Digging deep into understanding your perversions and eccentricities. Trying more sexual experimentation. Becoming tolerant of other people’s perversions, quirks and eccentricities. Learning to value what is unique in others. No longer being a label whore. Getting deep into technology. Getting deep in to humanitarian issues. Understanding the psychology behind technology addictions. Getting interested in issues of mass psychology and mass transformation. Developing a progressive viewpoint on issues of sexuality and taboo. Becoming sexually independent. No longer needing approval for the type of sex life you want to have. Taking a scientific approach to issues of life after death. Releasing too much interest in your personal priorities. No longer making ego gratification a priority. Letting yourself get deep into astrology and similar topics. Inventing new sexual positions. Becoming more objective about death, and life after death. Learning to embrace the unique qualities you have that may make other people uncomfortable. Becoming more detached when having deeply intimate interactions with other people. Becoming less arrogant about your personal values. No longer needing to show off what you have. No longer being so demanding about getting what you want. Having less ego attachment to your things. No longer seeing your things as an extension of yourself. Becoming less dramatic about what is important to you. Stepping down as the reigning authority on values and priorities. Learning how to be friends with the people you share your most intimate self with.

North Node Aquarius 9th House/ South Node Leo 3rd House

Getting interested in “far out” subjects. Letting yourself explore alien theories and other unusual philosophies. Opening up to unconventional beliefs. Letting yourself experiment with different religions to see which is best for you. Becoming objective about religion, belief and philosophy. No longer having ego attached to your opinions. Becoming less dramatic about how you communicate. No longer making a big show of what you have to say. No longer treating conversations as your personal stage. No longer expecting everyone to pay absolute attention to everything you say. Moving away from a tendency to communicate for the sake of entertainment. Releasing the urge to attract attention because of the way you talk, your delivery, your accent or what you say. No longer gaining attention by expressing the popular opinion. Letting yourself take up an interest in concepts that may be extremely unpopular, potentially crazy, or at the very least, raise eyebrows. Becoming less demanding and domineering of your siblings. Making connections with groups of people that share your beliefs and philosophies. Putting your ego aside as you find commonality with people who have similar beliefs. Not being so eager to express your personal opinion or dominate the conversation. Learning to interact with people outside of your inner circle or clique. Stepping into a more bohemian lifestyle. Spending less time talking about celebrities, labels, your children and your creative projects. No longer buying celebrity gossip magazines. Opening up to unique theories and ideas of unexpected possibilities. Stepping down as the reigning authority on what’s worth talking about. Moving away from tendency to talk in a loud, bombastic show-offish way. Learning how to open up and be friends with people who are decidedly different than you are

North Node Aquarius 10th House/ South Node Leo 4th House

Learning to make relationships with people outside of your family clique. Realizing that being the star of your family isn’t enough. No longer being so demanding of your family members. Learning to make professional connections with people through technology. Letting yourself consider a technology-based career. Letting yourself become known as a rebel. No longer seeking so much family approval. Letting the public opinion of you be that you are a little strange and off-beat. Becoming known as someone who is unusual and unconventional. Learning to publicly embrace your eccentricities. Becoming less arrogant and conceited about your family history and where you come from. Acting independently of family opinion. Being able to make outer life decisions no matter how unpopular they may be to your family members. Making fewer demands concerning how you expect to be treated at home. Becoming less attached to the idea of being the “King” or “Queen” of your castle. Releasing the inner tyrant. Becoming more innovative in your professional life. Making humanitarian efforts your career. Joining professional associations. Wanting to work with people who share your progressive goals and objectives. Finding out how your public identity is unique. Discovering what you have in common with your parents. Finding out what you have in common with authority figures in your life.  Letting yourself rebel against established roles that have been set up for you. Learning how to be a parent in your own unique way. Viewing achievements and accolades objectively. Becoming known as a friendly person.

North Node Aquarius 11th House/ South Node Leo 5th House

Stepping down from your reign as a stage mother. Relinquishing center stage. No longer being in love with love. No longer seeing every love exploit as the biggest romance of the ages. No longer having affairs just because they make your love life seem like a grand drama or soap opera. Moving away from self-involved people who perpetuate drama. No longer wishing to be one of the those people. Letting go of the celebrity-crazed party girl (or boy) within you. No longer pursuing self-expression for the sake of self-expression. Giving up arrogant and condescending attitudes about art, music, dance and theater. No longer being an art snob, a theater snob or a music snob. Giving up your pretensions about your personal creative contributions. No longer putting your creative needs above the needs of larger society. No longer putting your quest for self-expression above relationships with friends. Learning to give up some creative control for the benefit of the group. Considering how you can give back to the community. Considering how your need for drama affects everyone else in your group. Becoming involved with people who share your vision of the future. Beginning to set long-term goals for yourself that also benefit humanity as a whole. Interacting with like-minded people who share your unique goals. No longer dominating the lives of your children. Making more associations with people who are quirky, inventive, detached, rebellious and independent. Letting yourself join groups and associations that may be unconventional or unpopular. Letting go of the need to entertain and be entertained all the time. Stepping down as the reigning authority on what art is. Letting go of vanity and conceitedness in your dating life. No longer being such a snob about your love life. No longer bossing your children or lovers around. Learning to make friends for the sake of friendship. Learning how to have relationships where everyone is an equal and everyone has an equal say. Learning how to relate to people based on their mutual interests rather than as potential love matches. Learning how to be friendly instead of a conceited diva. Realizing that the masses aren’t as dull as you think they are.

North Node Aquarius 12th House/ South Node Leo 6th House

Becoming less domineering toward your coworkers and employees. Releasing the need to be the star of the show at work. No longer expecting to get a round of applause after a hard day’s work. No longer expecting your day job to be your stage. No longer getting sick to get attention. No longer over-dramatizing your illness. Releasing a tendency to be overly dramatic about the type of work you do, how hard it is or how unappreciated you are on the job. No longer making a big production out of your daily routine. No longer making a big production out of going to the gym or eating well. Working through any fears that your strange, unusual or unique behaviors are a liability. Working through any fears that becoming more like everyone else means that you aren’t special. Getting over the feeling that you have to hide your experimental or unconventional side. Working through the feeling that your genius is a source of sorrow. Coming to terms with any issues about letting your intelligence shine through, or making people aware of your progressive views. Lessening your ego’s identification with your work. No longer demanding so much of your coworkers. Learning to use your free time to explore what you have in common with the rest of society. Creating the time in your life to let yourself sink into unusual thoughts and ideas. Moving away from a tendency to be a tyrant at work. No longer thinking that you’re too good for your job. Developing inner cool so you don’t get overly passionate about work issues. Making friends with your inner demons. Making friends with your inner fears. Learning to walk hand in hand with your dreams. Beginning to view solitude as a source of original inspiration.

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  • astro-lover

    I have Aquarius North Node in the 1st. I love it! One of the coolest NN signs I think. My Leo Sun is conjunct my South Node on the 7th. So, it feels like more of a challenge, at times, to work on the NN but it’s worth it.

    Your description was spot on. Leo SN in the 7th makes you find self-discovery and become self-obsessed through relationships. With Aqua NN in the 1st, the more self-reliant and brave you become, the less self-involved you are because you’re free to focus on other things and people. Lovely contradiction.

    I know people think Aquarius is all about groups but with this NN in the 1st, I think it’s more so about being the unattached free spirit who can mingle with and befriend anyone but is strong and fearless enough to go at it alone. Literally everytime I go out to a bar nowadays, I go out alone. But I always end up making new friends or running into old ones. When I say I came alone, people usually think that’s so ballsy. Haha, I don’t see the big deal?

    Guess my NN is really blossoming. The increasing lack of self-involvement is making me less and less concerned with what someone will think.

    • Thank you for the insight, astro-lover.

  • Interesting, Dan forth. My NN is in Scorpio in the 3rd house. I’m still struggling to say things. I never liked speaking as a kid. I would hide behind my mom to avoid talking to people when I was younger. It’s a lesson. Being in the present moment, refraining from assumptions, and learning to talk.

    • Dan forth

      I used to be the exact same way! In fact the only people my mom said I liked to be around was her, my aunt, and my Nanny. I could be outgoing sometimes, but I think it was all the bottled up energy from the majority of the time that I DIDN’T like to talk, and it would come out in full force!

      • So, I’m listening to an MP3 by Steven Forrest which you might find interesting. In it he quotes Robert Hand as saying that the 3rd house was known as the house of “Heresy” in Midieval times. It was to have beliefs that directly oppose the orthodoxy.

        • Dan forth

          welp, that’s definitely me…. gotta check it out then, thanks for the 4-1-1

  • antena

    I am so confused with my NN in the 6th Aquarius and my SN leo. Also both sun and uranus are in my 4th house ( 4th house has a stellium with all planets except venus mars pluto and jupiter ). How i see it, i feel i am here to clear my house’s/family’s karma rather than mine..

    • Well … your family’s karma is your karma too (at least some of it). Which house system are you using and what is your rising sign?

      • antena

        Placidus i think (default by astrodienst) and my rising sign is virgo. Sometimes I feel like i want to stop handling some things the way my family do it, because I think it is not right, and always something holds me back (maybe the 12th in leo).

        Thank you for taking time and replying to my comments!^^

        And always your site has great and insightful content !

        • Hi antena, can you post your chart?

          • antena

            Yeah sure!
            Here it is :

          • antena

            Yeah sure!

            Here it is :

            • Hi antena,

              If your chart were my chart I’d start looking at it using whole signs. Using whole signs moves all of your Capricorn planets (including Saturn and Uranus, rulers of your north node) into the 5th house. The Sun, ruler of your south node, remains in the 4th house conjunct the IC. The feeling of coming here to clear your family’s karma could be the very thing you need to let go of. Having the ruler of the 12th house in the 4th house helps to show that. With the rulers of your north node in the 5th house, it would do you good to lighten up and embrace more pleasure in your life. Structured pleasure could be good for you … a hobby or interest that involves a certain amount of strategy, imagination, and concrete innovation.

              • antena

                Merry Christmas!^^

                I feel that the whole sign system is better because generally my house is not as strict (sag) in comparison to how I am with romance dating and letting myself free. My house (family) is usually the kind that gives love unconditionally but they get hurt even without realising or (at least from my point of view) they don’t want to admit it. I am the one who usually sees how it affects our immediate family.
                Also I find it very interesting about what you said regarding structured pleasure. I was wondering if this can apply to creativity too and if it can be applied to a job opportunity.

                Once again thank you for your insight and valuable help!^^

                • You do have Venus, Saturn, and Uranus in Capricorn in the 5th house … you’ll do well having some ambitions for your creativity. You have the ruler of the 2nd house (Venus) and the rulers of the 6th house (Saturn and Uranus) in the 5th house – that’s a good place to start for work and income through creative channels.

  • thomas

    This page was very informational. However I am all to uncertain which house I belong to. I read 90% of them and feel I am 80% of everything. However if i can narrow it any further, that may be additionally helpful. I was born August 8th 1989. Yes my sun sign is Leo, so having Aquarius as my true node has proven to push me to my pressure points. As I continue to learn and connect with my true soul calling, I discover more and more the habits that will point me into a position of selfless egalitarianistic truisms.
    So to recap, which house do I belong to? Sorta feeling like I belong to all the houses listed above.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Head over to and enter your birth data to find out which house your north node is in.

  • I have my sun sign Leo in 11th house, as well as venus, pluto, black moon lilith, mercury, and south node.

    In the 5th house I have no planets, but have the north node aquarius there.
    I am very confused unfortunately, because, how can I let go of my sun sign, that kind of defines who I am in many ways. but is in the south node of letting go. But the north node is in 5th house which is Leo again, even though the house now is placed in Aquarius.

    Also, having so many planets in the 11th house seems it might be significant in relating to a past life experience. Is that true?

    Can you help with straightening out this confusion.
    Thank You,

    • Hi Cathy,

      You don’t have to abandon who you are (especially if your Sun is close to the South Node). It’s more about integrating traits that my initially seem to oppose your “natural” self.

  • seagreen

    Wow, wow, wow. Indeed, this is the first time I’ve seen the Nodes interpreted with respect to house placements. …Yes! My NNode is in 2nd, and the interpretations having to do with being okay making money in unconventional ways, and being okay with being on the “fringes” and following my own values rather than promoting the conventional values of others are really apt and something I really needed to hear articulated right now. …Also, letting go of being the reigning authority on sex, death, the occult and other people’s stuff. Hmm…er. Ha!

    Thank you, Michelle. You have a gift and are one-of-a-kind. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, seagreen!

  • Victor

    As someone who has the NN in his 5th house, I must say you’re spot on on the turning one’s friends into lovers thing. It’s really a challenge not to succumb to the habit of acting as though I were the center of everyone else’s universe. I wish I had an easier NN… By the way, do you think there’s a chance of experiencing the 5th house if one has four squares to natal Venus? Thanks in advance.

    • Yes, I think there’s a chance of experiencing the 5th house even with 4 squares – you’ll just have to work harder 🙂

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  • Stawr

    N. Node 9 and S. Node 3 here…I feel like I am very much both right now. I still talk loud like I’m performing for everyone…but I have some very odd friends…other people will say “where do you meet these people?”

  • Anonymous

     Oi… I’ve given it some thought and I am starting to understand what you meant when you said to consider the whole house method. Reading this, it does make a lot of sense. Cool.

    • Michelle

      Whole signs is something to consider. Lately, I look at every natal chart using both Placidus and whole signs.

    • Michelle

      Whole signs is something to consider. Lately, I look at every natal chart using both Placidus and whole signs.

  • Ghetoffmycloud

    my sun sign is scorpio, my moon is aquarius..and my NN is aquarius…(thats all i kno) i have an issue with letting go of a past relationship, depsite never seeing him..i cant seem to move on. what to you think about this?

    • Michelle

      Based on a Leo SN you may have too much pride to admit your part in the relationship not working out. All three of those signs are very stubborn and inflexible. They aren’t necessarily willing to meet people halfway.

      • Dan forth

        That’s interesting; I find myself THINKING about ex’s a lot. I don’t think I’m having trouble letting go, necessarily, as I am reminiscing, but I wonder if a North Node in Aquarius South Node Leo has anything to do with it…

        • North Node in Aquarius says something about learning detachment. Unfortunately, Leo has a habit of seeing other people as being satellites that rotate around them – they are ruled by the Sun 🙂

          • Dan forth

            But since North Node is in Leo, wouldn’t you be prone to NOT seeing people as rotating around them?? Or that’s what I have to work on, huh?

            • I think Leo sees himself as the king, and because he is the king (or queen), everyone else by default is a subject. With north node in Leo you’re working on flamboyant individuality, creative self-expression, and the ability to exude warmth instead of logic.

  • purpleta

    You have no idea for how long I’ve been looking for this kind (And quality!) of information! Thank you very much! It is hard for me to have an Aquarius North Node in my 2nd house (my Uranus, Saturn and Neptune are conj Ascendant) when I chose such a traditional career option: Law.

    • Michelle

      Where are Saturn and Uranus in your natal chart?

  • Treel

    Why did you skip NN Aquarious/3rd house , SN Leo 9th house? It goes from 2nd house to 4th!

    I have this and was very interested to learn about it.

    • Michelle

      Hi Treel, I didn’t skip it but for some reason the header was missing. I just put the header back in – you should see it now.

  • I have NN Aquarius XII/NS Leo VI. And i have Jupiter opposite NN Aquarius, (and of course, conjunct NS Leo)
    I answering when I start to put in action my NN in Aquarius.
    “Getting over the feeling that you have to hide your experimental or unconventional side” It’s true.
    I have a question anyway: where do you find this sort of information? from books or it’s a sort of sintesi of your astrology studies?
    Great site anyway: I followed day by day.

    • It’s a synthesis of astrology studies and my own sense of how the combination would work.

  • I don’t have an Aquarius North Node, but I have this axis over my 6th and 12th houses. Something I was thinking this morning is that Leo on the 12th could show too much playing by yourself – too much time spend entertaining yourself alone; imaginary playmates and such instead of real friends in the real world.

    • Interesting! For me I find that when I don’t get that alone time, I get very cranky. It also seems to be when I can think the clearest because I’m not absorbing so much from others. This maybe to the result of getting older and being brought up with the idea that a woman is not complete without someone. I’m learning that I’m whole in and of myself and when I realize that, I can give to the group/friends while still remaining an autonomous individual.

      Love the pic for this post!!

      • For me I find that when I don’t get that alone time, I get very cranky.
        Me too. My boyfriend pointed out that I also get very territorial about my private time.

        I can give to the group/friends while still remaining an autonomous individual.
        Yes, or even give to a partner while remaining an autonomous person.

      • billow

        Sorry Msfullroller, you are too young to be older yet.

        • I’ll take that as a compliment as I’ll be 45 in about 1.5 months! 😉