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Extremely unusual spiritual interests. Embracing all the cutting edge technologies to understand the spiritual realm. Fringe spiritual groups. Wanting to get lost in the group experience. Getting lost in fringe interest – the paranormal, psychic and mystical. Experimental mysticism. Experimental drug use. LSD. Extremely open to higher dimensions and realms. Radical sensitivity. Radical drug use. Extremely delusional. Mystical rebels. Technicians of the sacred.

An openness to the mysteries of the universe. An openness to unusual and far out subjects. Fans of Coast to Coast AM radio. Spiritual radicals. Spiritual non-conformists. Compassion for those in need. Compassion for people on the fringe of society. Rebellions on behalf of the downtrodden. Rebellions for the weak. Resistance to merging and assimilation. Rebelling against assimilation. Widespread idealism. Taking up causes on behalf of the weak. Taking up causes in the name of artistic ideals. Taking up causes in the name of spiritual ideals. Idealistic notions about progress. Progress in compassion and caring. Progress in spiritual development. Progress in cinema and the fine arts.

Spirituality merges with technology. Technology suddenly becomes a way to get in touch with your spirituality. Spiritual astrology. Technology merges with high art. Advanced methods of creating higher art. Technology becomes a high art form and no longer a means to an end. The oppression of the spiritual life is overturned. The oppression of the soul is overturned. Idealistic revolutions. Unpredictable methods of escape. Erratic interest in spirituality. Unconventional paranormal interests. ESP. Psi. Direct experience of the unknown. Surging interest in Indigo children. Strange notions about spirituality. Strange notions about paranormal and psychic activities. Spiritual revolutions. Delusional notions about spirituality and progress. Kooky ideas about higher consciousness. Challenging spiritual authorities. Direct understanding that has nothing to do with logic or reality.

The unimpeded spread of technology and the internet. The diffusion of technology. Technology becomes insidious. The lines of where technology begins and ends blurs. The unimpeded spread of deviant behavior. Questioning assumptions about spirituality. Questioning assumptions about what is real. Having a fantasy life on the internet. Technological dreams and fantasies. Role-playing games that use technology. Hiding behind your computer. Rebelling through the use of drugs and alcohol. Psychic sensitivity + genius. Imagination + progress. Sensitivity + invention. Refinement + individuality. Freaking out + lack of  normal concepts of reality. Eccentric and impractical. Upsetting dreams states. Extreme sensitivity to drugs and alcohol. Irritability, contrariness and rebellious tendencies aggravated by drugs and alcohol. Finding your individuality through spiritual practice. Inability to stick to just one spiritual practice. Skipping from one spiritual high to another. Skipping from one psychic experience to another. Inability to hunker down and develop any particular spiritual discipline. Feeling free from the need to conform to any particular spiritual path. Spiritual free agents. Cult followers.

Modern music, dance, poetry and art. Art forms that take a distinct departure from the past. Technology becomes a part of high culture. Special effects. Movies based on special effects. Movies based around technology. Addicted to unpredictability. Addicted to rebelling. Addicted to asserting your individuality. A really far out sense of humor. Presenting material in a completely unpredictable out-there way. Crazy spaced-out people. Drugged-out weirdos. Cranks. Nut jobs. Crackpots. Super-sensitive touchy artists. Wackadoo.

Uranus and Neptune form a conjunction every 171 years. Recent conjunctions were in 1821 and 1993. The next conjunction will be in 2164.
People with Uranus/Neptune aspects:

  • Taylor Lautner, of Twilight fame: Uranus conjunct Neptune
  • Mike Meyers: Uranus quintile Neptune
  • Adam Sandler: Uranus sextile Neptune
  • Dakota Fanning: Uranus conjunct Neptune
  • Wyclef Jean: Uranus semisquare Neptune
  • Gary Larson, creator of The Far Side: Uranus square Neptune
  • Steven Wright: Uranus square Neptune
  • Mitch Hedberg: Uranus sextile Neptune
  • Elizabeth Blackwell, first female doctor in the US: Uranus conjunct Neptune
  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Uranus conjunct Neptune
  • Harriet Tubman, helped many slaves through the Underground Railroad (her exact birth date is not known): Uranus conjunct Neptune
  • The first episode of the X-files airs on September 10, 1993: Uranus 18 Capricorn conjunct Neptune 18 Capricorn

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  • ???

    hey Capricorns neptunian/uranian are you still there?

  • m00ny.

    It’s fascinating to observe Capricorns my age with this conjunction in their sign, especially when aligned with one or more personal planets. I’ve yet to see one who isn’t offbeat or simply weird (even disturbed) in more than one way. Harder to glimpse Saturn, probably coming out when needed mostly (with all their crazy, self-sufficiency is still one of the traits that stand out the most). I like this generation of atypical Capricorns and surprisingly for me, I get along great with them. “Crazy spaced-out people. Drugged-out weirdos. Nut jobs. Super-sensitive touchy artists. Wackadoo”. Spot on, at least for the Cappies I’ve known. Imagining a grumpy despairing Saturn in the background.. 😀

    • I know a lot of people from this generation … I agree with your perceptions 🙂

  • Fred Negrini

    Well i have this conjunction in the First house… =D … They are in conjunct at the same time with Saturn… But i don’t oftenly see the energies from Saturn …. (even though all three planets are in Capricorn)…. I guess Neptune and Uranus are stronger in some way…

    • What do you do for a living, Fred … if you don’t mind my asking.

      • Fred Negrini

        Hi! I’m a Literature and Linguistics student, i’m also a Musician and trying to be a Poet. I’m really fond of the Occult and of mysticism, western religiosities, etc…

  • Peter

    I have conjunction, i find it weak and i am Aquarius Picses cusp shouldn’t i corolate wit everything here?

    • Hi Peter,

      What is your Sun sign and what is your ascendant?

      • Peter

        My sun sign is Pisces
        0.07 in Pisces

        Ascendant Scorpio
        Pluto 1st house

  • alex

    hey i have Uranus conjunct neptune in the 5th house in capricorn.Both uranus and neptune trine my virgo ascendant .How would the energies play out in my personality , would they add a neptunian/uranian flavor to my otherwise pratical virgo asc?

    • Yes, especially if Mercury is also in aspect to either Uranus or Neptune.

      • alex

        Mercury doesn’t aspect my uranus or neptune but mercury conjuncts my sun, venus, and mars and sextiles my saturn and jupiter

  • JR

    I have Uranus conjunct Neptune in X house , Capricorn.

  • dafodil

    I have this conjunction in 4th house exactly on my IC…and both of the planets are retrograde…so opposite midheaven
    and…. I also have jupiter conjunct mars on my ascendant… so both jupiter and mars are square to this conjunction….
    and pluto is sextile this uranus neptune conjunct 🙂
    I have unusual,strange home life…both parents are dysfunctional…and live in their own mad world…everything is disruptive… and it affects my career …unable to concentrate on my dreams…
    I love researching about the truth of life….I strongly believe in the idea of utopian world….
    I feel that apart from earth there is a realm where we are strongly connected to…which is purely unselfish….
    I constantly write a page on fb to share my ideas….I am very sensitive….
    I feel that I need to be constantly in touch with spirituality to be in touch with the true ME
    spirituality -has no definition….. because it is experienced….I feel people from other realms guiding me… and giving me hints about reality….

  • ludwig

    I believe that a person who has a Uranus conjunction Neptune in the eleventh or twelfth house feels more the urges of collective mind and soul. I have it in my fifth house.

  • Amy

    I have this conjunction with my MC. I’m hoping to go into a career in the film industry or performing arts (Mars Leo in the 5H), possibly in a writing capacity (Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Scorpio 7H, Sun widely conjunct that, Gemini 2H and 3H cusp in Placidus).

    What do you think?

    • Are you looking to be an actor in the film industry?

  • astrologykid

    My sun squares BOTH uranus and neptune in the 8th house (capricorn). Uranus and Neptune are also Conjuncts. Can someone give me their interpretation of these aspects? It would be very much appreciated.

  • Ymartinez197

    Amazing Article. I have Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn in the 5th house Saggitarius. That could explain my many interest and activies im into especially metaphysical the paranomal and astrology that i started to get into so deeply. Its something i personally enjoy doing. I’m not the most religious person out there, when i was a kid i was brought up in a religious background and kind of went with it into i grow up and started seeing the world differently. Basically i broke out of that religion my family had put upon me. Ever since i can remmeber i always this spiritual feeling that there is more than meets the eye of the world. It something i search and want to continue learning how the world came to be. I think the reason why i feel so strongly about this is because I have my sun and mercury conjunct uranus and neptune so its basically had become my persona my way of being.

  • Jeelains

    i have uranus conjuction neptune in my 3º house

    • How do you experience this conjunction?

      • Duki994

        I also have this conjunction in 3rd house in Capricorn( Saggitarius on cusp of third ).Both Uranus and Neptune are retrograde in my chart.

        I feel this like having a lightning fast logical and imaginary mind working together(also have a Mercury trine this conjunction from Virgo, and Mars opposing from Cancer(wide orb)). In school i skip some steps when doing math calculations, and sometimes confuse proffesors.This 3rd house conjunction in Capricorn is best expressed in math, physics, psychology, logic and heavily in arts. Also i have understanding for something that is totally unfamiliar and previously unseen to me( Uranus giving insight in Neptune’s realm ).By the way i play guitar and some of my songs( making them when i’m bored 😀 ) are described as unusual(Uranus) and pleasantly calming(Neptune) by my friends.Some of my songs with heavier sound( like hard rock, and a tiny bit of heavy metal ) are described as filled with enormous unstable energy(Uranus) which is expressed on emotional and physical leve togetherl(Neptune and Capricorn).

        • Very interesting, Duki994. I also have Uranus in the 3rd house so I can relate to some of what you’ve written – especially about skipping steps.

          • Duki994

            Also i love self-learning books and some practical meditations( those that help to slow down my brain and help me to get some mental rest).I am astrologer and Uranus-Neptune conjunction is dominant in my chart(just a LITTLE bit stronger than Venus which squares them both)( not amateur astro., a bit more advanced, but not too advanced). Now, when Uranus moved into Aries and Neptune in Pisces everyone tells me that i changed, that i am unusual and impulsive-action oriented toward my dreams and ideals( expected from Aries impuls and Pisces dream/ideal). My mind is set on achieving goals and pursuing dreams MUCH more than ever before. It’s also fast but focus changed now with transiting Uranus and Neptune. 

            And i also skip more steps in school now, and classical way of teaching is sooo boring for me.

            Friends always said that i had a sixth sense for managing and organising things(although i am virgo sun, not capricorn).They say that i give unusual and creative solutions to any problem in split of a second( another example of uranus/neptune in 3rd house).

            • Very cool. Good luck to you 🙂

          • Duki994

            And i forgot to say that this conjucntion gives stron beleif that one can change the world.

            Everyone thinks that i am crazy when i tell them i will change the world.They say that isn’t possible.But i dont care what they say(Uranus uniqueness)”The people who are crazy enough, to think that they can change the world.are usually the ones that do” – that’s true

            • Not to be a devil’s advocate, but everyone changes the world, simply by being born into it.

  • Did I’ve been here already? 😕

    Eversince I have Uranus square natal Neptune, I haven’t dream..for such a long period of time. I’m start worrying my creative side.Maybe the square blow start taking a toll in me? :s

    • What degree is your natal Neptune?

      • Using Placidus, my neptune in 3 degree Capricorn
        Uranus in 2 degree Aries right now and it’s retrograde! 🙁 Huaa

        • I sympathize. My Venus is 00 Aries. It’s been totally blasted by both Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries over the past few years.

          • OMG! You were affected with that nasty grand square back then in early 2010! 🙁

  • David5379
    • The lyrics are idealistic with a progressive viewpoint.

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    I have this aspect in my chart myself – Uranus / Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. I found a song that goes perfectly with this aspect. I hope you enjoy it 🙂


  • Hey, Another winning post Michelle!!
    Uranus Septile Neptune, 0 degrees, crackpot here. 😛

    • Michelle


    • Michelle


  • Marina Christina

    I am guilty of this aspect. 🙂

    • Michelle


  • billow

    I have the separating square and have great difficulty with cult or even group think.  I try to hang low when locked into a space with cultish group think, but just the fact that I don’t imbibe in the group bashing activities seems to make me guilty, and there are always consequences.  I always kinduv of figured Neptune helped me to escape before my head hit the block.  Ugly imagery I know but there are some serious delusionists out there.

  • Robin Joy Dore

    That’s cool. 🙂  I just didn’t want to jump the gun and assume anything based on a theory.
    Yes, I can relate to some of your description. I am very interested in Indigo children/adults and for awhile I thought I was one since I tend to be “odd” ^_^.
    I have  a new age type of spirituality with a little bit of this belief and a little bit of that belief.
    Hiding behind your computer.

    • Michelle

      I remain skeptical of the idea of Indigo children. I don’t like the idea that a particular aura might be “better” than another. But I also don’t everything there is to know about them. I’ve met some parents of Indigos and people who think they’re Indigos who act like you owe them some kind of reverence or should be in awe of them. That attitude is off-putting.

  • billow

    Question:  is this the aspect of the sole practitioner.  Or soul practitioner.  oh oh I’m geting punny.  Sun must have moved to Gemini.

    • Michelle

      Hahaha 😀

      Really though? With Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn that’s a good possibility. I’m sure you’ve noticed that alternative remedies and healing modalities are no longer as out of the mainstream as they were 20 years ago. Everybody has some clue of what acupunture, cranial sacral and other therapies are about. Twenty years ago it was still weird to be vegan, but it’s not so much anymore. All the weird, fringe spiritual/healing/New Age stuff is becoming mainstream. Businesses focusing on those disciplines are popping up everywhere – including the internet.

  • Robin Joy Dore

    I have Just one question. 🙂
    Something I’ve been curious about for some time,but I couldn’t really find any answers.
    Do you think that  Uranus trine Pisces Midheaven could act like Uranus trine Neptune?
     Or is that a different expression?

    • Michelle

      There would be some similarities, but Neptune is not a personal force whereas Pisces is. So you can probably relate to some of the descriptions in this post but for you they wouldn’t be generational, they would be more personal.

      What do you think?

      • Robin Joy Dore

        That’s cool. 🙂  I just didn’t want to jump the gun and assume anything based on a theory.
        Yes, I can relate to some of your description. I am very interested in Indigo children/adults and for awhile I thought I was one since I tend to be “odd” ^_^.
        I have  a new age type of spirituality with a little bit of this belief and a little bit of that belief.
        Hiding behind your computer.

        • Robin Joy Dore

          Oh, I almost forgot! I have to add as I mentioned before I love  art and psychic/metaphysical phenomenon as well as I create art and experience psychic phenemenon .:-)

          I had to add that for the sake of research. ^_^

          Because what if someone else has something similar?

  • LB

    When I was around 19 or 20, I joined up with a very well known “religious” organization – one that’s still in existence.  I was just the type they were looking to attract and they immediately started grooming me to become a member of their staff.  The illusion lasted for about a minute, and ended with me threatening to take them to court if they didn’t return my money.   Back then I didn’t even know what brain-washing was, yet I instinctively recognized that was exactly what they were attempting to do and it infuriated me – I ended up making quite a scene.  In the end, it all seemed ridiculous to me.  

    Astonishingly, they gave me my money back (up until that point, no one had ever received any kind of a refund) – because I was articulate, I think they knew I had the potential to do them some damage and they just wanted me gone as quickly as possible.  So I moved on, sadder but wiser.  The funny thing was, I kinda started a mutiny – several other staff members abandoned ship right after I left.

    Lots of aspects contributed to my initial attraction, the one that’s closest to Uranus/Neptune would probably be my 12th house Uranus square 3rd house Jupiter in Scorpio – with Jupiter conjunct Neptune (and Mercury).  Scorpio doesn’t like to be deceived, nor does it take kindly to people attempting to manipulate their will through mind control – it’s not going to work.

    • Michelle

      Jupiter/Uranus seems to show the potential to rebel against established religion, or to take a path toward religion that is unconventional. If anything, it supports your inability to be brainwashed. Jupiter/Uranus would most likely increase will power and contrariness. Jupiter/Neptune gives expanded compassionate spiritual states. Most people with Jupiter/Neptune that I know have spiritual longings – they want to connect and merge with divinity.

      What do you think?

      • LB

        I absolutely want to connect and merge with divinity and I’ve experienced the “expanded compassionate spiritual states” you refer to.  During prayer, meditation or Reiki I often feel a profound sense of intense, all-encompassing love – I’m grateful for this gift as well as for the ability to share it with others.   At the same time I can be very unyielding in the face of hypocrisy or false teachings; at the very least I know what I know, and I don’t turn my powers of discernment over to anyone.  Although I resonate most strongly with Christ’s message of compassionate love, my approach to my faith is non-traditional and inclusive – I believe there are many paths to God (even for non-believers) and also that God is truth.  So I hungrily gobble up bits and pieces from here and there, taking the truth wherever I happen to find it – I’m always searching.  I’m not a member of any church, but I do visit them now and then, mostly when they’re deserted.  BTW, that so-called religious organization I mentioned in my previous comment was definitely not Christian!

        As far as will power goes, mine is good.  Once I make up my mind to do something, I do it.  I quit smoking cold turkey (3 packs a day) and never smoked again.  Same thing with drinking – just one day decided I’d had my last Miller Lite (ha ha ha) and never drank again.  I’ve given up other (harmful) habits as well.

  • Is is serendipity that I saw this post last night right after looking at a couple documentaries on YouTube about Akhenaten?  I kept saying to myself as they described his life as a young boy, and later when he assumed power after his father died, “There’s gotta be a prominent Uranus/Neptune/Saturn and possibly Pluto connection in his chart”.  

    “…The oppression of the spiritual life is overturned. The oppression of the soul is overturned.”

    Now this sounds like a breath of fresh air. Hmm, I wonder if this will be the basis of my Chiron return which will be trine this aspect in about 4 years.  And yeah, extremely hard to follow one discipline. Thanks, Michelle! Now I don’t feel bad that I’m all over the place with the so called occult stuff as I like (astrology, numerology, tarot, playing cards) and always try to see the connections between them.

    I loved reading and learning about Harriet Tubman when I was a child.

    • Michelle

      Now I don’t feel bad that I’m all over the place with the so called occult stuff as I like (astrology, numerology, tarot, playing cards) and always try to see the connections between them.
      It was the generation born with the sextile (and usually Uranus/Pluto conjunct) that brought all the alternative spiritual/healing methods back into practice (Virgo!)

      • Cool! I have to laugh at the irony in “alternative spiritual/healing methods” when these have been practiced long before conventional methods. OK, back in the corner, my cynical “alter ego”!   😉

  • Etherize

    I’m a member of the Uranus/Nep square generation and virtually all of the above fits me.  I also have a lot of Aqua/Pisces/Sadge in my chart, which adds to it. 

    • Michelle

       Thank you for reading Etherize. Having those sigsn emphasized definitely increases the influence of this aspect.

  • amoureuse

    maybe he will eventually morph into mik myers-ish someday. hahahhaa i cannot imagine!  

  • Leah-Nine

    Aw, I miss Mitch Hedberg too. Makes sense that he had Scorpionic Neptune.

    • Michelle

      He’s part of that whole Neptune in Scorpio generation. I think it was the first group that grew up with their parents already familiar with drugs. Neptune in Libra seems to have had parents that were very clean and straight.

      •  “..I think it was the first group that grew up with their parents already familiar with drugs.”

        And very familiar with alcohol as well.

        • Michelle


  • Guest

    thank god i dont have this.. i guess, im mad enough! heeeehhee cult followers?  scary.. i wonder those people i met in college has his aspect.. they some sort of following some born again religious cult..  Freaking out + lack of  normal concepts of reality.- this is really hard.. i think adam sandler really has this aspect heheheh and mike myers… i cant believe taylor lautner has…

    •  Taylor Lautner is still young so we don’t know what he will eventually be like. He’s only a teenager. 

      Not everyone who has this going to be a cult follower (of course! :D) There would have to be other things in the chart showing a lack of individual will power or maybe a passive personality.

  • Leah-Nine

    Cool that you mentioned “technology as a high art form rather than a means to an end”! My conjunction definitely resonates with that. Vair cooL!

    • Michelle

       Eeee 😀 That is cool. What do you do with technology and art?

  • Anonymous

     I have Uranus in Libra (3H) semisquare Neptune in Sagittarius (4H) and I can really relate to this:

    “Inability to hunker down and develop any particular spiritual discipline. Feeling free from the need to conform to any particular spiritual path. Spiritual free agents.”

    I’ve never really adhered to any particular spiritual or religious path. My parents were raised in a religious home, but they didn’t really do the same with me. I was mostly given the space to develop my own ideas on the matter. I’m just not big on the idea of organized religion. And although so many members of my extended family are and have tried to pressure me about it, I don’t feel the need to adopt their practices or beliefs. In those moments that I have thought about exploring religion, I have been most interested in traditions that stray far away from my family’s traditional Christian roots. (I have been interested in exploring Buddhism). Religion mostly fascinates me from an academic and social science standpoint, but that is all it is for me at this point in my life. That is not a popular stance in my family or most communities of color.

    • Michelle

       Do you have Jupiter in aspect to Uranus as well? Jupiter/Uranus can show the desire from freedom from religion just like Uranus/Neptune can show a desire for freedom from any particular spiritual path (not that “desire” is right word for a Neptune aspect).

      • Anonymous

         No Jupiter/Uranus. The only Uranus aspect I have with a personal planet is a Venus conjunction.

    • Michelle

      Also, Uranus influence indicates the unpopular stance.  

    •  I totally relate to what you’ve said Ebonystarr55 except for the freedom from religious pressure as a kid. I’ve got Uranus in Virgo sexitle Neptune in Scorpio, with Jupiter in aspect to both planets. Jupiter square Uranus, Jupiter quincunx Neptune.

      “…That is not a popular stance in my family or most communities of color.”

      Yep!! I’m sure you can relate to this conversation as perfect strangers, folks who really don’t know you well and worse, family seem to feel they have the right to get all up in your business.

      Them: What church do you belong to?
      Me: I don’t
      Them:  “What?! You don’t go to church?!” Don’t you believe in God?! Aren’t you a Christian?!
      Me: I believe in divine forces. **under my breath, here we go again! how can I cut this convo short gracefully**
      Them: How can you not go to church?! It’s commanded in the bible that folks are to assemble together.
      Me: **taking a deep internal breath b4 what I really want to say( the bible commands a lot that you don’t adhere to) comes out of my mouth**.  I don’t need to be in a building or with others to know that the spirit is within.
      Them: **depending on who they are determines if this convo goes further, or instead giving a weird look and saying..** Oh?

      • Anonymous

         LMAO…that dialogue really spoke to some run ins I’ve had with some of my family. Actually, reading your post, I was reminded of the times a specific aunt and I have had conflict surrounding her tendency try to foist her religious beliefs onto my family’s medical care. That has led to some tense hospital scenes, let me tell you.

        • “..That has led to some tense hospital scenes, let me tell you.”

          I bet..no, I know  it has!

          The above dialogue was a true story, with all three types of folks mentioned, on several different occasions. The last time it happened it took everything I had to keep my Mercury/Pluto opposition from letting this person have it. If I remember correctly on that day, either a New Moon or Full Moon was exactly conjunct my 10th house Jupiter in Gemini, together with T.Uranus in Pisces conjunct 7th house Pallas/Mercury/Saturn/Chiron and T. Saturn in Virgo, conjunct 1st house Uranus/Pluto/Pandora/Isis/Hygieia/Cassandra  setting off my t-square with fireworks.

          • Anonymous

             OK, it must be the heavy Saturn influence (If I recall correctly) in your chart. You demonstrated remarkable restraint. 

        • Michelle

           I’m so grateful no one in my family does that to me. 

      • billow

        In my little town there are almost as many churches as bars, since everytime the Lutherans get their underwear in a knot over some trivial thing, they start up a new church.  So these people come knocking at my door to drum up some business.  Come with us.  Drink the kool aid.  I usually bore them to death with my family’s church history, that goes catholic lutheran catholic lutheran catholic.  My mother was chastised by many of her relatives for changing to catholicism so they could be married.  Both were tortured by their families throughout their courtship. 

  • Atlast

    Well, my sun conjunct both of this planets, that conjunct each other. It’s complicated, but I love it. But I think I love it just because it’s a whole generation aspect, It’s kind of hard to feet in because it make all of us so weird and insane, so it’s good to know that at last everybody in my classroom has it too.

    I don’t know if you relate it too, but I think this video (It’s kind of famous, btw) can describe really well this aspect:

    • Michelle

       58 million hits – wow. Never seen it. The voice of the two Unicorns sounds like the guys from South Park doing Michael Jackson.

  • Iago

    I have the conjunction in Capricorn, in the 8th House. Its influences are almost unknown to me (probably because of the nature of the 8th house), but I can tell it’s something intense. They connect with my strongest planets (sextile Mercury-Mars-MC conjunction and Pluto), so I guess it’s something buried deep inside me.

    Something that will come to surface, someday.

    • Michelle

       For someone with so much Aquarius, Capricorn and Saturn you seem to already have a strong interest in things that are not overly bound to reality. Many people in your age group seem more open to alternative spiritual practices than previous generations. 

      • Iago

        I can’t imagine life without spirituality. It’s beyond believing or practising anything – for me, it’s simply reality itself. “Science” hasn’t reached this understanding just yet, but it will, someday.

        Both end up being the same thing.

        • Michelle

           Both end up being the same thing.
          Too true. More and more science and spirituality are merging. Things that were considered figments of imagination are being proven true. 

      • Alice

        Funny that You’re Neptune Uranus is Conjunct Capricorn 8th House, too Lago. Mine is and it is also something extremely intense, quite personal seeminly, to me too * hides eyes )I am also very Aquarius/Saturn/CapricornCheck it out:(rising Gemini MC Pisces)

        Sun Aquarius 8th house
        Moon Aquarius 8th house
        Mercury Aqurius 8th House
        Lilith Awuarius 8th House
        Saturn Aquarius 8th House
        North Node Capricorn 8th House
        Mars Capricorn 8th House
        Venus Capricorn 8th House
        Uranus Capricorn 8th House

        What are your opinions? lolI am just browsing, doing my usual studying I do every night… and just noticed that Lago has similar placement to me, interesting to know.I met a friend while ago who is born same year, day, hour and country as me but not minute as me, so she has very similar placements :)She’s an oddly intense one.

  • Direct experience of the unknown. Surging interest in Indigo children.  Spiritual revolutions. Delusional notions about
    spirituality and progress. K
    Challenging spiritual authorities. Direct understanding that has nothing
    to do with logic or reality.  Spritual astrology…
    Thank you for this article…
    Correctly true…
    I have uranus trine neptune…
    I really want to read an article about pluto neptune aspects 🙂

    • Michelle

       Neptune/Pluto aspects is only 2 posts away. It will be done by Friday.

      • amoureuse

        i cant wait for that coz i have sextiles.. hope its good… =) 

        • Michelle

          Just about everybody has a Neptune/Pluto sextile. I’m trying to find out exactly how long that aspect has been in effect.

          • amoureuse

             awww… heheh well, im looking forward to that.. i forgot.. thse planets are slowmoving. *scratch head

            • Michelle

               Just about every celebrity I’ve looked at has it. I picked just a few who have it very tight.

          •  Stephen Forrest says from around the middle of World War II until February 26, 2032 @ 9:42 am EST.

            • Michelle

              @msfullroller:disqus  Wonderful! Thank you 😀