Venus/Midheaven Aspects


choose loveAspiring to be beautiful, popular, and well-liked. Putting beauty above everything else. Putting money above everything else. Putting popularity above everything else. Aspiring to be well-off and comfortable. Obvious attractive charms. Inspiring envy. People think you have it easy because you’re cute. They think you’re successful because you’re attractive. You might not get due respect for how hard you work. People think having a creative career means you don’t struggle.

Professional schmoozers. Easily making social connections. Social butterflies. It’s definitely who you know. Sycophant. Sucking up to authority. Kissing asses. People-pleasers. Gaining popular, but exerting little effort to do so. Too lazy to climb the career ladder. Expecting success to be easy. Hob-nobbing. Getting a reputation for being a “nice guy.” Using your success to do good in the world. Making a positive impact. Spreading beauty and love. Using your status for diplomatic purposes. Using your connections and status to promote art and culture. Easily moving between social classes and statuses.

Bringing beauty into world. Working with women. A career in fashion or beauty. Designers. Makeup artists. Hair stylists. Set-dressers. Decorators. Gallery workers. Your career involves art and culture. Head turners. Stunners. No lack of admirers. Charmers. Snake charmers. A likable person. A diplomat. A party person. Needing art as a component of your career. Wedding planners. Party planners. Matchmakers.

A career in finance. Needing to bring home the bacon. Wanting to look the part. A pleasing public persona. A pleasant reputation. Your work involves relationships. People at work come to you with their relationship problems. Love and work coincide. You find love through your career. You’re married to your job. Married to your boss. You fall in love with your boss. High-profile relationships. Relationships that attract public attention. Your romantic nature is obvious. You are attracted to successful people and they are attracted to you.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Venus/Midheaven, read Venus/IC Aspects.

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  • Jelena Januszko

    Hi, Taurus/Gemini Midheaven conjunct Venus in Taurus. Plus Sun, Moon and Mercury in 10th house. Go figure. The pressure of finding the right career path will kill me one day 🙂

    • If your Midheaven is in Gemini then the sad truth is that you probably don’t have one right career path. You’ll probably be happiest pursuing a variety of revenue streams or finding a career path that allows a large variety of activities.

      • Jelena Januszko

        I know. Except that it’s on the cusp between Taurus and Gemini. Which means that on one hand I need that Gemini variety in pursuing my career but on the other, I also feel the need for some kind of stability because of Taurus. I guess I just need to find a path that somehow allows me to have both. No idea if that’s possible but I’ll still keep trying anyway.

        • What house system are you using and what degree is your MC?
          Maybe you don’t need to have a foot in each sign.

          • Jelena Januszko

            Placidus, 29*29′ of Taurus. But it’s more a matter of an internal knowing rather than a degree. I identify with the description of both Taurus and Gemini. I don’t entirely express myself as Taurus, or as Gemini in the external world. It’s really an influence of both. Same goes for my Scorpio/Saggitarius IC.

              • Jelena Januszko

                Does this mean that a planet in first degrees of a sign still shows some traits of a previous sign? If so, it would make a lot of sense, given my Sun being in 0’40 degrees of Cancer. That would explain my leading Gemini traits.

                • No, I don’t think so. Do you have other planets in Gemini or planets in the 3rd house, or strong connections to Mercury?

                  • Jelena Januszko

                    Yes, I have lot of connections to Mercury and Gemini but I was thinking in terms of my career/life purpose and the need for variety in that specific area. Then again, Moon and Mercury in Gemini in 10th house could have that effect, even when intercepted… Also, Virgo Ascendant and Pluto in 3rd so there’s a lot of Mercurian activity in my case.

  • Hi A-lilith,

    Something about your appearance and your rebellious feminine self and the ability to present yourself physically in a way that likely still pleasing to your partners, or in a way that intentionally provokes enmity.

    • A-lilith

      Wow ! Thanks I honestly did not expect any response ! It adds a little spice to my Venus Pisces midheaven for better or worse right ?

  • scorpio

    I like this thread I have venus in Libra 1st house at 11 degrees trine Gemini midheaven 16 degrees. I really love beauty glitz and glamour and I am a makeup artist. I’ve always wanted to be a model or beauty queen but I never had the discipline, and I have had some self esteem issues growing up.

    • I don’t see why you couldn’t be a model as you are. You could create something simple like a pamphlet or portfolio of your makeup looks and use yourself as the model.

  • Jusa

    I have a very tight Venus(Scorpio) conjunction with Pluto(Scorpio) in midheaven.
    Also Mars and Jupiter in Pisces trines my Pluto.
    I still have no idea what I should do with my life. I’ll probably purchase a reading from you very soon to get more insight.

    • What are you doing with your life right now?

      • Jusa

        I work in customer service right now, but I’d like to be an entrepreneur one day. I was a salesman at one point,
        which was very natural for me. It just didnt motivate me in the long run and there was no possbility of advancing further.

        I’ve always gotten along with my employers and have felt that I’ve gotten away with
        alot of things that others probably wouldnt have. I polarize people and seem
        to unnerve some folks before they get to know me. Maybe its the Pluto
        conjunct midheaven at work there. No doubt im an intense person, but I
        work hard not to appear so. Its easy for me to read others so I usually
        try to adjust myself not to appear so scary.

        The only thing in my life that applies to Venus midheaven aspect probably is that
        all the women I’ve ever dated or been in relationship with, has been
        through work. Those women have always been polarizing themselves with
        sun-pluto or venus-pluto aspects in their charts.

        • Commission-based sales focused on products for women came to mind. You could eventually branch out with your own product.

  • lsd kid

    is this only for the conjunction e.e

    • No, it’s not only for the conjunction.

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  • Tam

    Hi I was just wondering if any one would know how solar return venus in the 9th conjunct midheaven could play out
    Could it mean marriage??? Thanks

  • Hi Ivana,

    Can you post your chart rather than the positions?

  • anya

    I have venus retro in gemini in 10th conjunct my MC,also mercury is in my 10th conjunct venus but not my MC.Also chiron sits in my 10th but is in cancer sign already.Is it a good idea for me to sell beauty products?idk about my mercury,but I always wanted to write and then paint and do a LOT of stuffs lol.

    • Selling beauty products sounds ideal 🙂

      • anya

        Thank you 🙂
        Do you think painting can be a good hobby/career too?
        My 2nd house is libra and venus rules it in the 10th but in retrograde,does that mean stable income comes a bit later in life?

        • Well, a hobby and a career are two completely different things. A hobby? Certainly. A career in art? You have to really really want it, it can’t be a “maybe” kind of thing. You have to work consistently, make connections, and really put yourself out there to grab opportunities.

  • ConfusedB

    I have Venus conjunct the Midheaven and I’ve never known what I’ve wanted to do/be. When I was little I said I wanted to be a Presenter, and at school I was very good at English and Music. However, I’ve never thought myself creative and tend to covet those with clear talents. I have a Media and Sociology degree and I’m hoping to do a Masters in Digital Media and Culture. Also did a Radio marketing internship for a stint and currently working in a Fashion marketing internship. I thought I was meant to be doing TV, and Radio, but clearly not as those are Mercurial careers, not Venusian. It makes me upset cause I don’t have an affinity for any of the Venus careers that are constantly suggested.

    • Hm… I’m not so sure that being on TV or radio is Mercurial. Have you ever tried auditioning to be a host?

      • ConfusedB

        Sorry, I didn’t see your response. I did want to be one when I was very young, I never thought it possible though. As I grew up, I didn’t wanna be in the spot light and opted for more behind-the-scene roles.

        Ahh I thought Mercury ruled media related stuff like radio and television broadcast. I’ll have to revise more lol.

        • Mercury does rule communications, but the presentation part seems like it would be Venusian … the ability to appeal to an audience.

          • ConfusedB

            Hmm you’ve given me something to think about. I’m in the process of working out what I wanna be and it has been a lot of annoying contemplation, but I thank you for taking the time out of your life to help me, as it is much appreciated!

            Your blog is great and I wish you every success! God bless!

  • RjoyD

    I have Venus Capricorn 7th house Quintile MC in Pisces
    I most certainly am drawn toward what I perceive as beautiful and I love the idea of being around and creating more beauty in the world whether its spiritual, physical, emotional or otherwise. 🙂

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  • lily

    I can relate to what Nerine said.

    My Venus is in Libra, conjunct my Libra MC…so it squares my Cappy AC.

    Growing up, I’d always say that I will become a lawyer. Just like my father. I’ve always wanted a career that will give prestige and power. At least that is what I was conditioned to think. Though I don’t know if Pluto in Scorpio in the 10th house has a say in that.

    Lo and behold, after graduating from my pre-law degree, I made a turnaround and pursued a career in the culinary field instead. I’ve always been artsy. Wasn’t really popular in elementary or high school. But I did have a loyal circle of friends. I actually thought of myself as a beatnik. Never really wanted to be popular. I would always want to go against the flow although I looked conservative. Ruler of my AC is in the 11th House. Ha.

    College was an eye opener. I became popular without even trying. They say I am very likeable once they get past my bitchy looking facade. Lol. This carried over to all the places I’ve worked at. All my bosses loved me. Even stone cold bosses became buddies with me. One boss, I think, even tried to hit on me. Haha That’s why I try to stay away from male bosses. I feel that they mistake my friendliness for flirting.

    I wish I could explain how accurate this list is for me. But it would just take too long. And I don’t want to sound any more pompous than I do. Haha

  • Tob

    I have Leo Moon, Neptune sextile Midheaven in Pisces, Venus sextile Midheaven, Venus sextile Saturn, Venus conjunction Neptune, Venus conjunction Uranus, Venus conjunction Mars… There’s absolutely no doubt I want to pursue a career in acting and love singing and music. I definitely love the show business.

  • Nerine

    I have Venus in Libra squaring my MC in Capricorn.
    Possibly this brainstorming is more related to the conjunction, but I could identify most of these situations as things I’ve had a hard time with.

    As a child, I was the least “artistic” person ever, too much time involved in memorizing scientific books and displaying a very serious behaviour (too serious for a child). Diplomacy wasn’t my forte (actually I was bullied in school for that reason). Resuming: zero venusian traits LOL
    In my teen years I began to develop interest in arts and started to have a nurturing social life (which I sabotaged years later, due to residual suspicion from my earlier experience). The recovery that artistic activities provided me was so strong that I decided to pursue it as a career. This square was, and still is, one of my most valuable pivots.

    I laughed very hard at “Gaining popular, but exerting little effort to do so”. Now, people at university seem to know me from nowhere, and I’m like “wait, who are you?”

    Thank you for this post, Michelle! Hope you have a great day.

    • Thanks for reading, Nerine. What kind of connections does Saturn make in your chart?

      • Nerine

        Mutual reception with Uranus (which conjuncts Neptune and Moon), quincunx Sun and opposition Chiron.

        • Saturn/Neptune/Moon conjunction points towards seriousness, or lack of imagination or creativity … or, someone who has tremendous control over creative output, if they choose to explore their creativity.

  • kat

    My venus, midheaven, chiron, all conjunct in cancer 10th house. My ruling planet is venus. I wonder if anyone else has this.

    -You might not get due respect for how hard you work. People think having a creative career means you don’t struggle.
    as well as
    -Too lazy to climb the career ladder
    Both relate too me

  • babs

    I have Venus conjunct the MC within less than one degree. I’m not a social type in any way, and my profession is not artistic in any way. I’m a massage therapist. Venus is in Taurus. Classic. Definitely not a schmoozer and I am so not married to my work. Have never enjoyed it really, although people seem to like me doing it and bosses have always liked me.

  • laura

    I have Venus conj Uranus both on my MC in Scorpio. I’ve been told I have a particular beauty but i am not very feminine in the way I dress or act, it may be that Uranus. Not that socially or materially oriented either, I have many 12th house planets. I hope to make art more a job than a hobby. If i was popular, always unwillingly and both in good and bad ways.

  • Kathleen

    I have Venus at the end of Pisces sextile midheaven at the beginning of Aquarius. I love the arts & try to make a positive impact.

    • Does your career involve the arts?

      • Kathleen

        I’d love to be a tv or film writer. Because of my Uranus & Neptune conjunct midheaven, I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be.

  • oshi

    I have venus opposition midheaven. My venus is in Sagittarius and my midheaven is in Gemini. I’m attracted to the arts and humanities, I’ve always valued the mind way more than physical attractiveness, however I’m often mistaken or assumed to be vapid or anti-intellectual before actually speaking. I wonder if the opposition plays a part in that?

    • I’d take a look at Mercury too … where is he and what aspects does he have?

  • ValleyOak

    Thank you, Michelle. I’ ve been waiting for your insightful description on this aspect for a while. I see you only listed celebrities with the conjunction. My aspect is the Opposition …..does this count?

    • Hi ValleyOak,

      Yes, the opposition definitely counts, though it may be less outwardly directed.

  • lonerose

    I have Venus conjunct MC from the 9th, 7 degrees off the MC, MC is 1 Sag while Venus is 24 Scorpio at birth, and retrograde at that. I can easily identify with the art and culture type of descriptions mentioned here. But retrograde and in Scorpio, I have had to push myself to bring anything out…having to wrestle with a tendency to keep a lot inward and not to let it ‘shine forth’. Though when it does, look out! lol

  • So I have a Libra MC sextile my 12th house Venus in Sag by 2 degrees. I work as a healer/acupuncturist/astrologer/intuitive reader. However I am re-igniting my artistic passions, recently invested in art supplies and have been doing little pieces daily as well as writing. Dancing & stage has always been a true passion of mine, performed since school years all the way through college, at some point I will find a troupe to join again! Used to be in choirs, glee clubs etc. I love cooking and collect recipes etc. Definitely related to the too lazy to climb the career ladder & expecting success to be easy, any advice to break through that energy in a productive fashion?

    • Tough one. Without seeing your chart it’s hard to say what would be your ultimate motivator. Would it be money? Power? Reputation? Connections? What would be worth your time and effort to get off your butt and work hard?

      • waki

        A very ineresting answer Michelle! How would you find the “ultimate motivator”? Looking at which house or ruler? (I guess it’s more complicated than that, but still it’s such an interesting concept.

        • Hi waki,

          I think Pluto would be the place to start to find a person’s ultimate motivator. Donna Cunningham called Pluto the ultimate trump card, meaning it’s the card you pull the shut people up … “I can’t do xyz because excuse.” Overcoming that reason or excuse could be the secret.

          What do you think?

  • Ananya

    Thank u
    I like this post very much !
    Although I dnt knw if square counts or nt –I have leo venus sq scorpio MC
    Some points are highly relevant in my case like career in art and culture-people’s person-social-charming -deplomatic -bt lazy ness is d main prob I am struggling with
    Thank u

  • LB

    My sister’s Venus/Midheaven are closely conjunct in Aquarius. Her life revolves around a particular support group she belongs to and from what I can tell, she’s popular and generally well-liked. Unfortunately, very few people seem willing to question the image she presents or whether or not some of the choices she’s making (out of the public’s eye – Venus opposite Pluto in the 4th) support her health and well-being (Venus and Pluto both square Mars-Saturn in the 6th).

    Instead of turning to the group for support in delving more deeply into the root of her issues and gradually healing from them (which is the whole point), she uses it as a way to avoid them. She’s also known for baking sugary treats which she brings to their gatherings. And for creating jewelry, which she sometimes sells after the meetings.

    Her private persona is much different than her public one, though I don’t believe she’s consciously trying to deceive anyone – she’s just disconnected from the true source of her torment and using charm as her mask.

    • As always, great insights, LB. Self-reflection and psychological probing aren’t for everyone 😉

      • LB

        Very true, Michelle. 🙂 At least she’s not alone as long as her relationship with the group lasts. That counts for something, even if it only temporarily fills the void (Venus rules her 12th).

  • delilah

    i have my mars in scorpio in midheaven which is conjunct my venus in sagg…does it count? my midheaven is in libra…Thank you

    • Midheaven in libra shares similarities with venus conjunct midheaven.