Uranus/Ascendant Aspects


uranus-ascendant-aspectsNot what people expect. Shaking it up. The liberator. The eccentric leader. You look funny. Following your own path. Marching to your own beat. Rushing in and out of people’s lives. Frenetic relationships. Not blending in. My way or the highway. Burn the bridge and ask questions later. Break away. Extremely independent. It’s hard for you to see someone else as a mirror – you don’t sit still long enough to reflect. You reject any path that your parents might force upon you. If your parents are hippies, you work for a bank. If your parents are bankers, you join the circus.

Inconsistent effort. Inconsistent presence in your own life. A changeable perspective and changeable goals. The outer impression doesn’t match the inner person. Pushing people away or keeping them at a distance. Lots of friends but few confidantes – maybe none. Difficulty forming close, consistent relationships with others. Needing breathing space. Appearing as the individualist. On the world’s stage, you are the wrench in the works. You appear to be on a unique path. Wearing the rebel’s costume.

Using disruptive behavior to prevent others from getting to know the inner you. Over-identification with a rebel persona. Relying too much on disruptive behavior patterns. Shooting yourself in the foot by preventing intimacy. Pushing people away by being cranky. Attempting to conform makes you angry, resentful, and full of spite. Sometimes you can’t hold yourself back from pushing other people’s buttons. Sometimes you feel it’s your duty to incite change. You emit an electrical charge when you enter a room. You catch people off-guard. You can incite panic. Turning yourself into the black sheep. Focusing on what makes you different. Choosing especially to explore what makes you different rather than what you have in common with others. You help the world heal differences by pointing them out. You prevent the world from joining hands by pointing out differences. Choosing to stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe you have a chip on your shoulder. Your physical body is shocking. You have a radical way of moving through the world. An antennae. Not fitting anywhere. Loose cannon. The embodiment of technology.

Perceiving that change is always better. Change for the sake of change. Chaos for the sake of chaos. Rebel without a cause. Going to extremes to elicit reaction. Body mod. Scarification. Extreme piercing. Vivid hair dye. Maybe too much attachment to external reactions to your appearance. What would happen if people didn’t notice you? Would you still be unique? The mask of the outsider might conceal your inner life too well. Setting a new style. Learning to appreciate your unique appearance. Embracing everything about the way you look that doesn’t fit into conventional notions of beauty. Challenging conventional notions of how we should look. Hair that looks fried. Being the outsider because of your appearance. Getting picked on. Pushing past the comfortable, easy, accessible images of beauty presented to you. Wanting to look as if you’re from another planet. Stellular physical identity. Galactic style. Liberated appearance. Liberated initial interactions. Not giving a shit what people think about the way you look. Your true appearance in the world bursts forth. You free yourself from others’ limited viewpoint.

Being bristly to keep others away. Distaste for the conventional. Lack of respect for tradition. The future is progress. Progress without humaneness. Lack of empathy for other viewpoints. Such a strong viewpoint, it strains. You make things exciting but you’re a thorn in people’s side when they want to relax and unwind. You don’t let others relax. You don’t respect other people’s need for stability. The future is not always brighter. You’re irritating. Emotional ties and conventionality force you to go it alone most of the time. You fit in best with counter-culture figures. Normal society finds your presence upsetting. The rules of social etiquette elude you. Restrictive relationship demands are shrugged off. You take off all your clothes and run naked through the streets.

Future-thinking leaders. People want to follow you, but they don’t know where you’re going. Energetic. Can’t sit still. Attracted to danger. Likes an erratic schedule. A shocking start to life. A shocking entrance. Shocking acts. A shocking presence. A shocking lifestyle. Show us new ways of living life. Show us what lies beyond the 8-5 workday. Entrepreneurs. Leading through brilliance. Leading with originality. Being assertively anti-establishment. A conduit. A channel. A magnet for change. Proponents of liberation and change. Freedom fighters. Stirring up the complacent. Shocking presence. Leading others into strange territory. A revolutionary approach. What’s old is new again. What’s new is new again. What’s new is old again. The body is a physical portal to other dimensions. The manifestation of the soul’s frayed vibes. Concretization of electrical currents.

Planets in aspect to the Ascendant are also usually in aspect to the Descendant. Posts will be split up between Ascendant and Descendant to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Uranus/Ascendant aspects, read Uranus/Descendant Aspects.

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  • gina

    Uranus and Pluto in Virgo trine my ascendant in Taurus but I don’t feel Uranian. I’m your typical Taurus rising……or at least i thought. But my personal planets are in the 12th house so I probably dont see myself as others see me? Definately always been a loner that never fit in…….not sure what is the Uranus or Pluto influence. I also have Neptune opposing, Venus and Mars trine, Jupiter square and Lilith conjunct my Ascendant.

    • Does Saturn in Pisces oppose your Virgo conjunction?

      • gina

        Sun, Moon, Saturn, NN is in Aries 12th house. Moon and Saturn conjunct. Chiron in Pisces in the 12th. Venus & Mercury in Pisces in the 11th. Uranus in the 6th is sextile Neptune in Scorpio in the 7th and conjunct Pluto in Virgo in the 5th. Not much else going on in my chart besides Jupiter in Leo in the 5th.

        • Are you involved in Uranian or Plutonian work?

  • Glenda Starr

    Uranus in 12H Scorpio conj my 0 SAG 56 AC…..I also have Lilith conj Uranus and the AC; Uranus sextile my venus and add in my RX Nept 1st house and Capricorn moon…yeah I am often not understood and feel disconnected….sheesh… this did nail a lot of things.

    • Thank you for reading, Glenda.

  • ValleyOak

    How wonderful! I was checking to see my tightest aspects and it turns out it’s Ascendant
    Semi-square Uranus by an Orb of two. I was shocked, no pun intended, because I thought Saturn Square Pluto was tightest. It’s at an orb of four.

    But your description of Asc./Ura. makes me feel not so alone in how I don’t like to let many people into my inner world. People tend to get on my nerves easily. Lol.

    • Orb of 2 minutes or degrees?

      • ValleyOak

        Oh, dear. I’m not sure. It was in percentages.

        • Oh, OK 🙂

          • ValleyOak

            I’m not good with numbers, Michelle. Lol. What do the percentages indicate? Orbs, degrees?

            • I’m not sure ValleyOak. Can you post a screen shot?

  • Murilo Oltramari

    It seems this makes me some kinda loner and difficult to read, which are both heightened by the other conjunctions to my ascendant. I had always hated to be like everybody else. Also, more of a curiosity, I don’t like that much the space alien theme, I prefer classical monsters and terror themes, like ghosts, vampires, demons, werewolves and such (and acting like a monster was an obsession when I was younger).

  • Alyssa Graves

    Uranus in aqua opposed my leo rising. Sextile sun in sagittarius, square moon in taurus, and square venus in scorpio. Don’t know much about this uranian energy, other than that it makes me extremely inconsitent and gives me that stop and start behavior.

    • Sounds like you might have a T-square with Uranus making a square to the Moon and Venus.

      • You’ll have to check if the Moon and Venus are in opposition for this to be a T-square.

        • Alyssa Graves

          Just checked, and yes there’s a big fat t-square there. I don’t know that much of t-squares, are they bad?

          • They can be challenging. They force you out of complacency.

  • karina

    yes yes and yes all of the above. I have uranus in leo square the ascendant in scorpio. Also uranus conjunct mercury and mercury conjunct the sun. Sometimes I tire myself out 🙂

  • I have 2°47′ Capricorn Uranus Sextile 28°41′ Libra ascendant, what can you say ?
    In fact I don’t understand this aspect very well because Uranus is in conjunction to Saturn(10°10′ Capricorn) and Neptune(10°51’Capricorn)…

  • Raajesh

    is it same uranus semisquare asc aquarius ??

  • Manylak Thémany

    Does it work if Uranus is in the 1rst house but is not conjunct the asc?

    • Yes, but especially if Uranus is in the same sign as your ascendant.

      • Mik

        I’ve got that too: uranus in 1st house but not conjunct to the Asc. They’re both in Libra. Pluto is conjunct to my Asc, though. I guess that makes quite a mess…. :/

        • Everyone has at least a little mess to clean up 😉

          • mik


  • Astroyogi

    So accurate!! Uranus in scorp square Aqua ascendant.

  • 0O0O0

    0 Degree conjunction with my ascendant in Capricorn! I identify with all of this too much.

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    I believe that just outside Uranus works as iitself, but inwardly there is no difference between Saturn and Uranus, and I am remembering that movie called Divergence and that group in society that did not fit in. They were a little saturnian sometimes, maybe that´s the way Uranus works.

    • Saturn is often thought of as the barrier of the personality before reaching the outer, transpersonal planets.

  • Z

    my Asc is on 0,50 degrees libra and i have uranus on 10 degrees capricorn. do you count this as an aspect?

    • Hi Z,

      Well, that’s a spread of 99.5 degrees – which is too wide for a square, at 90 degrees. It’s almost a biseptile, which is about 103 degrees, but the orb is too big. So, I would say no, they are not in aspect, especially since the ascendant is a point and not a planet.

      • Z

        thank you very much! 🙂

  • Mathias S

    Uranus on Leo 22ª15´56 in house 1. Is this part of an over-all theme of inner conflict between different parts of the personality, that I seem to live with? Shy/freaky, self-conscious/attention-seeking, self-aggrandizing/self-effacing, rebel/law abiding, scene-maker/peace-maker, etc.

    I´m an Aries with Mars in Cancer, moon in Gemini, a bunch of squares etc. I do dig your blog plenty. Relate to much in the above post.

    • Uranus could certainly be part of an inner conflict, especially if it’s in contact with the inner planets.

  • Lilian

    Oh my, I’m funny …

    • Which aspect do you have?

      • Lilian

        I have Uranus sextile ascendant in Sagittarius 1° and I also have Uranus conjunct the sun 1°. I can relate to almost everything you wrote :).
        “Stellular physical identity”, I’am not sure what is means, but i love it!

        • Lol … that comes from an interview with Bernadette Brady. She’s an astrologer known for her work with Fixed Stars. She made a comment about how trying to line the stars up on the Ecliptic was like inter-stellular racism, and we should meet them where they are, not where we are.

          • Lilian

            You just blew my mind, astrology is so complicated and I know very little about it. But thank you very much :).

  • Yes, they do.

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    I have Aquarius as my descendant on my birth chart, so Uranus makes part of my personality, essence,way of behaving, whatever…

    • Where is Uranus in your chart? Saturn also would play a role being the co-ruler of your descendant.

      • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

        Uranus is in my 5th house, in Capricorn, making a connection( conjunction) with Neptune, I am of the 1988 generation.

  • Sabina

    Don’t relate to this description quite as much as usual but probs cause my Uranus is conjunct Jupiter and together they sextile my Asc in Virgo.

    • Hm … is Uranus in Scorpio, so the sextile is from the 3rd house? Which sign is Jupiter in?

      • Sabina

        Ur/Ju in Cancer 10.

        • I would think that Uranus conjunct Jupiter would make you even more Uranian. Plus, with the conjunction in your 10th, and in aspect to your ascendant, that this would be something quite obvious about you.

          Does the conjunction move to a different house using Whole Signs?

          • Sabina

            If I understand Whole Signs means 1st House would begin at 0 degrees Virgo, then, yes, conjunction would fall in the 11th. (I find this confusing as I have 12th house Virgo Sun.)

            • It is confusing at first. Are you involved in a lot of group activities as Uranus in the 11th would indicate?

  • Tug

    Uranus conjunct Asc in Leo… 3 degrees apart

    • How have you experienced this aspect in your life? Seems like a great aspect for a rock star!

      • Tug

        too bad I can’t play an instrument or sing ! The love that surrounds me makes me feel like a rock star 🙂 I do volunteer work and my clients and I get along very well

        • That’s wonderful … a truly fulfilling manifestation.