Moon / Ascendant Aspects

moon-ascendant-aspectYou’re sensitive to your surroundings. Your emotions reflect what is happening around you. You’re an antennae. A life of reaction. You’re restless. You ping pong off other people’s emotions. People try to take advantage of your gullibility. People often try to get a reaction out of you because they know you are sensitive and reactionary. Sensitivity. Shyness. Holding back. Fears of being exposed. Easily impressed. The ability to express yourself clearly with emotion. If you have enough self-awareness, you can lead by emotional example. Tell us, how should we feel? What is the right response in this situation?

On bad days you take everything personally. You feel that people are attacking you. You’re emotions are so strong you can’t see past them to notice how others are feeling. You’re defensive. You need to have your needs met. Emotional oceans. Waves of changing expressions. It’s easy to see what you’re feeling. Your feelings are obvious. Expressions that change like the tide. Putting your heart into what you do. Meeting the world with your soul bared. You can’t hide your feelings. You’re an open book. Over-exposed. Shimmering emotions. Overwhelming emotional impact. You don’t realize how overwhelming you can be. You can be over-protective taking on the role of big brother, big sister, mom, or dad to everyone around you. Everyone can see that you care, it’s written on your face.

Conditioned behaviors that influence your movement in the world. Going through a lot of phases. Emotions at the forefront. Be careful not to have a new emotion every hour. Work on habits that promote consistency. You’re adaptable. Be careful what habits you cultivate. Be wary of not questioning comfortable habits. Be careful of what habits you pick up from the people around you. Try not to be just a reflector of the feelings and habits of the people surrounding you. You have great natural instincts. You can size up others easily. You’re moods easily affect your disposition. You might need people in your life to push you beyond your comfort zone. You’ll do what you have to do to survive and get sustenance. Be wary of falling into unconscious response patterns. Be aware of clinging to the familiar while depriving yourself of new experiences and exciting risks.

Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating. ― John Cleese

Living life with gusto. Backing your action in the world with emotional gusto. Belonging. Feeling needed. Letting your feelings be your guide. Cultivating the habit of emotional listening. Deep inner listening. Emotional conditioning … find a balance between habits that help you and habits that undermine your capacity for growth. Feeling safe inside. Feeling safe outside.

A love of food. Surrounded by family. The influence of family. Following your family to where they are. Following your mother. Staying within known boundaries. Staying with your tribe, pack, group, or cronies. Mom is a powerful role model. You look for women to be powerful role models. You like having influential women in your life. You feel a strong sense of where you come from. Your home country never leaves you. Protective of others and self-protective. The tides are high. Surfer. Seeing through feminine eyes. Female soul. Someone who is sympathetic to the feminine. People who recognize and are comfortable with the feminine within themselves. Having a fantastic relationship with your anima. Having an inner diva. Drag queens.

Your Mom is in your face. Your Mom demands a lot of attention. You see through your mother’s eyes. Den mother. Smothering. Mr. Mom. Not afraid to roll up your sleeves and do some dishes. Your moms is up in your grille. Needing to learn how to mother yourself. Learning how to show people you care. Putting emotion into every role you take on. Putting the way you feel ahead of how people see you. Putting your heart on the line.

Planets in aspect to the Ascendant are also usually in aspect to the Descendant. Posts will be split up between Ascendant and Descendant to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Moon/Ascendant aspects, read Moon/Descendant Aspects.

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I’m Michelle and I have an Aries Sun, Leo Moon & Virgo rising.

  • It’s not bad

  • Chijiru .

    Another great article. Really enjoyable.Thanks for your hard work.

    • Thank you, Chijiru. Do you have this aspect?

      • Chijiru .

        Yes, although I can’t really say how it works out for me since it was really tight in my chart. Was always curious about your interpretation of it though. Hence my excitement of your post. 😀

        • Do you have the conjunction?

          • Chijiru .

            No, it’s a quintile. Now I don’t know if those can be tight or not but when I reduce my chart it seems one of the few that remains.

            • How big is the orb?

              • Chijiru .

                It’s an orb of +0°04′.

                • How’s your fashion sense? That’s a tight orb.

                  • Chijiru .

                    Ha, it’s quite casual. I’ve never really thought of my fashion wear that much outside of just looking presentable. I am a homebody though and have interest in cooking for the people I love. <3
                    A lot of the statements you written feel very true.

                    Do you have this placement too?

                    • No, I don’t. If anything, I have a novile. My Moon and ascendant are about 39 degrees apart, that leaves an orb of a little over 1 degree … which seems a bit large for a novile.

                      My husband has this though … a wide conjunction of the Moon and ascendant in Libra.

                    • Chijiru .

                      How does this aspect work out for him? If you don’t mind telling.

                    • Sure. He’s really close to his mom, but she’s not smothering. He really respects her opinion and input. He’s extremely easy to read. It is so easy to tell how he’s feeling … which is great for me because I don’t have to guess! He loves to cook. He likes fashion (he has Venus in Leo too, so that’s a factor). Recently he told me has an inner diva … lol 🙂

  • Pikka88

    Moon in Cancer sextile ascendant in Taurus..I’m also a Scorpio sun and have Moon trine Pluto in Scorpio and square Mercury in Libra..what do you think about this combination?
    I’m constantly influenced by my emotions and can’t hide or ignore them but at the same time I don’t want to show them with whoever mostly because if I do, I feel vulnerable and out of control.Sometimes I feel misunderstood because in social situations I’m really quiet and observant, so people that don’t know me well, tend to read too much into my face expressions or voice or body language. It seems like they want to know how I feel and mostly of the time they make assumptions and end up asking me if I’m uncomfortable, bothered, annoyed or angry.I really don’t want to give that vibe but I can’t be fake and put an insincere smile or be more talkative when I don’t feel it just to please others.

    • Which house is your Moon in?

      • Pikka88

        Thanks for the reply.
        It’s in my 3th House which is ruled by Cancer in my chart.

        • Don’t worry about being quiet and observant. If that makes other people uncomfortable, that’s really their problem. Don’t take on their out of control emotions as your own.

          • Pikka88

            You’re right, I’ll try to follow your advice.Thank you very much 🙂

            • Well, you can try it at least and see what works best for you.

    • Gertrude Stein

      Taurus rising and Scorpio Sun can be an interesting combo – both sign aren’t too ‘gabby.’ I bet get surprised at the complexity underneath the surface, especially since a Taurus rising can seem so mellow. A “still waters run deep” combination.

  • Cancer Rising

    …Moon shaped face, crab eyes….Mother issues…

    • Thank you for reading, Cancer Rising.

  • Gertrude Stein

    I have moon trine ascendant. People tend to feel comfortable and unintimidated by me. People also look to me as a caretaker.

    • Interesting about people not being intimidated by you. Which signs are your Moon and ascendant in?

      • Gertrude Stein

        Aries Asc. and Sag. Moon, so I think the Moon trine Asc. aspect really softens out any edginess I might have from all the fire. I also think people tend to confide in me more because of this aspect – it comes with having a lunar approachability.

    • foreveryoung

      I also have moon trine ascendant! (Moon in Libra in 5th, Gemini ascendant)

      I live/grew up in NYC, and I get strangers confiding in me everyday. I tell my roommate and she says it’s crazy how I can have an effect on people that way. They open up to me on a deep level that they wouldn’t for others (sometimes in the very first conversation). I’ve been through a lot in life (although still young), and I am religious/spiritual so I always accounted it to that. Being humble and relatable to people. Being a gentle soul.

      But I just found out that I had this aspect (overlooked it in my astro chart) and I definitely think this has something to do with it. The descriptions are so on point!

      • Gertrude Stein

        Girl, (or boy?) I totally get you. I grew up in NYC too with this aspect! People tell me EVERYTHING. I have a girlfriend with the moon on her ascendant by a degree and she is an acupuncturist. You just instantly trust her and feel at home with her. I think the moon can give you a filial vibe, where people see you as close as family in some way. As an astrologer, it really helps in my counseling.

        • foreveryoung

          Haha, girl is right! ^^ It’s crazy that we’re both from NY (where infamously most people are “unfriendly” or don’t like talking to strangers). I also think this aspect gives a sense of grace, feminine features/disposition. I’m also super close with my mom and aunt (she’s basically my 2nd mom, lol).

          Anyway, a great aspect to have in general, but especially for girls/women. Bless xx

      • Thanks for sharing, foreveryoung 🙂

        • foreveryoung

          No problem! Thanks for the insightful post!