Category | Signs through the Houses

Description of each sign through each of the houses.

Sagittarius Houses


Sagittarius 1st house A larger than life personality. A jovial person with a bawdy sense of humor. A philosopher-clown. A wise-ass. Having a goofy sense of humor. Looking funny or goofy. Looking wise and learned. Outdoorsy. A person who wants to explore what life has to offer. A person who wants to expand beyond her current

Virgo Houses


Virgo 1st house Particular about appearance. Neat appearance. An eye for detail. Noticing details on clothes. Perfectly groomed eyebrows. Noticing pores. Attention to nails and belly button lint. Worrying about appearance. Worrying about not looking perfect. Seeking to look perfect through plastic surgery. Schoolmarms. “Plain Janes.” Dressing appropriately for the occasion. A love of fine

Cancer Houses


Cancer 1st house A sensitive approach to the world. An approach that is caring, nurturing and motherly. An approach that is smothering. A person who tends to smother the people around him. Cloying. Meddling. Not knowing when to leave “well enough” alone. A nag. A person who approaches the world in a needy and clingy manner.

Libra Houses

Libra 1st house Girly girls. Sweetness as a form of manipulation. An artistic, balanced, aesthetic approach. A balanced, diplomatic and tactful approach. A sweet, nice, agreeable person. A sociable person. A charming person. A physically attractive person. A person with taste and aesthetic sense. A person with an artistic viewpoint. A person who is attuned

Pisces Houses

Pisces 1st house Self-transcendence as an approach to life. A mystical or spiritual approach to life. The ability to see the interconnectedness of everything. An inability to make distinctions. Confusion about your direction in life. Confusion about how to approach life. Empathic approach to life. A humble, selfless person. Lack of direction. A self-sacrificing person.