Brainstorm: Moon in the 8th House Astrology

An evolving interpretation of 8th house Moon astrology. Read it for the transiting Moon, progressed Moon, solar arc Moon, or natal Moon in the 8th house.

urtured by mystery. Momma breastfed you while binge-watching murder mysteries. The dark side feels like a cradle. Rock-a-bye deadly lullaby. Emotional dependency. I can’t live without you … mom. Starting over, emotionally. Dig your emotions out of whichever grave they currently reside. Seeking depth in emotional experience. Intense emotional bonding. Overly intense maternal bonding. Smothering mothering. Meet my mom, Morticia. Mom’s a goth. Mom’s a tarot reader. Mom’s into the dark arts. Meet my mom, Bellatrix. Meet my mom, Lizzie Borden. Mom can sense things. Mom has sixth sense. Mom is psychic. Mom’s an enigma. Mom’s a witch. Scandalous women. Scandalous emotions.

Your emotional life needs to be revived. Do you feel anything? Do you feel too much? Are people leaning on you too hard? Where’s the emotional reciprocation? Where’s the emotional intimacy? Emotional transformation. Transforming feelings about motherhood and mothering. Transforming what it means to be a nurturing person. The dark side of motherhood. Nurturing people through their darkest hours. The taboo aspects of being a parent that no one talks about. Mommy was a creep. Momsters under the bed. Treacherous emotional terrain.  Needing emotional support. Going into debt trying to fill an emotional void. Feeling emotionally fulfilled by watching murder mysteries. You have feeeelings, therefore you have debt.

Other people’s Mommy Issues. Low emotional exposure. Hiding your emotions. Keeping emotions private. *Opens safety deposit box* Oh, look! There’s my heart! Dealing with emotional trauma. Trauma counselor. Feeling depths of pain. Midwife to life. Death doula.

Your mother is the taboo. Nobody wants to talk about your mom. Your mom exists on the brink of death. Your mother might be jealous of you. Your mom is “dead.” Something within your mother died, possibly before you were born. Your emotions died. Your emotions need to be revived. In this lifetime, you need to resurrect your deep feelings. Let the mysteries of life nourish you. Shed your outworn emotions on a regular basis, like a snake sheds its skin.


  • Emotion
  • Responses
  • Habit
  • Mother
  • Mood
  • Safety
  • Caring
  • Instinct
  • Fluctuation


  • Sex
  • Death & funerary
  • Taxes
  • Legacy & inheritance
  • Your partner’s assets
  • Debts & credits
  • The occult & taboo
  • Privacy v. deep sharing
  • Financial support & insurance
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