Brainstorm: Saturn / Neptune Astrology Aspects

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urning dreams into reality. The realities of fantasy. Practical dreamers. Practical fantasies. Taking concrete steps to realize your dreams. Envisioning your ideal world and taking the steps to create that world. Dissolving reality. Teaching how to dream. Dream instructors. Dream makers. Dreaming your life. Making it up as you go along. Pretending. Creating illusions in plain sight. The fantasy, in plain sight. What is real and what is an illusion? Real life is an illusion. Reality is an illusion. Reality is malleable. Reality is what you make it. Building your ideal life. “Reality” TV. Blurring the lines between what is real and what is false. Acting your way through life. Glamorizing your reality. Trying to make your life seem more magical than it really is.

Otherworldly. Spiritual authority. Spiritual disciplines. Spiritual teachers. Dance, art and music teachers. Skilled musicians. Matter of fact about spirituality. The practical application of a spiritual life. The practical application of the dreaming life. Making practical use of dance, music or other artistic skills. Pragmatic fantasies. Using artistic skills in business. Working hard to develop your artistic skills. Working hard to develop your spiritual and psychic aptitude. Real life psychics. Materialism versus spirituality. Inability to reconcile spiritual longings with practical concerns. Your ideal fantasy life is at odds with your real life. Duties and responsibilities prevent you from fully taking off into flights of fancy. You feel prevented from pursuing dreams. You feel that you aren’t “allowed” to live your ideal life. Something prevents you from letting go. Pessimism and skepticism can prevent you from realizing your dreams. Reality creeps into every fantasy. Fantasy creeps into reality. Everyday life takes on a fantastic narrative. Wanting a storybook life. Fairy tales with life lessons. Austere sublime beauty. Melancholy poetry. Melancholy poets. Time is melting.

The slippery slope of success. Hiding from authority. Undermining authority. Weakening established structures. Lack of ambition. Weak authority figures. Weak boundaries. Lack of boundaries. Deceptive authorities. Authority in a fog. Seeking to escape responsibility. Slipping through the cracks. Escaping the real world. Going to California to live out your dream of being an actor. Escaping to L.A. Fleeing from authorities. Attempting to get away with it. Dropping out. Feelings of futility. Why bother? Pathetic. Listless. Feeling that other people put their responsibilities on you. Taking on too many duties out of an inability to set appropriate boundaries. Feeling responsible for the weak, ill and people who are down on their luck. Empathy for those dealing with depression. Having a hard time coping with life. Having compassion for those who also have a hard time coping with life. Compassionate authority. Relinquishing authority. Giving up. Inability to get your act together. It doesn’t matter. Dissolving matter. Nothing matters. Matter is an illusion. I can’t believe it wasn’t real.

Victims of authority. Being victimized by your father. Dad acts like a victim. Having a weak father. Dad disappeared. Dad was a drunk. Wanting to escape from your father. Idealizing Dad. Dad was an actor. Con men. Victims of “the system.” Tragic figures. Sad music. Depressing fantasies. Self-pity and depression mixed together. Victim mentality and pessimism mixed together. Confusion and rigidity mixed together. Overly sensitive to harsh reality. Inability to take control of your own life. Getting involved with shady men. Seriously shady dealings. Watching the life you have built melt beneath your feet. Getting swept up in someone else’s attempts to structure your life. Looking for someone to give structure to your life. Looking for someone to help you get your feet on the ground. Floating. Ungrounded. Transient. Ephemeral. Free form. Slurry. Fear of the unknown. Afraid of dissolving into nothingness. Master of Illusion.

Aspects of slow planets refer to the assumptions, activities, and beliefs which identify people with their generation, and which change but slowly over the course of a lifetime.
— Bob Markransky, Astrologer

How rare is it?

The Saturn/Neptune conjunction occurs every 35.87 years.

Saturn Astrology

  • Limitation
  • Order
  • Discipline
  • Mastery
  • Maturation
  • Seriousness
  • Responsibility
  • Burden
  • Teachers
  • Old Age
  • Crystallization
  • Fear

Neptune Astrology

  • Dreamer
  • Poet
  • Visionary
  • Ethereal
  • Abandonment
  • Disappointment
  • Limitless
  • Intangible
  • Confusion
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